Kis-My-Ft2, Playing Doctor

Title: Playing Doctor [Tamamori/Miyata]
Rating/Warnings: R for a thorough examination.
Summary: Tamamori’s costume has an interesting effect on Miyata.
AN: Kira_shadow wanted Kisumai costume-induced porn.

Playing Doctor

Miyata did a double-take when the door opened and revealed Tamamori in a long doctor’s coat, stylish glasses perched on his nose, stethoscope dangling around his neck.

“Ah, come to examine me?” Miyata asked.

Tamamori just eyed him as he came into the room to set his bag down next to Miyata’s. He dropped next to the bag himself with his usual lack of care. “Don’t say weird shit. Taipi and Kitamitsu made me, it’s for some promotional thing.”

“But I am feeling a bit funny,” Miyata sidled a little closer, ignoring Tamamori’s glare. “You should at least listen to my heart, doctor, don’t you think?”

“Miyacchi,” Tamamori warned, but didn’t make any move to stop Miyata from picking up the stethoscope, hiking up his shirt and pressing the stethoscope over his heart. “…fast, ne.”

“Cause it beats just for Tama-chan,” Miyata says with a grin that makes his eyes scrunch.

“Gross,” Tamamori announces, reaching over to snatch the instrument back, but it means he leans in close enough for Miyata to grab the front of Tamamori’s sexy doctor coat and yank him into a sexy doctor kiss.

They end up in a sprawl across the floor, Tamamori’s shirt and jacket hanging open, giving Miyata access to Tamamori’s skin, Miyata’s jeans pushed low enough that it makes both of them groan when Miyata rubs his hips down against Tamamori’s. Tamamori has both his hands buried in Miyata’s hair as Miyata steals his breath with a possessive, open mouth kiss, then tilted his head back so that Miyata worked his way down Tamamori’s neck instead, with a trail of nips and licks.

He paused to worry at the edges of Tamamori’s collarbones, but didn’t stop there, kept on working his way down until he was worrying red marks over the jut of Tamamori’s hip, making Tamamori arch against him and whine.

“Please,” Tamamori tugged harder at Miyata’s hair, pulling his head up, and Miyata’s breath caught at the flush of Tamamori’s cheeks and the glitter of his eyes. “Quit teasing!”

“Anything the doctor orders,” Miyata chuckled, and yanked Tamamori’s fly down with renewed purpose. He barely had his mouth on Tamamori before Tamamori was struggling and shivering under him, growling when Miyata grabbed his hips to force him still. Humming low in his throat, Miyata swallowed as much of Tamamori as he could with his hands busy holding him down, working him over until Tamamori gave in and shuddered himself out against Miyata.

“Mm,” Tamamori murmured when Miyata crawled up his body, draping himself happily over Tamamori’s warmth and shivering himself at the aftershocks still rippling over Tamamori’s skin. Miyata nosed at Tamamori’s throat, making Tamamori slap lazily at Miyata’s head. “Inna minute.”

“Don’t forget about me, Tama-chan,” Miyata encouraged, and after some more coaxing, got Tamamori’s hand in between them to wrap tight around him. Miyata groaned his appreciation and pushed into Tamamori’s touch, and it wasn’t long before Miyata gave in as well, coming over Tamamori’s hand and stomach.

They were still in a messy heap when the dressing room door opened again to reveal Senga and Nikaido, who just rolled their eyes.

“Ne, just in time,” Miyata said, and chuckled at how Tamamori stretched a little but couldn’t even be bothered to tuck himself back in. “The doctor will see you now~.”

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