Hey! Say! JUMP, Life is Short (Eat Dessert First)

Title: Life is Short (Eat Dessert First) [Takaki/Chinen]
Rating/Warnings: R, Chinen’s weight concerns
Summary: Takaki’s presents for Chinen are a little…weird.
AN: My whole twitter feed keeps talking about how awesome Chinen is looking with some extra weight added, and I have to say that I agree.

Prompt: #56: Chubby Chaser

Life is Short (Eat Dessert First)

It starts out small and reasonably normal. Takaki comes back from his combini run and casually sets a coffee milk and an onigiri next to Chinen. Chinen raises an eyebrow because he hadn’t asked for either of those things, but he is feeling sort of cold and the coffee milk is warm, and ebi mayo onigiri his favorite.

“Thanks?” he offers. Takaki bobs his head in response, not even looking up from where he’s devouring his own onigiri. Shrugging it off, Chinen eats his snack happily.

A couple days later it happens again, with a seasonal flavor of Fanta he hasn’t tried yet (it’s apple, a little weird but tolerable) and an orange KitKat.

“Because they’re both fruit,” Takaki answers when Chinen asks what’s going on with that, which answers exactly none of his questions. Still, all he’s had to eat so far today is energy jelly, so once again Chinen thanks Takaki and goes on his way happily.

The next week it happens two more times (melon pan and milk tea, curry flavor Pringles and a strawberry soda), and the week after that three more. They’re just spaced out enough that Chinen can’t exactly claim that Takaki is being weird, but it isn’t like he’s bringing anybody else anything either, except when he brings in the Pepsi with the One Piece tie-in stickers for Hikaru.

He shouldn’t be eating any of this junk either; ever since his drama, their manager has been giving him a hard time about that sort of thing. But Takaki manages to get him every time he’s feeling a little bit weak towards snacking, and turns up with something he really wants, like he’s reading Chinen’s mind somehow. He knows it’s crazy, but Chinen starts concentrating on a particular food when he feels hungry, then just waits to see what Takaki will turn up with.

“Okay,” Chinen finally says when Takaki drops the nikuman he’s been craving all morning right in front of him. “How are you doing that?”

“Doing what?” Takaki blinks innocently, nibbling on the corner of his own nikuman.

“Figuring out what I want to eat and then just showing up with it?” Chinen asks.

“Am I?” Takaki shrugs, but he looks awfully smug behind his meat bun. “I guess I just know you pretty well, then.”

Chinen opens his mouth to argue, but then decides he’d rather shove the nikuman into it. It’s warm and soft and perfect and ugh, manager-san is going to yell at him some more but it’s totally worth it. He doesn’t turn his attention back to Takaki until he’s licking the last traces of it from his fingers. Chinen regards Takaki thoughtfully, Takaki just sitting on the couch and checking mails on his phone, his own snack long gone.

His eyes are surprised when Chinen pushes his phone hand out of the way to plop in his lap suddenly. They’re even wider when Chinen presses their mouths together, before they flutter shut. Takaki wraps arms easily around Chinen’s waist and kisses back, and when Chinen licks at Takaki’s lips, he tastes like nikuman. He tastes delicious.

“What was that for?” Takaki asks when Chinen breaks for air.

“Just saying thank you properly,” Chinen shrugs off his question. He’s leaning in for more kissing when suddenly Takaki’s fingers are on his sides just where his T-shirt is riding up over his jeans, not quite a pinch but not far from it. He pauses, thinking the situation over again. “Are you…are you feeding me on purpose?”

“Yes?” Takaki laughs a little. “I’m not doing it on accident.”

“No, idiot,” Chinen huffs. He squirms, but Takaki’s hands stay right where they are. “You like it!” he accuses, and it sounds stupid when he says it out loud, but he’s sure he’s right. “You like that I’m getting fat!”

“So what if I do?” Takaki says, which takes Chinen aback for a second, because he’d expected denial and an argument. Instead Takaki just strokes that skin just above Chinen’s waistband again, fingers warm and gentle under the hem of Chinen’s T-shirt. “You look so good lately, I can barely keep my hands to myself. I want to punch that manager in the face every time he gives you a hard time, because if I were in charge, I would take you out to dinner every night of the week and treat you to every kind of food there is, all at once.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” Chinen tries to scoff, but he can feel himself smiling a little. “You’re an idiot.” He waits a beat. “Then what would you do with me?”

