JE, Meanwhile at Gamushara

Title: Meanwhile at Gamushara [Reia/Jinguji/Genki]
Rating/Warnings: R for underage Jinguji. and Reia. And Genki. oops.
Summary: Genki can make a dirty joke just as much as anybody else.
AN: Written for shiritori, but I had to lock it because underage. Oops.

Meanwhile at Gamushara

“Motorboating is a sport!” Shintarou hollers indignantly, over the sounds of Juri, Taiga, and Yasui hooting with laughter.

“Yeah, one Taiga does with Fujigaya-senpai,” Yasui snorts. Taiga quits laughing and shoves Yasui off the couch, ass connecting with the ground with a loud thud.

Genki hurries by them as quickly as he can to avoid being sucked in and teased about his pink cheeks and the fact that he didn’t get the joke either until Yasui started cackling. Gamushara practice is dangerous sometimes, Genki reflects as he trots back to the corner he promised to meet Jinguji and Reia after his conbini run. He even picked up a couple spare onigiri since there’s always a Kaito or two hanging around, and if not then Jinguji will eat them. Ever since his most recent growth spurt started, he’s been eating anything that isn’t nailed down.

“Oh!” Genki exclaims when he rounds the costume rack and finds Jinguji eating something all right.

“Genki!” Reia’s cheeks turn as least as bright red as Genki’s, and he yanks at Jinguji’s hair. “Jin-chan! Quit it, he’s—oh.”

Jinguji pulls his mouth off Reia with a wet pop and turns to grin at Genki over his shoulder. His blond hair is mussed and his lips are a little puffy, and it’s way, way too appealing. “C’mere,” he says, and Genki obeys before he realizes what he’s doing. Jinguji pulls Genki down to take his spot, and Genki isn’t sure what he expected, but it surely wasn’t for Jinguji to wrap arms around him from behind, hugging him tightly enough to whisper in his ear.

“You don’t have to use your mouth, he’s close,” Jinguji tells Genki. Reia is staring down at them with wide, wide brown eyes, panting a little, and Genki can’t look away as he wraps a hand around Reia. It slides easily through his fingers, slick from Jinguji’s mouth. “Just like that,” Jinguji encourages.

Genki can feel Jinguji hard against his ass, but Jinguji doesn’t do anything besides rock forward against him a little. He drops a hand to squeeze Genki through his practice sweats, humming approval when Genki swells against his palm. Above them, Reia is biting down on his lip trying to keep quiet, obviously close.

“We look so good together, right?” Jinguji asks Reia, cheek squished against Genki’s in a pornographic imitation of that silly junior shoot they’ve all done. “You wanna watch us together?”

Reia comes suddenly, squeezing his eyes shut and shaking until it’s over. He slumps against the wall and bats Genki’s hand away. “You’re such a weirdo, Jin-chan.”

“You got off on it,” Jinguji points out confidently. He slips his hand inside Genki’s sweats so suddenly that Genki can’t swallow all of his noise, and Jinguji shushes him. “Looks like you weren’t the only one interested, huh?” Jinguji’s throaty chuckle makes Genki prickle all over with a mix of embarrassment and arousal, Jinguji’s fingers on his skin confusing all the sensations together.

“Don’t tease him, jackass,” Reia orders, tugging his own sweats back up and dropping to his knees to crawl close enough to kiss Genki sweetly for a second. “Want me to return the favor?”

He doesn’t wait for an answer before he pushes Jinguji’s hand out of the way. Reia’s mouth is hot and perfect, and all Genki can do is shudder in Jinguji’s arms as Reia sucks him off. It’s over fast enough that Genki would feel embarrassed, if he could feel anything besides kind of buzzed, but Reia just grins at him before turning to finish off Jinguji the same way so he doesn’t complain about taking turns.

Afterwards Genki just wants a nap, but Reia and Jinguji prop him up between their shoulders and force him to eat. The onigiri’s only a little squished from him dropping the bag and it still tastes the same.

“Not as good as Reia, though,” Jinguji cackles. Genki squirms and Jinguji just laughs at his own joke. “They should make an onigiri flavor out of you. Or me!”

“Who’d eat an asshole-flavored onigiri?” Reia asks, deadpan. “Aside from you, I mean.”

“Yasui-kun would,” Genki blurts without thinking. There’s a moment of stunned silence before Reia and Jinguji burst out laughing, and Genki’s pretty proud of himself for that one.

At least until Jinguji’s lips brush his ear and ask if he wants to actually try what they were talking about earlier, all three of them.

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