Baka6, Superstition

Title: Superstition [Juri/Shintarou, Jesse/Hokuto]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Jesse tells Hokuto to worry about himself.
AN: Written for Shiritori. So on Tlist we were talking today about the JE superstition that if you get filmed between Kinki then you’ll debut, which totally amused me. Apparently both Kazapon and Toma have mentioned it, and maybe also KitaFuji? Anyway so then it was my Shiritori turn, so enjoy.


The sound of his purr is the only thing Hokuto hears before Shintarou strikes, grabbing the collar of his shirt and yanking him close.

“If you get filmed between Kinki, I will murder you,” Shintarou informs him, voice still that same low purr he thinks is a growl. Now that Shintarou is almost as tall as Hokuto, he’s not as easy to laugh off, especially where debut superstitions are concerned.

“That’s a silly superstition,” Hokuto scoffs, trying to push Shintarou off, but Shintarou’s grip is too tight. When did that kid get arm muscles like that?

“Tell that to Fujigaya-senpai.” Shintarou actually gives him a little shake, and enough is enough.

“Tons of people have been between Kinki!” he snaps, shoving Shintarou hard enough to knock him back a step. Shintarou’s face says he’s going to pay for that, but just then Juri’s head pops in the doorway, distracting him.

“Sounds interesting in here,” Juri says, strolling in the whole way and giving Shintarou an easy once-over. “Still pouting you can’t rule Countdown for two more years, Shin-chan?”

“Fuck you, seriously,” Shintarou hisses, eyes narrowing. Juri reaches over to rough up his hair, and Shintarou bats his hand away with a scowl, but Hokuto doesn’t miss the way his cheeks go pink and how he doesn’t exactly move out of range.

“That kid has it bad for you,” Hokuto informs Juri fifteen minutes later, when they’re helping each other stretch. Juri just grins widely, smug and knowing all about it. “You don’t think it’s mean to toy with him like that?”

“Who says I’m toying?” Juri asks. His grin doesn’t waver. “Maybe I’m interested.”

“Maybe you’re fucking three guys I can name and undoubtedly others I don’t care to know about,” Hokuto says with a roll of his eyes. Juri raises an eyebrow and stretches his arms over his head, deliberately baring a stripe of tanned, flat stomach as his T-shirt rides up. You can’t help but look, and Hokuto doesn’t give Juri the satisfaction of trying not to.

“This your way of asking to be on the list? I could pencil you in next week.”

“You keep your pencil to yourself, thanks very much,” Hokuto retorts. “I’m sure Yasui-kun’s been sharpening it more than regularly enough.”

“Touchy, touchy!” Juri laughs. “Taiga ask you to go steady? Or are you hoping maybe you can wait for Jesse to be porn legal for your Kinki filming next year?” Juri cracks up at his own joke, and Hokuto thinks that maybe the Tanaka brothers are spending just a little too much bonding time together. “Come on, that’s funny!”

“Hilarious, but back to my original point,” Hokuto tries to steer the conversation away from whatever Jesse may or may not be legal for. “You know he likes you, and you just keep poking at him anyway.”

“He could confess if he wanted, he’s not ten anymore.” Juri shrugs Hokuto’s words off. “When he wants an answer, he’ll ask for one. Or maybe he’ll even learn how to flirt, although I think that might be a sign of the apocalypse.”

It’s pointless to argue with Juri, especially about sex and boyfriends, both of which he has aplenty, so Hokuto stops. The thing is that he doesn’t think Shintarou really is working up to a confession, it’s just not a thing he can see Shintarou doing. He might have grown 5cm in the last six months, but Shintarou is still at Fresh Jr. level about things like love and sex. If Juri’s hair was long enough to put in pigtails, he thinks Shintarou might actually try pulling them.

“Don’t meddle,” Jesse says when they’re tugging on their costumes for their duet medly. Hokuto frowns, and Jesse only gives him a bland look in response. “You keep glancing over there. Shin and Juri have been friends since middle school and they can work it out for themselves.”

“Except how both of them act like they’re still in middle school,” Hokuto says. Jesse flicks his forehead. “Ow!”

“Leave it, I said.” Jesse taps Hokuto’s forehead more gently. “You can’t fix everything. Worry about yourself.”

“Myself?” Hokuto asks, and then his eyes pop wide when Jesse leans in to kiss him firmly.

“Since you can’t seem to recognize flirting anyway,” Jesse says when he pulls away. Hokuto’s mouth works a little, but no words come out. “Geez, Kochi was right, you really do have no clue. Seriously? We fake kissed on TV! My mother thinks I’m hiding you until I’m ready to tell people.”

“Tell people what?” Hokuto demands, heart starting to race and making him feel panicky.

“What do you think?” Jesse waits, watching Hokuto’s face until he sees that it’s really sunk in. “I’m confessing, so what’s your answer?”

“I…okay?” Hokuto still feels too much confusion to even begin to sort out any other feelings. How long has this been going on? And why does Kochi know about it?

“Sound more enthusiastic, why don’t you,” Jesse says, frowning.

“Sorry, you surprised me!” Hokuto protests. He still isn’t sure exactly how he feels, but he doesn’t like it when Jesse frowns, and it doesn’t sound like the worst idea he’s heard all day. “Yes, I accept your feelings. So if you don’t mind that I don’t know how I feel yet…then yes.”

Jesse seems to like that answer a little better, given how he leans in for another kiss. This one is long enough that Hokuto thinks he might have some feelings after all about this situation. Even if they mainly center in his pants at the moment, that’s a start, right?”

“But you know,” Jesse says, voice suddenly a growl, and his hand fisting tight in the front of Hokuto’s T-shirt. “If you get filmed dancing between Kinki at Countdown, I’ll murder you.”

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