Hey! Say! JUMP, Real Face

Title: Real Face [Yamada/HSJ]
Rating/Warnings: R, OT9 orgy
Summary: Yamada needs reassurance from his group sometimes. All of them.
AN: Written for Shiritori. I commented that yamada should take it in the face from all of JUMP so here.

Real Face

“Right in his face?” Keito asks. He looks a bit flustered and he’s gripping his coffee cup rather tightly, but he’s definitely taking it better than that time they had to explain gently that as oldest, it really was Yabu’s job to deflower any younger members who still needed it.

That time, Keito had locked himself in a closet and refused to come out until Chinen had pointed out that it’s not like you’d want to be deflowered during the orgy. Even when Keito had finally opened the door it was only to beg Chinen to stop talking.

“Yama-chan just…needs reassurance sometimes,” Yuto explains. He’s probably explaining it all wrong, especially to Keito, but Yuto has known Yamada the longest and also is always the one who ends up explaining most things to Keito. He likes to think it’s the soothing timbre of his voice.

“And he finds people coming on his face…reassuring?” Keito asks.

Yuto waves his own coffee in a vague, philosophical motion. “The heart wants what it wants.” Keito just stares at him, and Yuto clears his throat. “Anyway, usually he asks me or Chii, or Yabu takes care of it, but he’s seemed kind of down lately. I thought maybe the whole group could help cheer him up.”

“That’s…” Keito’s face scrunches, like he’s torn between ‘cute’ and ‘disturbing.’ “Isn’t that a lot? Of people,” he adds quickly, giving Yuto a dark look when Yuto snickers.

“The more the merrier?” Yuto offers, but that doesn’t seem to reassure Keito. “Yama-chan can take it, trust me.”

Keito is the last piece of the puzzle to be slotted in, so to speak, so once he’s been convinced that it’ll mean a lot to Yamada that he’s there, they can finally pick a time to meet at Yamada’s new apartment. They tell their manager it’s a house warming party, JUMP members only, no scheduling conflicts allowed.

“Why’s Okamoto-kun making that face?” their manager wants to know, and Yuto says that Keito just takes member time very seriously. Nobody asks about the face Chinen is making (they know better, by now).

Hikaru opens the door when Yuto and Keito arrive, Yuto having been put in charge of making sure Keito doesn’t back out at the last second. Keito insists he wouldn’t do that, but he’s not exactly looking relaxed as they strip their coats off and throw them on the heap of winter wear already spilling off of Yamada’s tiny apartment couch.

“Easy, cowboy,” Hikaru says, slapping Keito on the shoulder. “What’s the difference who’s sucking your dick? It’s practically heterosexual!” Keito glares at him, but it only makes Hikaru laugh. “Oh well, I’d take Yama-chan over your easy college ladies any day.”

“Shush, don’t let Yama-chan hear you talking about ladies,” Yuto reminds, shooing them ahead of him into Yamada’s bedroom. Hikaru calls loudly that he found the stragglers.

“See, I told you they were coming,” Yabu says, standing behind Yamada with arms around his waist. Yamada does look relieved to see them, and Yuto gives Keito an I told you so nudge with his elbow. Takaki, who is pressed against Yamada’s front, turns Yamada’s face gently back towards his to go back to the kissing which their entrance has obviously interrupted. Yabu tells them, “We decided age order. Too bad you were late, Yuto, or we might have gone in height order instead.”

“Gosh darn it all,” Yuto retorts. Since it’ll be a little bit, Yuto tugs Keito over to Yamada’s bed to sit down. Chinen is already there, leaning back on his hands and watching the proceedings like the sneaky little voyeur he is. Hikaru shuffles over to stand next to Inoo and Daiki, close to the other three, but not close enough to interrupt the way Yabu and Takaki are making Yamada melt between them. Yamada sighs into Takaki’s mouth as Yabu kisses and nips the back of Yamada’s neck, his shorter haircut making the access easy.

Takaki pushes down on Yamada’s shoulders, not hard, but Yamada goes down to his knees willingly enough. Hikaru, Inoo, and Daiki join Takaki and Yabu, and Yuto has to admit the sight of Yamada surrounded by BEST like that is hot as hell. All of them are reaching down to brush fleeting touches against him, Inoo and Yabu touching his hair, Daiki thumbing his cheekbone, Hikaru running fingertips along Yamada’s jaw while Takaki trails his down Yamada’s throat. Yamada leans into their touches, eyes closed, leaning first this way and then that like he can’t make up his mind.

Yuto can’t help but imagine himself in the middle of that circle, and even though he doubts he could handle that many hands on him at once, he still shivers at the thought. Beside him, Keito is already shifting restlessly, and Yuto wonders what he’s thinking about, whether he’s thinking about being on the inside or the outside of that circle.

“If I act depressed a few days, will I get that much attention?” Chinen wonders aloud.

