JE, It’ll Grow On You

Title: It’ll Grow On You [Jinguji/Reia]
Rating/Warnings: R, biting/marking
Summary: Reia has a new haircut, so naturally Jinguji assumes it’s all about him.
AN: Reia has a new haircut and oh man. Bless whatever stylist all these dudes are going to that is giving them these haircuts so they don’t look like babies anymore. Or maybe damn that guy/lady, I’m not even sure. Anyway, HI Reia, DAMN.

It’ll Grow On You

He’s still getting used to the new haircut, the breeze tickling his newly bare neck every time he moves, but nothing makes him feel more exposed than how fiercely Jinguji glares at him when Reia shows up to work with it.

Genki and Kaito are telling him how good it looks, and Reia thanks them politely, but really he only has eyes for Jinguji’s glower. Every time he catches Jinguji’s sharp gaze as he sets his bag down and starts getting ready for practice, it makes little shivers run up Reia’s spine. Reia is purposefully slow getting dressed and tying his sneakers, and sure enough, when they’re the last two in the room, Jinguji finally sidles over, looming over Reia where he’s sitting on the bench.

“That haircut,” Jinguji growls.

“You don’t like it?” Reia asks, tilting his head up. He reaches up to tug one of the side pieces, suppressing a grin at the way Jinguji narrows his eyes and growls a no. “What’s wrong with my hair, Jin-chan?”

He is not expecting Jinguji to reach down and trail fingers up the line of his jaw, back over his ear, and finally over the bare skin of his neck. This time Jinguji must see the shiver, and when Jinguji curls fingers in the back of Reia’s hair and gives it a little yank, the tingling spreads out from Jinguji’s touch all over Reia’s skin.

“Now everybody can see it,” Jinguji finally says.

“What?” Reia asks in confusion, not thinking very clearly with Jinguji’s fingers still pulling roughly on his hair. “See what?”

Jinguji yanks Reia up suddenly enough that room spins for a second, or maybe that’s Jinguji’s grip on him as Reia is spun around. Before Reia can get his bearings, Jinguji is pressed close against Reia’s back, arms tight around his chest, mouth and nose pressed against the bare skin on the back of his neck.

“This part,” Jinguji says, voice muffled by Reia’s skin. He inhales, and even though Jinguji has sniffed Reia’s neck probably a thousand times, the soft touch of Jinguji’s breath makes Reia’s skin prickle all the way down his arms. Jinguji licks at the skin there, just a quick brush of his tongue, but Reia thinks that if Jinguji lets go right now, Reia’s knees won’t hold him up. “Don’t share this part with everybody, dammit.”

“Jin-chan,” Reia whines, eyes slipping closed as Jinguji’s mouth moves across his neck, Jinguji’s nose ruffling his hair. “Quit it…everybody’s…practice…”

“Your fault,” Jinguji accuses. One of his hands trails down the front of Reia’s chest, teasing just under the hem of his T-shirt. Reia tries to slap Jinguji’s hands away but his own hands won’t quite do what he tells them to. “You did it just to make me jealous.”

The sheer self-centeredness of Jinguji’s accusation makes Reia start laughing breathlessly, and if being laughed at makes Jinguji even more irritated, makes his grip tighten until his fingers are digging into Reia’s skin, Reia’s at least twice the weirdo for how much he likes that. He squirms in Jinguji’s grip as if he’s trying to get away, when really it’s the last thing he wants to do right now.

“I’ll show you,” Jinguji threatens, and the low growl of his voice affecting Reia’s cock at least as much as Jinguji’s hand on his stomach. It’s a little embarrassing how easily Jinguji’s voice can make him hard sometimes, especially times like this when Jinguji is so possessive, and it only gets worse when Jinguji slips his hand into Reia’s sweats and laughs in self-satisfaction at how hard Reia is for him already. “So easy.”

“M’not,” Reia protests, and he means that he’s not easy, that it’s just Jinguji who does this to him, turns him into a shivering mess by barely touching him, just from a little attention. His voice won’t work, though, only making soft, needy noises while Jinguji keeps on murmuring in his ear how he definitely can’t trust Reia around those other guys, how nobody else is allowed to touch Reia like this.

“Like this” is Jinguji’s hand tight around Reia’s cock but stroking slowly enough that Reia feels like he’s going to go out of his mind if Jinguji doesn’t speed up. Reia feels like his skin is burning up all over, the way Jinguji is pressed so tight against his back trapping the heat between them until Reia’s hair is getting damp from sweat.

“Please,” Reia says, forcing himself to stop struggling because Jinguji likes it when Reia seems like he’s submitting to him. He tilts his head to one side, knowing that Jinguji will find his bare neck tempting, ready to do anything Jinguji wants if they can just get on with it.

The press of Jinguji’s teeth against the back of Reia’s neck sends a shock of want right down Reia’s spine, making him snap his hips into Jinguji’s hand. Jinguji is definitely biting down harder than he should, but Reia is too far gone to scold him or even care.

“You’re coming home with me,” Jinguji orders, voice muffled by Reia’s skin, but Reia hears him loud and clear. “I’m gonna mark you all over. You’re mine.”