For a second, Takaki looks like he doesn’t understand the question. Then a grin breaks out on his face, which quickly turns predatory as he looks Chinen over obviously. He kisses Chinen with a lot more heat, fingers digging into the flesh of Chinen’s sides just enough for him to feel it. Suddenly Chinen is warm all over, settling more deeply into Takaki’s lap, one hand moving up from Takaki’s shoulder to his hair to comb through the strands. It makes Takaki practically purr into the kiss, and Chinen shivers a little as Takaki licks his way into Chinen’s mouth and teases every place he can reach with his tongue.

When Takaki drags two fingers down Chinen’s spine, Chinen gasps and arches, breaking the kiss. Takaki uses the opportunity to grab the hem of Chinen’s T-shirt and yank it over his head before Chinen can get his bearings enough to argue.

“Hey!’ he hisses, the room’s air feeling cold against his bare skin not that Takaki’s got him overheated. “The others—” Chinen cuts off with a low moan when Takaki leans forward to lick at one of Chinen’s nipples. He yanks on Takaki’s hair a little, but it doesn’t seem to dissuade him even a tiny bit.

“You’re so hot like this,” Takaki murmurs against his skin. He pulls back with a last lick to Chinen’s nipple, flopping back against the couch to look Chinen over from head to lap. He takes his time and his fingers are moving the whole while, stroking over Chinen’s sides and back, lingering in the places he’s been gaining the weight. “I could just eat you up.”

It should be creepy, it sort of even is, but it’s hot too, Takaki’s eyes and hands all over him, Takaki pushing up just a little with his hips, encouraging Chinen to move against him. Chinen wishes they were somewhere else, anywhere else, so that Takaki could do whatever it is to him that he’s thinking about.

“Yuya,” Chinen pants, hard enough that his jeans are uncomfortable and squirming under Takaki’s hands. “Hurry up and do something. This is all your fault!”

“Yes,” Takaki agrees, sounding way too pleased with himself. But he does drop his hands to Chinen’s belt and zipper, undoing both of them and tugging Chinen’s cock free as gently as he can given their position and how Chinen won’t stop moving around. He strokes Chinen from base to tip, and Chinen’s protests about getting walked in on are lost in another soft moan. “Come home with me later.”

“Huh?” Chinen has to struggle to keep his eyes open when Takaki’s long fingers feel so good around him. Takaki is looking at him like he’s the only thing that exists, and even more heat spills over Chinen’s skin, making his fingers curl.

“After work,” Takaki urges, stroking in time with his words, thumbing at Chinen’s tip and grinning when Chinen whines. “Come home with me. I want to see all of you. I want to spread you out on my bed and put my mouth on every inch of your skin.”

“Fuck,” Chinen gasps, Takaki’s words going straight to his cock. He keeps talking until Chinen is snapping his hips desperately, eyes closed tightly as he imagines everything Takaki is saying to him, Takaki’s hands and mouth all over him, over top of him, inside him.

He comes suddenly, choking on his warning without getting any words out. Takaki keeps stroking him until he’s shivering all over, and when he finally peels his eyes open, he realizes he’s come all over Takaki’s T-shirt. Chinen should feel bad but just snickers drunkenly, because Takaki’s shirt reads “Let’s loving all night!”

Takaki doesn’t seem like he cares either, tugging Chinen close for a long kiss, until Chinen stops trembling. He isn’t cold with Takaki’s warm hands rubbing slow circles on his back, but even so, eventually he pulls away to stand up and pick his T-shirt up off the floor. Takaki watches him tug it back on, eyes wistful when the shirt is covering up all the places he wants to look at.

“You okay?” Chinen asks, since Takaki is obviously hard himself, but Takaki shrugs it off as he digs around in his bag for a new shirt.

“I’ll wait for later,” he says. When he stands up, he brushes a kiss across Chinen’s cheek and then lingers there to whisper in his ear. “Dessert tastes best if you have to wait for it a little, after all.”

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