“Brat, you get too much attention already,” Yuto says, even as he wraps an arm around Chinen’s shoulders to encourage him to slide in more closely against Yuto’s side. Chinen curls right up against him without taking his eyes off the others, his hand trailing teasingly over Yuto’s lap. “Don’t you start, we’ll never last.”

They might really be going in age order, since Yamada is sucking Yabu off and has a hand around Takaki. Takaki’s head is tipped back, eyes closed, but Yabu is looking down at Yamada, meeting his gaze as he strokes long fingers through Yamada’s hair. It’s weirdly gentle, given the situation, but Yamada’s posture and expression are relaxed, like it’s exactly what he’s been wanting. Daiki is stroking himself slowly, not seeming to mind being patient, while Hikaru has one hand wrapped around Inoo casually even though he hasn’t unzipped his own jeans.

When Yabu pushes Yamada back, Takaki takes over smoothly, almost like it’s something they’ve choreographed. His grip in Yamada’s hair is tighter than Yabu’s, Yamada’s eyes fluttering shut as Takaki starts fucking his mouth. Yabu strokes himself a few times and comes, nearly all of his release hitting Yamada’s cheek despite the way Takaki is pulling him back and forth.

“Yeah,” Takaki says in approval, although whether it’s to Yamada or Yabu is impossible to tell. Yabu says thank you anyway, before reaching over to unzip Hikaru’s jeans.

“Can’t you keep your hands off other people long enough to take care of yourself?” Yabu asks him, but it only makes Hikaru grin insufferably.

“If I’m slow you’ll help out, though,” he points out, rightly so, given the way Yabu already had long fingers wrapped around Hikaru’s cock. “Mmmm.”

Keito shifts beside Yuto again, and Yuto only has to glance down to see how hard Keito is. He nudges Chinen for him to look too, because Keito’s cheeks are pink from arousal and embarrassment and it’s adorable. Chinen starts to reach over Yuto, but Yuto slaps his hand down.

“No. No,” he repeats firmly when Chinen picks his hand back up. “Just look at him, he’s a mess already. Quit trying to hurry up your turn by skipping over his.”

“You suck at orgies,” Chinen informs Yuto. “He can totally go again.”

“I’m right fucking here, you assholes,” Keito tells them sharply. They both look at him and he glares back, dark eyes and pink cheeks and fingers digging into Yamada’s blankets.

“Yeah, you’re right, he’s barely gonna make it now,” Chinen sighs, and Keito calls them assholes again, louder.

“7’s orgies seem a lot bitchier than ours,” Hikaru says in a stage-whisper to Daiki, then whines when Yabu lets go of his cock to slap the back of his head.

Meanwhile, Takaki barely manages to pull out of Yamada’s mouth in time to come on his face instead, shivering himself out with an appreciative moan at how the drips of white look against Yamada’s pink lips. Yamada opens his eyes and licks some of it off of his lower lip, setting off a quiet chorus of groans around him.

“Yeah,” Takaki says, this one all for Yamada, and then he tugs Inoo over, out of Hikaru’s grip. “Next, Yama-chan.”

“Hi, Kei-chan,” Yamada says, which is weirdly adorable given that Inoo is the third cock out of eight that he’s going to suck, but Inoo just says hi back quietly and lets Takaki feed Yamada his cock. Unlike Takaki, Inoo stands more or less still, so that Yamada is the one who has to move, bobbing up and down Inoo’s cock at his own pace, Inoo only leaning forward a little, head tipped forward so that his hair is falling in his eyes.

“Come onnnnn,” Hikaru needles just to be a tool, and Chinen echoes the sentiment with a whine of his own.

“Being brats just makes me want to take longer,” Inoo murmurs, not even bothering to look up. “Take your time, Yama-chan, it’s really good.”

It’s hard to tell since his mouth is full, but it looks like Yamada smiles at the praise. Somehow it seems like it might look if it were just the two of them alone, and Yuto wonders if he might not last any longer than Keito at this rate, his own jeans feeling tight as hell. Takaki makes a move like he’s going to help out, apparently interested in speeding things up himself, but Yabu catches his arm before he lifts it even halfway.

“Over here, troublemaker,” Yabu says, pulling Takaki close enough to wrap arms around his waist from behind, rubbing his cheek against Takaki’s shoulder. “They aren’t your personal porn for you to press fast-forward on.”

“Says you,” Takaki retorts, but he doesn’t pull away, although he does squirm a bit, like he’s trying to get Yabu to do something else. When all Yabu does is cuddle against him, Takaki twists to look at Chinen. “Oi, come here.”

Chinen is off the bed faster than Yamada went down to his knees, fast enough to make Yuto chuckle as Chinen presses against Takaki’s front in a hug. Chinen sticks his tongue out at Yuto, and then his eyes flutter shut when Takaki runs fingers down Chinen’s spine.

