Baka6, The Right Motivation

Title: The Right Motivation [Taiga/Hokuto]
Rating/Warnings: R, plus Hokuto’s 17 for another 107 days
Summary: Hokuto’s method of error correction is not working for Taiga.
AN: Written for 1-hour porn challenge.

Other 1-hour participants: Rikikomori / Omoikkiri / Joji / Ayame

The Right Motivation

Taiga thinks of himself as an easy-going person, mellow and peaceful, but if Hokuto gets on his nerves one more time he might have to cut a bitch.

During dance practice, Hokuto corrects Taiga’s turn with a brusque, “Right foot first,” and then grabs his shoulders to physically turn him when Taiga does it again, too flustered from having attention called to his repeated mistake to do anything but fuck it up worse. Even during break, Hokuto only pauses to grab a bottle of water before coming back and pointing out all of Taiga’s other missteps.

During vocal it’s worse, Hokuto’s casual, “You’re flat,” making Taiga grit his teeth twice as hard as when the actual coach does it. The coach at least is paid to do it; Hokuto seems to be being a dick just for the fun of it. After fifteen minutes of repeated correction, Taiga sulks over to stand by Shintarou instead.

Shintarou corrects him too, but he mostly does it in silent looks that threaten violence if Taiga does that shit on stage, and Taiga can deal with that.

“I can’t take it anymore!” Taiga explodes to Jesse and Kouchi during lunch, flopping dramatically down in the middle of their usual date in the corner. “Hokuto-kun is driving me up the wall!”

“Aw, try not to take it so hard,” Kouchi says, patting the back of Taiga’s head because Taiga is face-down on the floor. “Hokku’s just serious-type, you know? He doesn’t mean anything by it.”

“He corrects me too,” Jesse puts in, in between shoveling so much rice into his mouth at once that he looks like a hamster. “Just try to ignore it, he’s honestly trying to help.”

“He doesn’t do it to you guys nearly as much!” Taiga protests, rolling over onto his back so he can pout at them. “He’s done it to me a hundred times today alone! Why’s it always me?!”

“Well…” Kouchi seems unwilling to finish that statement, making Taiga scowl at him fiercely. Jesse drops a bite of pork cutlet into Taiga’s mouth to make him feel better.

Juri and Shintarou are hardly more sympathetic when Taiga slouches off to find them instead.

“Maybe you shouldn’t need so much fixing,” Shintarou says, and Juri whacks him across the back of his head before Taiga does more than open his mouth.

“Idiot, that’s not why!” Juri rolls his eyes. “Moron. It’s ‘cause Hokuto likes you.”

Taiga chokes on air. “What?! Are you out of your mind? He seems like he hates me!”

Juri waves a hand airily. “It’s because he can’t express it properly. It’s because he’s paying such close attention to you that he notices all your mistakes. He’s pulling your pigtails, you know? Like an elementary school kid, he likes you.”

“That is ridiculous,” Taiga says scornfully. “You and Shintarou pick on each other more than anybody, if that proved anything you two would be the hottest couple in the jimusho.”

“Who says we aren’t?” Juri asks with a creepy smile, and Shintarou hollers an “EWW!” that is one hundred percent elementary school.

Bandmates deemed useless, Taiga decides the problem can only be faced head-on. Marching right up to Hokuto where Hokuto is fiddling with the drape of his costume on the costume rack, Taiga clears his throat.

“Hm?” Hokuto asks, looking up. He blinks a little when he notices Taiga’s expression.

“Juri says you like me,” Taiga blurts, sounding more like he’s threatening Hokuto than anything else, but he doesn’t care. “He says that’s the reason you keep pointing out all mistakes over and over, but I think he’s stupid and either way it’s driving me insane so could you keep it to yourself please?”

“Juri says I like you?” Hokuto repeats, a little woodenly.

“Yes,” Taiga snaps. “And then he said he and Shintarou might be a hot couple, and then Shintarou said some shit that I don’t even want to–”

Taiga cuts off with a muffled noise of surprise when Hokuto’s mouth is pressed firmly against his. He struggles for second, but Hokuto’s hands are already tight on his shoulders, holding him in place, and then he just shuts his eyes and lets Hokuto do what he wants, again.

Finally Hokuto steps back, and Taiga opens his eyes, ready to let Hokuto have it for teasing him even more, but then he realizes that Hokuto’s cheeks are kind of pink.

“I do, actually.” Hokuto says, looking anywhere but Taiga’s face. “Like you. I’m bad at expressing stuff like that, so I was trying to help. But it just made you really mad, huh. So you can forget it if you want.”

Hokuto turns, obviously about to flee, and before Taiga understands what he’s doing, he’s already reached out and grabbed Hokuto’s wrist, dragging him back around.

“I’m not that mad,” Taiga says. Hokuto just looks at him, expression unreadable, and Taiga licks his lips. “It’s embarrassing when you do it in front of the others.”

“I probably can’t stop it,” Hokuto says, sheepish. “I’m a little perfectionist type. Plus,” Hokuto’s eyes dart up to Taiga’s face and then back down to the floor, “you’re kind of adorable when you’re a little mad at me. And when you’re embarrassed. Your cheeks get all pink and your eyes get all fierce and–”

“You know, maybe not talking is a better idea,” Taiga interrupts him, dragging him even closer until he can press their mouths back together.

