Baka6, Out Past Curfew

Title: Out Past Curfew [Hokuto/Jesse]
Rating/Warnings: R, under-18 warning (Hokuto’s almost there!! …..( _ _) )
Summary: Jesse’s mother can kick Hokuto’s ass, and she’ll do it too if he brings him home on a school night.
AN: Written for Shiritori. First Jesse wouldn’t cooperate, and then he was way too cooperative ( -_-);;;;;

Out Past Curfew

“Go on ahead,” Juri insists, and Hokuto would think he was being nice if it weren’t for the filthy leer Juri gives them and then the yelp that Taiga gives as soon as the door is shut, quickly muffled.

Oh well, whatever.

“I guess we can start our date early?” Hokuto offers, and Jesse doesn’t seem to mind, judging from his low chuckle.

It hardly seems different than any of the other times they’ve hung out after work, window shopping a little, arguing over whether to get ramen or curry for dinner, complaining about their schoolwork and Shintarou’s bullying over their food. But then Jesse kicks at Hokuto’s foot under the table and grins with his bangs falling into his eyes, and then it seems like it couldn’t be more different than before.

Hokuto grins back until Jesse drops his eyes, cheeks a little pink. Hokuto murmurs that it’s cute, and Jesse says it’s the curry, the curry.

“I got it,” Hokuto says when Jesse reaches for the bill. Jesse whines, but Hokuto has the faster hands.

“You got it last time!” Jesse protests, going back to the last few bites of his curry.

“I’m older,” Hokuto points out.

“You just want me to call you senpai,” Jesse accuses, then gives a wink that says he wouldn’t mind so much.

“Idiot, you’re like two years my senpai,” Hokuto grumbles good-naturedly as he digs through his bag for his wallet. Jesse only laughs some more.

“You totally like it.” When they stand, Jesse stretches, Hokuto eyeing the pale stripe of skin where Jesse’s T-shirt rides up. “Want to go for karaoke?”

“Your curfew,” Hokuto reminds. “Your mother can kick my ass, and she’ll do it too.”

“I’ve got a bit yet.” Jesse waves a hand vaguely. He edges closer, smiling hopefully, nudging at Hokuto’s shoulder with his own. “Please, senpai?”

“Stop that!” Hokuto hisses, hoping nobody is paying any attention to his flushed cheeks, or Jesse’s casual invasion of his personal space. He lowers his voice so only Jesse can hear and adds, “At least until we’re in the karaoke booth, use your brain.”

The smile Jesse gives him is so bright that Hokuto doesn’t start feeling the cold outside for two and a half blocks.

Tucked in a small karoke room, Hokuto makes it two and a half songs before he leans over to kiss Jesse right in the middle of “Ai Nante.”

“Finally,” Jesse mutters against Hokuto’s mouth, microphone hitting the couch with a thump as he wraps his arms around Hokuto’s neck to haul him in closer. Before Hokuto comprehends what’s going on, Jesse has crawled into his lap, pushing Hokuto firmly down into the couch cushions with his weight.

Jesse’s mouth is insistent against his, coaxing until Hokuto parts his lips and lets him in. Jesse is all impatience, rocking hips and roaming hands. It makes Hokuto’s blood sing in his veins and he loves it, humming as Jesse tugs at his hair to tilt his head back further.

“Mmm,” Hokuto praises, hands sliding back from Jesse’s waist to tease at the hem of his shirt, at the warm skin just under it. He drags fingertips up the bumps of Jesse’s spine, and Jesse shivers against him.

“Damn, I wish you could spend the night,” Jesse pulls his mouth just far enough away to whisper, and Hokuto nips at his lower lip in warning.

“Don’t tease me with stuff I can’t have,” he warns. Jesse’s eyes are dark, pupils wide, and Hokuto wonders if he looks just as good, just as desperate. “Your mother really will kick my ass if you bring me home on a school night.”

“Serves her right for sending me to Johnny’s when I was so young and impressionable,” Jesse scoffs, stealing quick kisses every few words. “Of course I’d end up bringing the cutest boys home with me.”

“You’d better only be bringing one boy home,” Hokuto growls, a wave of possession washing hot through his chest.

“The cutest one,” Jesse promises, soothing Hokuto’s jealousy with a kiss long and deep enough to steal Hokuto’s breath.

His head is still spinning when Jesse slides off of his lap suddenly. Hokuto opens his mouth to protest, before his brain catches up and realizes Jesse is kneeling between Hokuto’s thighs, hands on his knees to push them apart, grin sharp and bangs falling in his eyes.

“Hey, whoa,” Hokuto starts to protest, eyes flicking towards the door.

“Shh, they never bother us.” Jesse shrugs off Hokuto’s entire well-founded concerns. Jesse’s hands start to slide up Hokuto’s thighs, slow enough that Hokuto could stop him. “Let me?”

Hokuto doesn’t stop him.
Jesse’s fingers are just as impatient as the rest of him, fumbling with Hokuto’s belt and zipper, but it’s worth it when he gets Hokuto’s jeans out of the way enough to stroke him from base to tip.

“Fuck,” Hokuto hisses when Jesse licks at his tip, hoping they put in enough songs to last longer than he does, or some people in the hallway will definitely be getting an earful.

Not that Hokuto is likely to last very long once Jesse gets serious, not with the way Jesse wraps lips tight around him and watches Hokuto’s face the whole time, eyes always turned up to make sure he has Hokuto’s full attention. Hokuto has no idea what else would be at all worth looking at while Jesse’s mouth is spit-slick and so hot around him. It’s all he can do to get one of his hands into Jesse’s hair to stroke in encouragement and gasp various syllables of Jesse’s name.

He tries to warn Jesse when he’s about to come, but Jesse only sucks harder, eyes trained on Hokuto’s face, and Hokuto can’t hold back any longer. He’s still gasping for air, fingers and toes tingling, when Jesse wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and crawls back up into Hokuto’s lap in an obvious search for compliments. Hokuto can’t get enough breath to speak, so he settles for pressing an uncoordinated kiss to the corner of Jesse’s mouth as soon as he’s within reach.

“Hey, you don’t have to,” Jesse squirms a little, “since I just…”

Hokuto doesn’t care about that even a little, and he silences Jesse’s protest with a more serious kiss, humming low in his throat as he licks the last taste of himself from Jesse’s mouth. Jesse’s lips are starting to puff up, and it just makes Hokuto want to kiss him harder. Jesse melts against him, hands back in Hokuto’s hair, making no move to do anything about the hardness digging into Hokuto’s stomach other than the irregular rock of his hips.

Jesse’s eyes go wide in surprise when Hokuto tips him over onto his back across the couch suddenly, and Hokuto can’t help but chuckle at how comic he looks with his hair mussed up and lips kiss-swollen and eyes full of confusion. It changes to a knowing grin, though, when Hokuto asks if Jesse wants him to return the favor.

“Please?” Jesse asks cutely, then his mouth twitches at the corner before he adds, “Please, senpai.”

“You are gonna get it,” Hokuto promises as he crawls over top of Jesse; Jesse laughs and says that he certainly hopes so.

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    Love that one, love the way you write their relationship… gotta love them <3

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