“Close,” Inoo warns, the only one to warn Yamada. Yamada pulls back, giving Inoo a last lick to his head, and wraps a hand around him to stroke him off the rest of the way. Inoo gets the cheek opposite the one Yabu marked, Yamada leaning in close enough to rub his cheek against Inoo’s tip as he finishes, smearing come across his cheek. For a long second, Inoo and Yamada stare at each other, before Yamada turns to Hikaru and Inoo comes over to flop across the bed next to Yuto. Yuto reaches down to pat his head, and Inoo hums at him.

“Finally, damn!” Hikaru says, but his grin says he would have waited until whenever really. Yamada doesn’t look fooled either. He only shakes his head a little before he closes his lips around Hikaru’s tip. He doesn’t move to suck in any more of Hikaru at first, just licking at Hikaru’s tip until Hikaru laughs. “You’re a fucking tease, get on with it!”

Hikaru’s voice is loud but the way he swipes his thumb through Yabu’s come on Yamada’s cheek is almost gentle, affectionate. Hikaru brings his hand up to his mouth to suck his thumb clean, and Yamada murmurs a soft noise of approval as he swallows more of Hikaru. Takaki says the two of them are gross, and Yabu coos that they can’t all fuck on camera in France.

“We didn’t film that part,” Chinen corrects, voice muffled against Takaki’s chest.

Yuto can’t take it any more and turns to Keito. “Just kiss me,” he orders.

“What?” Keito asks, but Yuto is already leaning forward to crush their mouths together, trying to take some of the edge off by kissing Keito roughly. His hands slip under Keito’s T-shirt to dig into his sides, making Keito jerk against him. Keito squirming under his hands and against his mouth feels good enough that it’s probably a mistake, but Yuto keeps kissing him anyway, until he feels Keito’s hands tugging at his hair.

“Hm?” Yuto asks when Keito tugs a little harder, obviously trying to pull him back. Yuto opens his eyes and blinks at him. “Yeah?”

“Quit it, or Chinen’ll be right and we’ll never live it down,” Keito grumbles, cheeks flushed. His eyes cut to the side. “Plus, I can’t see.”

Yuto laughs in delight. “I knew you’d be into it!” he crows, and Keito shoves at his shoulder and tells him to shut the fuck up.

Hikaru is nearly there, and when he comes, he stripes Yamada’s nose, moaning just as loudly as he’d been running his mouth a minute ago.

“Thanks for working hard,” Hikaru says, making the rest of BEST snort. Hikaru smudges his thumb over the tip of Yamada’s nose, making him chuckle as he gives Hikaru a push away. Yawning, Hikaru high-fives Daiki and then shuffles over to Yamada’s bed. He flops on top of Inoo, who gives a pained “Oof!” but doesn’t move out from under Hikaru’s weight.

As slowly as Daiki has been touching himself this whole time, it’s obvious he won’t last once Yamada gets his mouth around him. Yuto elbows Keito and says they probably out to get over there or Chinen will take both their turns, the way he’s squirming against Takaki.

“I guess,” Keito agrees, standing up just as Yabu comes over to throw himself on top of Hikaru and Inoo, making them both whine. “It’s getting crowded over here anyway.”

“Yama-chan really needs a bigger bed,” Inoo’s voice comes from the bottom of the heap.

“Oh!” Daiki gasps, and he’s already coming, fist tight around his base as his come mixes in with Hikaru’s and Takaki’s. When Yamada turns towards Yuto and Keito, face nearly covered with white already, Keito stops moving suddenly enough that Yuto bumps into him from behind.

“Is it really okay?” Keito asks Yamada quietly. Yamada doesn’t answer, just reaches over to drag Keito closer by the belt loops. Yuto follows closely, perfectly happy to stay curled up close against Keito’s back, helping Yamada undo Keito’s belt and push his jeans and boxers down, out of the way. Yamada looks up at Keito likes he’s asking permission, hovering just in front of Keito’s cock, and Yuto can feel Keito shiver. “Please,” Keito asks, and that’s all the permission Yamada needs.

Yuto helps hold Keito’s cock steady as Yamada slides his mouth down over it. He sort of wishes he could see Keito’s face, but it’s hot to look down at Yamada like this too, the way Yamada’s eyes are half-shut, lost in what he’s doing, the way Keito has a hand awkwardly on top of Yamada’s hair like he wants to touch him more but isn’t sure how.

“Touching’s okay,” Yuto assures. He lets go of Keito’s cock, which Yamada is doing just fine with on his own, and threads his fingers through Yamada’s hair on the other side. Yamada gives a soft moan, and Keito works his fingers into Yamada’s hair on the other side from Yuto’s hand.

“Yuyan, leggo!” Chinen insists, drawing Yuto’s attention briefly. Chinen is trying to turn around in Takaki’s arms, but his grip is too tight. “I wanna see too!”

