Baka6, The One I’m Waiting For

Title: The One I’m Waiting For [Taiga/Hokuto]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Just because Hokuto is worth waiting for, that doesn’t mean Taiga is exactly enjoying the wait.
AN: Lol everything I write lately is about waiting and delayed gratification. GEE WONDER WHY.

The One I’m Waiting For

Enough is enough already, and Taiga knows he’s being ridiculous, but really, is he supposed to be happy about watching Jesse rubbing all up against his boyfriend during practice? He can’t even concentrate on the symmetry he’s supposed to be doing with Juri, and Juri looks amused about both it and the annoyed looks Shintarou keeps throwing over his shoulder.

“You know,” Juri leers, “if you just staked your claim clearly…”

“Shut up, you,” Taiga growls, giving Juri a shove that sends both him and Shintarou to the ground. Shintarou opens his mouth to let Taiga have it, then snaps it shut again when he sees the look Taiga is giving him.

“It’s so cute when you pout,” Hokuto teases when they’re gathering their stuff at the end of practice, standing close enough that they can talk quietly until the ruckus of the other guys shoving and shouting at each other. Taiga rolls long-suffering eyes up at him, knowing that he hasn’t quite wiped the thundercloud expression off of his face the whole way.

“I’m not pouting,” Taiga protests. “Pouting’s for when you’re being childish and unreasonable. You think it’s unreasonable that I don’t like all this duo stuff?”

“No,” Hokuto agrees. He reaches up to brush knuckles across Taiga’s cheekbone. “I think it’s unreasonable that you won’t just let me take you home already for another fifty-eight days, and then maybe you wouldn’t be so jealous when you were getting action that Jesse can’t get for a million years.”

“He better not be getting it ever,” Taiga growls. He regrets his outburst immediately when his growl makes Hokuto’s eyes darken and his pupils go wide, clearly ready to throw this underage business out the window as soon as Taiga says go.

It’s going to be the longest two months of his entire life, Taiga sighs to himself as he quickly lowers his eyes to the clothes he’s shoving into his bag. Being the responsible boyfriend sucks.

Not that he struggles when Hokuto catches him by the wrist and tugs him back to wait when everybody else is leaving, until it’s just them and the big mirrors. Taiga is definitely not thinking about all those mirrors and the two of them in front of them, nope, not at all.

“What?” Taiga asks.

“Relax, I just want to kiss you, if that’s okay,” Hokuto says, stepping in closer. His voice is teasing, but underneath there’s a little bit of worry, like he isn’t sure if maybe they really are having a problem here. “That’s legal, right?”

Taiga doesn’t bother answering as Hokuto puts hands on Taiga’s waist to hold him in place and leans in to press their mouths together. Taiga wraps arms around Hokuto’s neck to drag him closer, and feels a twinge of guilt when Hokuto relaxes immediately. He kisses Hokuto back, harder than he should probably given their location, but he doesn’t want Hokuto to think he’s unhappy with him.

If he didn’t want Hokuto so much, if he didn’t like him so much, none of this would matter, really.

When the kiss breaks, Taiga has every intention of telling Hokuto those things, but as usual his courage fails when he’s looking Hokuto in the eye and the words stick in his throat. He opens his mouth and then closes it again before he says anything.

“Shh,” Hokuto soothes when Taiga’s brow furrows. He reaches up with a thumb to press Taiga’s brow flat again. “Whatever it is, it’s fine. It’s okay like this for now, right?”

“Yeah,” Taiga sighs, letting Hokuto hug him more properly, so that his cheek rests against Hokuto’s shoulder. They both smell like practice mats and sweat but Taiga likes it, likes the way he can only smell Hokuto’s skin pressed so close.

“Not that I’m not getting impatient,” Hokuto murmurs, sliding a hand up under the back of Taiga’s shirt to pinch his waist, making him squirm.

“Quit that, you.” Taiga reluctantly pulls back, knowing leaving Hokuto in charge leads to bad things, really tempting bad things. “Irresponsible kouhai.”

“You love it, senpai,” Hokuto says, darting in for another quick kiss of Taiga’s cheek and laughing when Taiga pushes him back. “Come on, let’s go change. You can watch if you want, even if you won’t let me touch.”

“Seriously, when I get fired,” Taiga says in exasperation, pushing Hokuto towards the door at arm’s length. Hokuto grabs either side of the door frame to brace himself and pushes back playfully.

“Am I worth it?” he asks, giving Taiga a grin over his shoulder. He squeaks in surprise when Taiga presses all along Hokuto’s back and kisses him fiercely, licking his way inside Hokuto’s mouth, rough and possessive and breath-taking.

“Answer your question?” Taiga asks when the kiss breaks, and Hokuto nods, eyes glazed and cheeks pink. “Good, remember that when Jesse’s rubbing himself all over you next time.”

Hokuto laughs and turns to steal another kiss or two or five, hands wandering until Taiga slaps them away, but they both leave the room grinning. Even if the next two months are going to go by like molasses, Taiga can’t bring himself to regret it.

He’s sure it’ll all be worth it.

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