JE, A Perfectly Respectable-Sized Earthquake

Title: A Perfectly Respectable-Sized Earthquake [Kitayama/Yasui, R]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Naps are Kitayama’s favorite thing, and senpai are Yasui’s.
AN: Written for Shiritori. When i asked for a random senpai song, Rachel said “Make U Wet” and in context I’ve been laughing about that the whole time I was writing this. Also I think i need a Yasui icon. And I maybe want to do a lot of bad wrong stuff to Yasui myself.

A Perfectly Respectable-Sized Earthquake

Naps are Kitayama’s favorite thing, is the common knowledge among the juniors. It’s also common knowledge that there’s a particular toll if you happen to wake Kitayama up from a nap, and it’s not a toll that anybody under the age of 18 is supposed to be paying.

“It sounds so easy,” Yasui grumbles, making Taiga raise an eyebrow and Kouchi just shake his head. “I poked him and elbowed him. I sang all of Midnight Train! He’s like Sleeping Fucking Beauty!”

“Senpai whore,” Hokuto accuses. Yasui gives him an unimpressed look, but Hokuto just grins back upside-down from where his head is pillowed comfortably in Taiga’s lap. “You know, you could just tell him you want his dick. Kitayama-kun would totally go for that.”

“He’d even let you play innocent kouhai, which is so obviously your game,” Taiga comments, then yelps when Kouchi pinches his side.

“He wants to be punished,” Hokuto says lazily. “Otherwise he’d just climb on top and take what he wanted, whether or not Kitayama-kun was asleep. Heck, from what Hasshi-kun told me, you might even be done before he so much as wondered if there was an earthquake.”

“A tiny earthquake,” Taiga adds, making Yasui squawk. “Like a 2.”

“I AM NOT A 2!” Yasui snaps. “I’m like a 3 at least! People can totally feel me!”

“Okay, okay, that’s enough,” Kouchi cuts all of them off. “And also, ew! Yasui, don’t ever say that again, Hokuto, don’t encourage him to dub-con the senpai, and Taiga, don’t…everything, just stop doing all of it.”

“Tcht,” Taiga says mildly.

“Hey!” Shintarou calls, sticking his head in the door. “It’s an emergency!” Can somebody help me with my pants?”

“Yes!” say Hokuto, Taiga, and Yasui.

“NO,” says Kouchi.

“You guys suck,” Shintarou grumbles. “Seriously, I’m stuck, so unless you want the entire Shounen Club audience to see my Midnight Train—um,” Shintarou backpedals when Kouchi gives him a dark look. “I mean, I wasn’t eavesdropping at all. But Yasui-kun is least a 4, just ask—”

“OUT!” Kouchi stands up to shoo Shintarou off, giving a few more warning looks over his shoulder.

“And not like one of those shaky, jumpy 4s either,” Yasui insists as soon as Kouchi is out of sight. “Like one of the gentle, rolling, side-to-side…” Yasui trails off with a sigh of disgust when he glances over and sees that Hokuto and Taiga aren’t so much listening to him as they are sucking each other’s faces off. “Fine, you idiots aren’t any help anyway.”

Yasui heads back towards Kis-My-Ft2’s dressing room, and this time when he pushes the door open, Kitayama is awake, although it looks to be against his will, sitting up on the couch and thumbing lazily through some mails on his phone.

“Sup,” he says when he notices Yasui. “You don’t happen to know who was in here hollering Midnight Train like a wounded giraffe, would you?”

“No.” Yasui puts on his most innocent face. “But say I did, would that person have to pay a certain toll for waking you up.”

Kitayama eyes Yasui for a long moment, and Yasui does his best to continue looking guileless.

“Is there maybe something you want, Yasui-kun?” Kitayama finally asks.

“Something like what, senpai?” Yasui replies, forcing his voice to stay cool even though he feels like it just got several degrees warmer in the room, warmer every second that Kitayama’s eyes stay focused on him.