“I’ll tell you when it’s your turn,” Takaki says dismissively, bending his head to kiss Chinen, muffling his complaints.

Yuto chuckles and turns his attention back to Keito and Yamada. Yamada has him flexing his hips into the blowjob, and Yuto rubs his own erection against Keito’s ass in turn. He’s turned on enough that even that sends ripples of pleasure over his skin, even without the wet sounds of Yamada’s mouth around Keito, or Keito’s soft panting.

Yamada pulls his mouth off when Keito is getting close and wraps his hand around Keito’s cock to squeeze him tightly. “Come for me?” he asks, blinking up at Keito with his dark brown eyes, pupils wide with want. “I want to feel your come on my skin.”

“Fuck,” Keito whispers. He’s so close that he’s shaking, and Yuto tightens his arms around Keito’s waist to try and hold him steady. He’s pressing open-mouthed kisses along the curve of Keito’s neck when Keito lets go, jerking against Yuto’s grip. When Yuto looks down, Keito’s gotten come up Yamada’s cheek and into his hair. Keito starts to apologize, but Yuto nibbles on his skin, making him gasp.

“Looks so good,” Yuto tells Keito. Yamada opens his eyes to meet Yuto’s, and Yuto smiles to let him know the praise is for him too. Keito seems a little unsteady on his feet, so Yuto calls over for Takaki to trade him prisoners, help a guy out.

“Fine, fine,” Takaki agrees, like it’s a chore. He releases his grip on Chinen, who scuttles over to Yuto like a cat escaping from forced petting. Yuto gives Keito a kiss on the cheek and pushes him over towards Takaki, only making sure he doesn’t fall right on his face before turning his attention back to Yamada.

“Let’s play with him together,” Yuto offers to Chinen, and Chinen grins up at him like when they used to volunteer to do volleyball together for Sports Day back in high school.

Yamada doesn’t seem opposed to the idea either. He wraps one hand around Yuto’s cock and one hand around Chinen’s, jerking both of them off while he moves his mouth back and forth between them. At first he just licks at their tips messily, which is mostly a tease but looks amazing, so Yuto and Chinen both encourage him by moaning shamelessly. It’s Chinen who cracks first, ordering Yamada to get serious already. Yuto is a little surprised when Chinen grabs his hand, but the way his fingers are shaking when he threads them through Yuto’s tells Yuto that he’s been teased way longer than is comfortable.

“Close?” Yuto asks, and Chinen nods jerkily. “Mmm, me too. Let’s finish together.”

Yuto uses his free hand to push Yamada back, and Yamada sits back on his knees, looking up at them expectantly and panting lightly. His lips are puffy and his mouth is open, and he’s so hard that Yuto can practically see the outline of his cock even through the material of his pants. Yuto bets he’ll sit right there without doing anything for himself until somebody orders him to do something about it.

“Don’t you want to touch yourself while we come on your face?” Yuto asks, watch the way Yamada’s hands are curling and uncurling a little helplessly. “Do it, get your dick out, let us see you.”

Yamada’s hands are shaking so badly he almost can’t manage it, but then his cock falls into his hand, already flushed and so hard. It looks so good that Yuto feels a little sorry nobody got to suck off Yamada, except for how that’s not at all what this was about and also he’s too close to worry about much of anything.

“Now?” Chinen asks in a thin voice, and Yuto agrees, yeah, do it. Chinen maybe breaks height order by a second or two, but Yuto is close behind him, groaning happily as he finally gets to come, tipping his head back and squeezing his eyes shut as his cock pulses in the funnel of his hand.

Yamada gives a thin wail, and Yuto peels his eyes open, not wanting to miss Yamada coming. One of them came all over Yamada’s throat, Yuto isn’t sure which of them, but it makes it especially appealing when Yamada’s adam’s apple flutters as he comes, back arched in a delicate bow of pleasure. When he’s done, he looks wrung out and all a mess, but Yamada’s tired smile is relaxed, maybe relieved. They don’t take good enough care of him, Yuto thinks, not as often as they should.

Chinen drops to the ground next to Yamada like he’s just too lazy to stand up anymore, and Yuto laughs at Yamada’s expression of surprise when Chinen leans over to lick at his come-smeared cheek.

“We taste good together,” Chinen declares, like that’s all settled.

“We do,” Yamada agrees, and then he flops on his back to stretch, dragging Chinen down with him. Yuto calls them brats, then looks over his shoulder when he hears a yelp from Keito.

Looks like BEST might be trying to start round two.

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  • By thesecretdoor, 2016.08.01 @ 9:26 am

    I’m currently obsessing over HSJ (in particular Yamada) and this exactly what I wanted ♥ Yamada’s face is the most beautiful face and needs to be coated in come *___*

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