He bites down again, just behind Reia’s ear, still repeating “Mine,” and Reia sees white for a second as he comes over Jinguji’s hand, a shaking mess. As he comes back down, Reia sways on his feet, but Jinguji’s grip is too tight to let him fall. Jinguji is still stroking Reia’s cock lightly, almost idly, thumbing the tip and making Reia shudder with aftershocks.

“Jin-chan,” Reia murmurs, dazed. He wishes they were at Jinguji’s house right now because all he wants at the moment is to roll around in Jinguji’s sheets and maybe make out a little while his skin is still tingling all over. He tries to tilt his head back to at least get the kissing, but the angle is too awkward. “Kiss me?”

“Yeah,” Jinguji said, voice breathy as he turns Reia around and swoops in to kiss him fiercely. Reia ends up pressed back against the lockers, Jinguji’s cock pressing into his hip, obvious through both of their sweats. Jinguji licks at Reia’s lips and Reia opens up to him right away, his own tongue tangling lazily around Jinguji’s, not caring that Jinguji’s come-covered hand is clutching at his thigh since his clean hand is running through Reia’s hair, tugging at the strands and thumbing at the shell of his ear.

When they pull apart, both of them are breathing hard, and Jinguji’s eyes are so dark that Reia can barely see the brown around the edges.

“What about you?” Reia asks when Jinguji doesn’t do anything right away, just stares at him.

“Told you, I want you later,” Jinguji says. “We have practice.”

It’s a total bluff, since Jinguji is practically shaking with want and clearly won’t be going anywhere in this state. His eyes keep darting down to Reia’s mouth and back up again, and Reia bite his lip to keep from smiling. As hot as it is when Jinguji is possessive, Reia thinks he’s cutest when he is too shy to ask for what he really wants.

“Let me suck you off,” Reia says, turning his own cheeks pink at saying that sort of thing out loud. It’s worth it, though, when Jinguji’s breath catches. Jinguji opens his mouth, but Reia is already sliding down to his knees, glad for the support of the lockers at his back. “I’ll be quick, promise.”

“Reia…” Jinguji starts, but then cuts off immediately when Reia yanks Jinguji’s sweats down to mid-thigh and takes a hold on his cock, squeezing lightly. Jinguji is already so hard that Reia can feel the little shivers of his pulse against his palm, and Reia’s smugness cuts through some of the embarrassment, that Jinguji gets so hard just from getting him off.

He knows he looks good, but Reia makes it as much of a show as he can, sliding his lips over Jinguji’s head slowly and looking up at Jinguji with wide eyes the whole time. Jinguji’s tip already tastes like salt, and Reia licks it off with flicks of his tongue, making Jinguji whine his name softly. Maybe he doesn’t act as possessive as Jinguji, but Reia likes it when Jinguji only looks at him too.

“Close,” Jinguji warns after a couple minutes, sliding a hand into Reia’s hair and tugging on it, making Reia’s eyes flutter. Reia doesn’t do it every time, but this time it seems important to stay right where he is, sucking harder and squeezing Jinguji’s shaft tighter until he comes with a burst of sharp salt against Reia’s tongue. It’s not Reia’s favorite thing, but Reia waits until Jinguji’s eyes blink back open before he swallows obviously. “Fuck, Rei, Reia,” Jinguji mutters, shivering, and that makes it worth it.

Reia struggles to his feet, knees still a little wobbly, but all he has to do is hold out his arms before Jinguji is collapsing against him with a grunt and pressing their mouths together. Reia lets Jinguji do all the work, his own mouth a bit tired, perfectly satisfied to wrap arms tight around Jinguji’s neck and let Jinguji press needily against him.

“Be honest,” Jinguji says, kisses drifting lazily up Reia’s cheekbone to the hinge of his jaw. “That haircut was just to drive me crazy, right?”

“Mm-hmm,” Reia agrees. Not really, but sure, whatever, Reia thinks. He doesn’t mind agreeing when Jinguji’s hands are tight on his hips, his mouth hot against Reia’s skin.

“Would you two get a move on?” Yasui’s voice cuts through Reia’s daze, and his cheeks turn bright pink when he peers around Jinguji’s shoulder to find Yasui leaning casually against the doorframe. “We do actually have practice. Unless you two just tired yourself out too much.”

“Yasui-kun!” Reia whines, burying his face in Jinguji’s chest in embarrassment, but Jinguji just laughs and calls Yasui a voyeur.

“Just sayin’, don’t do it in the locker room if you don’t want people watching it,” Yasui says with a shrug, before sauntering out of the room.

“I don’t care who knows you’re mine,” Jinguji blusters, which is definitely a lie because his cheeks are just as pink as Reia’s when Reia lifts his head to look. Jinguji’s smirk is real, though, as he lifts a hand to stroke fingers down the side of Reia’s neck. “And everybody is gonna definitely know now.”

Reia’s skin aches dully where Jinguji’s fingers press, and Reia whines Jinguji’s name because it must be a pretty spectacular bruise. But Jinguji seems satisfied with his work, more relaxed as he gives Reia a last quick kiss and finally lets him go. For the rest of practice Reia can feel it on his skin when Jinguji’s eyes are on him, but it feels more like anticipation than the sharp jealousy from earlier, making Reia want to stretch under Jinguji’s gaze.

After all, Jinguji promised to mark him all over later. If Jinguji leaves a mark like this for everyone to see, Reia can’t wait to see what Jinguji will do to the places that are only for him.

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