SixTONES, Attention-Seeking Behavior

Title: Attention-Seeking Behavior [Taiga/Juri]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: It’s possible Juri got this haircut entirely so that Taiga will touch his hair.
AN: more Juri/Taiga hairpetting because reasons. Written for Shiritori.

Attention-Seeking Behavior

That’ll be more than enough, Juri figures as he looks in the mirror, to get Taiga’s attention. Sure enough, the next day at work, Taiga’s eyes go round as soon as Juri yanks down his hood.

“What did you do?” Taiga gasps, and Juri chuckles. The perm is still sticking out all over, wild from newness and being slept on, looking every bit as ridiculous as the most ridiculous perm Koki ever had and then some.

“Wanna touch it?” Juri asks, and then leans over to butt his head up against Taiga’s palm without waiting for an answer. His eyes slit in pleasure as Taiga gets his fingers in the strands and scrunches properly.

“Did your brothers do this to you?” Taiga wants to know, and Juri laughs and says no, he went to a stylist properly. He wants it to last, after all, wants Taiga to keep touching his hair exactly like that.

Taiga appeases him, petting his hair any time Juri is within reach. Sometimes it’s clearly on purpose, Juri dropping his head in Taiga’s lap during a break or onto Taiga’s shoulder when they’re standing around. Other times, Juri isn’t expecting it at all, like when he’s napping with his head on the table and gentle fingers across his forehead half-wake him, or fussing with the drape of his costume and Taiga sneaks up behind him. Either way, it’s one of Juri’s favorite things, the way that Taiga touches his hair.

It’s so gentle, affectionate. Taiga touches Juri other places, holds his hands or brushes fingers against his arms or hugs him tightly, but none of those touches give Juri the same butterflies in his stomach, the same feeling of security.

“Did you perm your whole head just to get me to touch your hair?” Taiga finally asks, and Juri hems and haws for a few seconds before admitting that maybe, maybe he’d been thinking about it just a little.

“It’s weird right?” Juri asks, feeling weirder the longer Taiga stares at him with that same even expression. “I just…really like it.”

“You could’ve just asked,” Taiga says. Juri shrugs, he could have, but whatever. “So can I ask for something I like too?”

“Yes? I mean, sure,” Juri says, curious what Taiga wants. Even if it’s weird, Juri thinks he wouldn’t mind.

“Kiss me,” Taiga says.

“Eh?” Juri blinks at him, because that’s so…normal. “That’s all?”

“Properly,” Taiga clarifies. “Like you aren’t in a rush, like we have plenty of time. Like it’s all you want to do. Like you want just me.”

“O-oh,” Juri says, understanding what Taiga’s getting at. They’ve both been so busy lately, and Taiga spent so long in Hakata doing Kabuki, and Juri’s been filming with Gamushara…maybe it’s been a while since they weren’t just kissing each other’s cheeks on the way by. Just then somebody yells that practice is restarting, as if underscoring Taiga’s point.

“See what I mean?” Taiga asks. Juri nods and leans in, but Taiga pushes him back. “Later. When we have time, like I said.”

After that, of course, it’s all Juri can think about. Practice seems to drag on endlessly and all Juri can seem to do is stare at Taiga, or at least his reflection in the practice room mirrors. Taiga’s mouth in particular is where Juri keeps staring, whether it’s curled up in a smile at something stupid Shintarou just said or pursed in concentration or pressed into a thin line because he keeps turning on three instead of four. He doesn’t think Taiga meant it to turn out like this exactly, but they the end of practice Juri really does want just Taiga and he can’t wait even one second longer.

Out in the hallway, Juri snags Taiga by the elbow and drags him away right in the middle of a conversation with Kouchi, who only rolls his eyes at them. They only make it around one corner, good enough, whatever, before Juri has Taiga pressed up against the wall, the first touch of his mouth rough and probably not that pleasant on Taiga’s end.

“Sorry,” Juri murmurs, grabbing Taiga’s waist just for something to hold on to. “Sorry, I just—”

“It’s fine,” Taiga says, and whatever else he was going to say doesn’t matter because Juri is kissing him again. Taiga’s mouth slides against his so perfectly, his height and the tilt of his head all just perfect, and Juri loses track of everything except how Taiga’s lips are kind of chapped and how his tongue is slick and hot when he licks at Juri’s bottom lip.

When Taiga pulls back and lets his head thunk against the wall, both of them are pink-cheeked and breathing in little pants. Taiga’s arms are around Juri’s neck, and when he brushes fingers through the ends of Juri’s hair, it makes the butterflies from his stomach spread out all over his skin.

“I missed you too,” Taiga says quietly. “I want attention sometimes too.”

“Yeah,” Juri says vaguely, distracted by how Taiga’s eyes are so dark, pupils dilated so wide, just for him. “Yeah, sorry. We should go somewhere. That isn’t this hallway.”

“Okay,” Taiga agrees easily. He’s so agreeable no matter what Juri says, and Juri loves that about him. The rest of his feelings are a tangle in his chest, but he’s sure that he doesn’t want to let go just yet. “Next time just ask, okay? Instead of getting a stupid haircut.”

“You love it,” Juri says. “And worry about yourself anyway. Didn’t they have mirrors in Hakata?”

Taiga narrows his eyes and gives Juri’s hair a yank and says he’ll show him where they have plenty of mirrors, all right.

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