JE, Backdance

Title: Backdance [Sanada/Nozawa]
Summary: Sanada never tells Nozawa no.
AN: Written for FQF prompt fill, prompt 24: on tour and all X can hear is ABC and Z fucking in the room next to his. I changed the prompt a little, oops. Also this is the saddest FQF ever, so I apologize in advance about that.


Backing for ABC-Z is awesome in a lot of ways, but one of the ways it is incredibly not awesome is that no matter who you room next to in the hotel, you spend all night listening to acrobatic sex. Sanada can’t even tell which members are involved in it right now, if it isn’t all of them, but as usual judging from the noises coming through the wall, it sounds half hot and half terrifying.

Hashimoto had said once that sex in their unit was a lot like a Tackey-designed wire stunt in that way, and Sanada thinks truer words have never been spoken.

But touring is also exhausting, and all Sanada really wants to do is sleep at least a couple hours before doing more shows tomorrow, and that would be a lot easier with less noise and minus the hard-on. Sanada heaves a quiet sigh.

“Can’t sleep?” Nozawa asks from the next bed over. Sanada grunts. “You could just jerk off, I don’t care.”

Sanada knows that Nozawa doesn’t care, but Sanada does. It’s weird enough to room and duo all the time with your ex-boyfriend, but jerking off in the same room as him, probably at the same time as him, is not okay for Sanada. Especially not with weird senpai noises invading the fantasy.

It’s been almost two years since they decided things between them just couldn’t work out. It seemed like they were perfect for each other, but in practice what they wanted from each other was just mis-aligned slightly enough to make it constantly frustrating. This is one of the ways that bothered Sanada the most, how casual Nozawa has always been about sex, like it doesn’t even matter. On tour Nozawa is all about it, always in Sanada’s space, touching him and whispering things at him, but then afterwards when things go back to normal, Sanada would spend weeks trying to talk himself out of the sudden loneliness of Nozawa’s usual distance.

Eventually it just got to be too much, on top of work and how much time they have to spend together. It was awkward at first, after the breakup, but now that some time has gone by things are easier between them now at least some of the time.

On tour with ABC-Z is not one of those times. Sanada can hear Nozawa sitting up and swallows a sigh because he knows Nozawa isn’t just getting up to go to the bathroom or get a drink or to go anywhere besides over to the edge of Sanada’s bed.

“I can’t sleep either,” he says. It’s too dark for Sanada to see him properly, but he can feel Nozawa’s familiar presence leaning over him. “If you don’t want to, just say.”

It’s so unfair, Sanada wants to say, how Nozawa always gives him that choice when he knows Sanada will never tell him no. “Just get in,” is all he says instead, he just shifts over closer to the wall to make room for Nozawa and closes his eyes to let Nozawa do whatever he wants.

Nozawa is going to do whatever he wants anyway.

They fit together naturally still, like they’ve never stopped doing it, Nozawa rolling half on top of Sanada with his knee thrown over Sanada’s thigh, one hand sliding into the back of Sanada’s hair to turn his head for a kiss. Sanada missed this, the feel of Nozawa against him, the possessive grip of his hands, and he slides an arm around Nozawa’s waist to drag him closer. How much of a mistake this is, how awful he’ll feel tomorrow, Sanada pushes all of that away for now and only thinks about how good it feels to be close again.

Nozawa doesn’t bother to ask Sanada what he wants, because he already knows all of Sanada’s favorite things. He kisses Sanada’s jaw and down his throat, working hands up the back of Sanada’s worn tour T-shirt to drag fingers up and down his skin. When he presses his teeth to the edge of Sanada’s collarbone, Sanada doesn’t bother trying to hold back his noises. Let ABC-Z get an earful for once.

He keeps moving lower until Sanada is sprawled flat on his back, panting, while Nozawa shoves the blankets back out of the way. He yanks Sanada’s boxers off with the same carelessness before wrapping a hand around Sanada’s cock and stroking him with tight, perfect strokes.

“Oh,” Sanada sighs, hips rising up into Nozawa’s hand, and he can’t see in the dark but knows what it looks like anyway, Nozawa’s long fingers wrapped around his cock, flushed pink and hard. He thinks about it every time he gets himself off, thinks about the way that Nozawa always licks his lips in anticipation before he leans in to suck Sanada’s cock into his mouth.

Nozawa’s mouth is hot and slick, teasing at Sanada’s tip for a few seconds before sliding further down. Sanada uncurls his fingers from the sheets to wrap them in Nozawa’s hair instead, pushing down just a little encouragement. It’s so good, so easy to forget everything but the feel of Nozawa’s tongue against him, Nozawa’s fingers digging into his thighs, the sharp puffs of air from Nozawa’s nose against his belly. Nozawa’s a little out of practice, but he can still take nearly all of Sanada, letting him bump the back of his throat before pulling back to lick at Sanada’s tip.

He’s close, but Sanada holds on for as long as he can, wanting this to last as long as he can make it. When he finally does come, the rush of heat seems to take all of Sanada’s energy and frustration with it, and for a few seconds all he can feel is how good it can feel between them, how close they can be.

When Nozawa pulls his mouth away and crawls up to press against Sanada, that feels good too, Sanada’s skin still tingling and sensitive. Nozawa’s kiss is desperate and deep enough for Sanada to taste himself, his cock digging into Sanada’s stomach and sending aftershocks radiating through Sanada’s belly.

“Touch me,” Nozawa demands against Sanada’s mouth, and Sanada does right away, working a hand between them to squeeze Nozawa’s cock. He barely has to move, Nozawa thrusting into his fist doing all the work.

He thinks about rolling them over and sucking Nozawa off in return, but Sanada doesn’t want to give up the way Nozawa is hot and heavy over top of him right now, the way so much of their skin is touching. It’s messy and rough and taking up all of Sanada’s attention perfectly, Nozawa’s noises drowning out the other room, Sanada’s focus on touching Nozawa just right drowning out all of his common sense.

Nozawa buries his face in the curve of Sanada’s neck and comes with a low noise that makes Sanada’s skin buzz more than he actually hears it. Sanada’s own cock twitches in sympathy, too soon to get hard again, but so turned on. He closes his eyes and focuses on all of it as if memorizing it, the pulse of Nozawa’s cock in his hand, the heat of the come on his stomach, the smell of both of their sweat-slick skin. Just a little longer, he thinks, tightening his grip and stroking with his thumb, making Nozawa whine.

In the room next door, miraculously silence has fallen. Either they’re done, or somebody has been knocked unconscious. Or both.

When Nozawa takes a deep breath and shifts, Sanada rolls them over suddenly, so that he’s the one pushing Nozawa’s weight down into the mattress. Nozawa mumbles a protest, but Sanada ignores him. He slides arms underneath Nozawa and holds on tightly, cheek pressed to the sharp jut of Nozawa’s shoulder, eyes squeezed shut and wonders if he can breathe evenly enough to make Nozawa think he’s fallen asleep. Sometimes that works.

Tomorrow he’ll have to start all over again, but right now Sanada only wants Nozawa to stay here just a little longer.

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