JE, Team Bonding

Title: Team Bonding [Shintarou/Reia/Hokuto]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: A couple of members of 2015 Team Ra get a little closer.
AN: Hokuto teaching Reia to doubledutch twirl was just unreasonably hot, okay.

Team Bonding

This summer is going to be so good, Shintarou thinks to himself as they sort out schedules and whatnot first practice. He’s a little bummed out they lost Juri, but it seems less pressing than it would have last year, after all the growing Shintarou’s done all year. He’s glad they get Kouchi instead this time, plus Jesse will be glad to have Juri help smooth things over in his own group, and Shintarou can hardly begrudge him that. Plus Reia! Shintarou never gets to play with his old friend on camera anymore, so this is a rare chance.

But he doesn’t think too hard about what kind of chance exactly until he looks down the length of the double dutch rope and sees Hokuto behind Reia, his fingers wrapped around Reia’s wrists. Reia’s skin looks pale under Hokuto’s hands, his wrists delicate, and an unexpected wave of heat washes through Shintarou because he’s never thought about his two friends together like that before.

The surprise of it makes Shintarou tighten his own grip on Kauan’s wrists, and Kauan breaks away from Shintarou’s grip, his discomfort obvious. Shintarou is more snappish with Kauan than he means to be, but he doesn’t feel especially bad about it either because he’s kind of a pill for the rest of practice rather than letting Hokuto or Shintarou help him. Shintarou doesn’t get that guy, and he doesn’t shed any tears when Kauan escapes as quickly as he can after practice. Kouchi heads out too, waving his phone and calling over his shoulder that he promised to meet Jesse, leaving Shintarou behind with Reia and Hokuto.


“You two should make out,” Shintarou says without warning, making Hokuto choke on his water and Reia look up from his bag in amusement. “Seriously. When Hoku was showing you how to twirl, it was hot.”

“Shin-chan!” Reia laughs. He turns to look at Hokuto. “What has your group been teaching this guy, huh? It wasn’t that long ago that I had to explain to him why Yasui-kun always says he never gets enough mic practice.”

“You mean, like this?” Hokuto asks, sliding behind Reia to brush hands down his arms and wrapping fingers around his wrist again. “Mm, it does feel good.”

“Yeah,” Reia agrees. Shintarou grins to himself as Reia tilts his head back against Hokuto’s shoulder to give him a hooded glance, openly inviting.

“Oh yeah,” Shintarou agrees as Hokuto takes Reia up on his offer, bending his head for a kiss. Shintarou has no idea where to even look after it goes on for longer than few seconds, from the pink flashes of tongue, to Hokuto’s fingers digging into Reia’s skin, to the way Reia is purposely wiggling his ass a little against the front of Hokuto’s sweats. “Ne, Hoku, Reia never gets enough mic practice either.”

It makes Reia break the kiss by snickering, and after a glance from Reia to Shintarou to make sure Shintarou isn’t teasing, Hokuto shrugs and lets go of Reia’s wrists to push him down by the shoulders instead.

Reia slides to his knees easily, but doesn’t do anything else besides watch Hokuto expectantly. Shintarou shivers just a little as Hokuto gets the idea and pushes his sweats down far enough to free his cock. Reia licks his lips, glancing over as if to make sure that Shintarou is watching, before leaning in to suck Hokuto’s cock past his lips, eyes fluttering shut.

“Whoa, okay,” Hokuto says, slumping against the wall. Shintarou is getting hard but does nothing about it for the moment, concentrating on watching Hokuto’s cock sliding over Reia’s pink lips and on the wet noises it makes as Hokuto starts to flex his hips. “Damn, you have been practicing!”

“He can take all of me,” Shintarou says, enjoying immensely the way Hokuto’s eyes widen. “Go for it.”

“Shit,” Hokuto curses breathlessly, cupping the back of Reia’s head with his hands and thrusting in deeper. “Are you just gonna watch like that?”

“Until it’s my turn, yeah,” Shintarou replies, getting a hummed moan out of Reia. “Of course if we take this party somewhere else, Reia’ll take a lot more than that.”

“Hey, quit that,” Hokuto tries to stop Shintarou’s stupid talk, but it’s no use. Shintarou just keeps going until Hokuto is whining with the effort of holding back his release, and thats when Reia tilts his head a little and Hokuto slides the whoooole way back. “A-ah!”

“Mmm, yeah,” Shintarou praises, reaching down to stroke some of Reia’s hair out of his eyes while Hokuto goes limp against the wall, gasping for breath. Reia lets Hokuto slide out of his mouth and turns his cheek into the touch, looking up at Shintarou with dark eyes as he sucks Shintarou’s thumb into his mouth instead and licks at the pad of it.

Fuck Kauan, Shintarou thinks. That guy has no idea what he’s missing.

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