Baka6, Concept Art

Title: Concept Art
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Wings suit Jesse way more than they should, and that isn’t even half of the problem.
AN: Written for Shiritori

Concept Art

Wings suit Jesse way more than they should, and that isn’t even half of the problem. The button down white shirt, the white linen pants, it’s all supposed to be part of Jesse’s pure and innocent angel shoot except for how the shirt is unbuttoned just enough to show off his sharp collarbones, and the pants cling to his ass like they’re begging you to touch it.

Those damn Duet photographers know exactly what they’re doing, Kouchi grumbles to himself.

“You like my outfit?” Jesse asks, voice a purr and eyes flickering with amusement as he backs Kouchi up against the wall of the dressing room. “So cute and innocent, right?”

“Innocent is the last thing you are,” Kouchi snorts. He should push past his entirely illegal group mate and get out of here, but he can’t look away from how dark all that white is making Jesse’s eyes look.

“You can touch if you want,” Jesse offers, and Kouchi narrows his eyes because be serious, that’s so unfair. Jesse just giggles. “My wings, I mean. Feel how soft they are.”

Kouchi’s hand comes up on its own to obey, brushing over the downy feathers, and they both know those wings are stupid photoshoot props, but Jesse shivers and leans in a little closer as if he can actually feel that. He gives Kouchi plenty of time to say no as he leans in for a kiss, but Kouchi just lets him have his way, Jesse warm and soft and inviting pressed up against him.

He’s not even surprised when Jesse drops to his knees suddenly, rubbing his cheek against the fly of Kouchi’s jeans and looking up at him with those same dark brown eyes. Jesse looks so good like that and he knows it, his long fingers wrapped around Kouchi, his lips sliding over Kouchi’s length, the way he tosses his hair back when it falls in his eyes so that he can keep looking up at Kouchi’s face, making sure he has Kouchi’s full attention.

Jesse looks even better with Kouchi’s come spattered across his cheek and down his throat. The white drops seem to match the concept perfectly, all white innocence that’s nothing like innocence at all.

“You’re a brat,” Kouchi tell him, voice still thin as he tries to re-catch his breath.

Jesse only winks at him. “You like it that way.”

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