Kitayama drops his phone and leans back against the couch, arms resting along the back of it and knees spreading. “Just hurry up and go for it already, if you’re interested.”

Well okay then, Yasui thinks, taking the half a dozen steps towards the couch and dropping to his knees without a second thought. He reaches for Kitayama’s belt and then his zipper, and only once he’s got all of that pushed out of the way does he pause to admire Kitayama.

For once, Hashimoto’s wild stories seem to be actually true.

“Look like too much for you, brat?” Kitayama asks. He hasn’t moved at all to help Yasui, and he doesn’t seem like he’s planning on starting any time soon.

“It’s exactly what I was imagining, senpai.” Yasui’s voice is already a little breathy. Kitayama’s cock looks so good, big and thick, and it looks even better when Yasui wraps a hand around it and it starts to swell against his palm. He jacks Kitayama slowly but deliberately, enjoying the way it flushes darker as it slides through his fingers, the feel of Kitayama’s skin hot and velvety. When he finally does lean forward to lick at Kitayama’s tip, Yasui gives a low moan at the sharp taste of Kitayama’s precome.

“You look like you belong down there,” Kitayama says, casually like they’re just chatting, but his voice sends shivers down Yasui’s spine just as surely as if he were whispering right in Yasui’s ear, his naked skin warm against Yasui’s and horizontal in bed. “Like I should take advantage of you. You like it that way, right?”

Yasui doesn’t answer, but he slides his mouth over Kitayama’s cock, eyes fixed on Kitayama’s. He hope Kitayama sees that as encouragement, because he’d really like for Kitayama to keep talking just like that.

“And not just fucking your mouth either,” Kitayama does indeed go on, making Yasui shiver and squirm a little, his own jeans getting tight, but he keeps both his hands on Kitayama, one squeezing the base of his cock and the other drifting down to tease at his balls. “I could bend you over the back of this couch to fuck you, spread your knees wide and pound you right into it. Or make you stand over by the makeup counter so I could watch your face in the mirror while I fuck you deep and hard. You want to watch like that?”

Yasui’s moan is muffled by Kitayama’s cock, but he’s sure Kitayama must have felt that. It’s easy to imagine it that way, Kitayama’s fingers digging into his hips roughly enough to bruise, Yasui clutching at the edge of the counter to hold himself steady, watching both of them in the mirror.

Kitayama’s voice is getting more ragged and his hips are coming up into Yasui’s touch, so Yasui figures he must be getting close. He focuses on sucking harder, drawing back every now and then to lick messily at Kitayama’s tip while he uses his hand to work Kitayama’s shaft.

“You don’t want me to stop?” Kitayama asks, eyes nearly shut so that there’s only a dark glimmer under his eyelids to show that he’s still watching Yasui. “You don’t want me to do any of those other things?”

Later, Yasui thinks, he definitely wants some or all of them later, but right now he wants Kitayama to finish just like this, wants Kitayama to come inside his mouth so he can taste every bit of it and feel Kitayama’s cock pulse against his tongue. Kitayama doesn’t make him wait much longer; he doesn’t bother with a warning before he’s doing exactly that. Yasui keeps sucking, licking him clean long after he can’t taste Kitayama’s come anymore, until Kitayama pushes him off with a grunt.

Yasui falls back on his butt, jaw sore and ankles asleep and so hard he’s surprised his zipper hasn’t split, but Kitayama’s cock was totally worth it.

“Ne, senpai,” Yasui asks, voice raspy and thin from the way he’s breathing just as hard as Kitayama. “Got any plans after work?”

Kitayama grins down at him, dark and full of promise, like he knows exactly what Yasui’s game is and he’s perfectly willing to play along.

“As a matter of fact,” he answers, “I’ve got a brand new mattress that I need help breaking in.”

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  • By Petit, 2016.10.25 @ 5:46 pm

    OMG, THIS! It’s not like I don’t like Yasui x Mitsu relashionship, but I was totally not expecting it to this level. I love it xDD

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