It’s a lot better now that he’s participating himself, and Hokuto presses closer almost immediately, grabbing for Taiga’s waist this time instead of his shoulders. Taiga hooks his arms around Hokuto’s neck to pull him down so the kiss is more comfortable, and suddenly they’re chest to chest, the heat of Hokuto’s skin radiating through Taiga’s T-shirt. Hokuto skims fingers just under the edge of Taiga’s T-shirt, like asking a question, and Taiga opens his mouth to lick at Hokuto’s lips in a clear yes.

Hokuto backs him up until he’s pressed against the wall, and Taiga is glad for the support because his blood is already rushing in his ears and his knees feel a little shaky. Hokuto drags his hands up higher, palms hot against Taiga’s bare sides, and Taiga’s common sense goes right out the window as he rolls his hips up against Hokuto’s.

It seems like it should be too sudden, but Taiga’s been angry most of the day, so his adrenaline was already high from that and from practice before Hokuto ever touched him. It feels like his skin is tingling all over, changing to a slow burn everywhere that Hokuto touches, and Taiga can’t think about anything but getting more of it.

“You look good this way too,” Hokuto murmurs against Taiga’s mouth, and Taiga wraps fingers in his hair to yank a little. It backfires, as a punishment, because Hokuto seems to really like that. He grinds Taiga into the wall more seriously, and the pressure of it feels so good even as the wall digs into Taiga’s shoulder blades. “I’ve had like a dozen wet dreams about doing this to you, you know.”

“Shut up,” Taiga groans, burying his face in the curve of Hokuto’s neck, but his hips are still snapping up against Hokuto’s.

“It looks even better than I thought,” Hokuto does not shut up at all, Taiga’s movement meaning that now Hokuto can whisper right into Taiga’s ear. “Let me touch you?”

He doesn’t wait for an answer before he works a hand in between them, and any thoughts of stopping him vanish as soon as Hokuto’s hand is in his sweatpants, wrapping tight around Taiga. Taiga bites down on his lower lip to try and keep himself quiet, thrusting into Hokuto’s hand and digging fingers into Hokuto’s shoulders probably hard enough to leave marks.

Hokuto doesn’t seem to care. He’s panting in Taiga’s ear, quick, irregular breaths, and the warm puffs of it on his skin make Taiga shiver and squirm in Hokuto’s grip. He should help out too, he thinks dimly, but he can’t make his arms obey him, can’t make his hand do anything besides grab at Hokuto’s shoulders and hair.

“Hang on,” Hokuto says, letting Taiga go, and Taiga gives a string of curses that makes Hokuto chuckle. He doesn’t have any idea what Hokuto is doing until suddenly Hokuto’s cock is rubbing along his own, and then Hokuto’s hand closes around both of them. “Okay?”

Taiga can’t even answer, already squeezing his eyes shut so tightly that little bursts of colors appear on the back of his eyelids. He can’t do anything besides move against Hokuto on instinct, his body taking over and demanding more, more. It’s too good, fast and rough, and Taiga is going to definitely come all over both of them like a complete trainee any second.

“Oh,” Hokuto gasps, sounding just as desperate, “Taiga, oh,” and when Hokuto’s hand is suddenly slick with his own release, Taiga tumbles over the edge, clutching at Hokuto and shaking all over.

His energy seems to spill out of him along with everything else, and if his back weren’t against the wall, Taiga is sure he’d be on his ass on the ground, probably dragging Hokuto down with him. Hokuto doesn’t seem in much better shape, panting in Taiga’s ear, his weight crushing Taiga against the ungiving surface of the wall.

“Can’t breathe,” Taiga manages, and Hokuto murmurs an apology, but doesn’t exactly go anywhere.

Suddenly there’s the sound of costumes being yanked aside on their hangers, and both of them freeze.

“Well, well,” says an incredibly familiar voice, and Taiga remembers with horror that Takizawa is this filming’s Shounen Club guest. “It seems like Shounen Club practice is exactly like I remember it.”

“Senpai!” Taiga wails, mortified. Hokuto tries to push himself off the wall, but Taiga grabs his shirt and won’t let go so he doesn’t step away and Taiga can’t hide behind him anymore. Hokuto ends up stumbling backwards and sending them both crashing to the floor in a heap of sequins and feathers as he flails for something to grab and drags half the costumes down on top of them.

“It’s a good thing those are washable,” is Takizawa’s comment about that. “Ah, youth.”

That afternoon, Taiga flushes beet-red if Hokuto so much as catches eyes with him, but Hokuto doesn’t correct him even once. It doesn’t stop Taiga from making all his usual mistakes, but as it turns out, he gets mad enough at himself whether or not Hokuto corrects him.

Taiga stays behind when the others head off to shower and change, hoping he can concentrate better on fixing it without the others watching. Preoccupied, he nearly jumps out of his skin when a hand lands on his shoulder.

“Hey,” Hokuto says, and Taiga blushes fiercely before his gaze drops to the floor. “You said it’s embarrassing when I do it in front of the others, so…is it okay if it’s just the two of us?”

Taiga looks up in surprise; Hokuto looks right back, not teasing at all.

“I really do want to help,” Hokuto says. Taiga feels the start of a smile tugging at his lips, so he turns around before Hokuto can see it.

“Okay,” he agrees. “But none of that, I need to work.”

Hokuto’s chuckle is all the warning he has before Hokuto hugs him around the waist from behind, brushing lips over the curve of Taiga’s ear. “Agreed. We can save it as a reward for later, when you’ve got it down perfectly.”

Fifteen minutes later, all of Taiga’s mistakes are fixed. Turns out all he needed was the right kind of motivation.

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