SixTONES, It’s Only Weird If We Talk About It

Title: It’s Only Weird If We Talk About It [Shintarou, Juri, Maika]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Shintarou and Juri are devoted but questionable baby-sitters.
AN: I tried to write for Miyata’s birthday, but all that came out was Shintarou, Maika, Shotarou, and Julie-chan. Written for Shiritori.

It’s Only Weird If We Talk About It

Walking around half-naked is not something Shintarou usually objects to when it’s his wife doing it, but this time it’s hardly for his benefit. Maika is supposed to be getting dressed to go out with her university friends, but seems to have a lot of reasons why she shouldn’t go out, really, she’ll just stay in. Juri has already been playing with Shotarou for a half hour by the time Shintarou can bully Maika into the rest of her clothes, holding Julie low on his hip so that she can’t get a hold of her mother’s earrings again.

“Would you get out of here?” Shintarou tells Maika when she’s standing in their living room, dithering about it still. “We’ll be fine, seriously.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t,” Maika says, reaching for Julie. She narrows her eyes when Shintarou holds her up over his head, out of Maika’s reach. “That’s not funny!”

“Julie-chan thinks it is,” Shintarou retorts, wiggling her back and forth a little to make his daughter laugh.

“She’s five months old! She thinks socks are hilarious!”

“Shush,” Shintarou soothes, lowering Julie to settle her safely back against his chest. “Go out with your friends and have a good time. You practically haven’t been out of the house since Julie was born. There’s nothing to worry about at a—”

“Hey guys!” Juri interrupts, rushing into the room with Shotarou dangling from his hands by his armpits, naked from the waist down, both of them looking rather alarmed. “You won’t believe what just happened!”

Despite Juri’s ‘help,’ Shintarou still convinces Maika it’s okay to go out and leave them in charge of the children. And really it doesn’t go that badly, even if there’s a lot more ice cream involved than Maika ought to know about and they miss bedtime by about an hour and a half. Julie is still fussing after they finally manage to put Shotarou down, so Juri and Shintarou settle on the bed with the baby, an action movie in the DVD player with the sound turned way down and subtitles on, the room dark except for the occasional wash of orange from an explosion. Halfway into it, Shotarou comes in complaining that his stomach hurts, and Juri scootches over against Shintarou’s side to make room for Shotarou to climb in beside him.

That’s how Maika finds them when she comes home, all four of them out cold, Julie still on her stomach on Shintarou’s chest, Shotarou curled up against Juri’s side, Juri’s head tucked against Shintarou’s shoulder. The TV is dark, DVD player having switched itself off ages ago.

“Honestly,” she says to nobody in particular, but Shintarou stirs a little at the sound of her voice, blinking up at her in confusion. “Be honest, I’m just a surrogate for you two, aren’t I?”

“Wha?” Shintarou asks. Maika doesn’t bother answering him, simply picks up Julie to put her in her crib, then turns back to scoop up Shotarou and take him out to his own room.

When she comes back after washing her makeup off, she only spares Juri half a glance to make sure that he’s still asleep before stripping off her clothes and tugging on one of Shintarou’s ABC-Z tour t-shirts, adorably huge on her. She crawls into bed on Shintarou’s other side, using her hip to push him back far enough that she won’t tumble right back over the edge again, then settles against his shoulder, mirroring Juri’s position. Shintarou shifts but doesn’t exactly go anyway.

“Hm?” Juri asks, waking up from the mattress shifting. He looks sheepish when he notices Maika. “Oh, hey. Sorry, why didn’t you wake me up? I’ll go out to the couch.”

“Whatever, just stay there,” Maika orders, already half-asleep. “If you wake the baby, I’ll kill you.”

“But…” Juri wavers, the warmth of the bed warring with the situation. “You’re right there…”

“You’re making it weird by taking about it,” Shintarou grumbles. He’s perfectly comfortable being weighted down equally on both sides by his two favorite people, warm and sleepy and in no hurry for anybody to move. Comfort apparently wins over propriety, because Juri stays right where he is.

When Julie wakes all of them up at 3am, Juri is the one who stumbles out of bed to pick her up, and Maika wonders out loud what it would take to get him to move in with them.

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