Baka6, You Are the No. 1 Boyfriend

Title: You Are the No. 1 Boyfriend [Hokuto/Taiga]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Studying is hard, and Taiga is kind of a distraction.
AN: Written for Shiritori. It’s not like me to leave something so short with an abrupt ending like this but i am literally passing out on my keyboard and i thought Cortney would enjoy the ending phrase, so sorry.

You Are the No. 1 Boyfriend

The maid outfit threat at least gets Hokuto to pick up his head from his math book and actually look at Taiga.

“Aha,” Taiga grins, reaching down to brush knuckles over Hokuto’s cheekbone. “I’d almost forgotten what color your eyes were.”

“Sorry, were you saying something?” Hokuto asks grouchily. “I’m busy trying not to get held back. Again.”

“All work and no play, though,” Taiga reminds, flopping down on the couch next to Hokuto. Hokuto grunts at being jostled. “Seriously, no chance of you coming home with me?”

Hokuto sighs. “I really have to–”

“I miss you,” Taiga interrupts. “Is all.”

It’s his voice rather than the words that makes Hokuto actually stop and look Taiga over. He doesn’t sound jealous or accusing, not even frustrated really. Just sad, or maybe resigned. Hokuto tries to think back to the last time the two of them did manage a sleepover and swallows a wince.

“Been a while, huh?” he asks. Leaning back, away from his damn math book, Hokuto wraps an arm around Taiga’s shoulder. Taiga presses his face against Hokuto’s shoulder and hums in agreement. “Guess I don’t exactly deserve those #1 Boyfriend boxers you bought me for my birthday.”

“It’s not a big deal,” Taiga says. “You’re busy, I get it. Not like it’s a new thing, for us.”

It was different when they filmed together more often, but Taiga knows that so Hokuto doesn’t bother saying it out loud.

“Are you booked the next twenty minutes?” Hokuto asks instead. Taiga snorts a little laugh.

“I think I could pencil you in,” Taiga says, tilting his head up for a kiss. Hokuto doesn’t mind indulging him for a minute or two of their time.

It’s sweet and unhurried, and Hokuto gets lost enough in it that his breath hitches in surprise when Taiga crawls into his lap fully and wraps his arms tight around Hokuto’s neck. He presses down with his weight until Hokuto’s shoulders are digging into the back of the couch, not that he minds.

“Possessive much?” Hokuto murmurs against Taiga’s mouth.

Taiga nips at his lower lip. “I have to press my advantage while I can.”

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