Baka6, Drama Queen

Title: Drama Queen
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary:In which Jesse Lewis is a perfectly capable, perfectly attractive drama actress. Didn’t even have to change his name.
AN: Well, after Kira’s post there was just no stopping this whole thing. I’M SORRY.

Drama Queen

“Nice to meet you.” The other lead bows politely enough, her trendy bob swinging into her face a little until she smoothes it back with long fingers.

Jesse Lewis is everything that Hokuto is entirely uninterested in generally. She’s taller than him, way too skinny, and half-American to boot. But minutes later, Hokuto realizes he hasn’t heard a single word the staff has said; he’s spent the whole time distracted by Jesse’s adorable scatter of beauty marks.

It doesn’t help at all that they’re romantic co-leads for this particular drama. It’s a spring sports drama, Hokuto the star pitcher for the baseball team who’s recovering from a shoulder injury, and Jesse the team manager who is secretly the team’s best catcher. They’ll fall in love in episode three and spend the next seven episodes trying and failing to confess to each other, or at least that’s the plan.

In reality Hokuto falls in love in the middle of filming episode one, and makes it two scenes into episode two before he blurts a confession while the director is busy yelling at the extras to back the fuck up and quit looking at the camera.

“Are you kidding?” Jesse asks, eyes wide. Mute with embarrassment, Hokuto shakes his head. “We aren’t supposed to do that, you know. We can both get fired.”

“I know,” Hokuto manages.

“Hm,” Jesse tucks her hair back again, and oh, Hokuto has already had like three dreams about those fingers. “All right, then. Just so long as we both know the potential for disaster.”

And then she smiles, wide and pleased and just a little unsure, and it takes every ounce of Hokuto’s willpower not to kiss her right on the set in front of everybody. The director finally gets back on track just then, and after Hokuto bumbles his way through the scene with pink cheeks and an irregular heartbeat, he gets praised for the power of his longing glances until his blush goes all the way down. It doesn’t help that Jesse is standing a meter to the side with her duck-patterned blanket wrapped around her shoulders, giggling at him behind her hand.

“Potential for disaster” is exactly what Jesse is, and Hokuto loves every second of it. It should be impossible to sneak off together with the hectic filming schedule, but somehow they keep managing it, and even if they can’t get too far, Hokuto always comes back with lips tingling and blood rushing, Jesse complaining loudly that the wind keeps messing up her hair.

“We’re gonna get caught,” he mumbles against Jesse’s lips when they dare the third time in a day. Jesse has him pressed against the seat of the van he’s supposed to be changing in, settled comfortably enough in his lap that Hokuto has no idea how he’s going to be able to walk back out in public ever again.

“As if you care,” Jesse mumbles back. She drags fingers through Hokuto’s hair, perfectly shaped nails scratching lightly over his scalp and making him whine with pleasure.

“I do, though.” Hokuto grabs her shoulders and pushes her back far enough for them to look at each other properly. Jesse blinks at him in mild surprise, eyelashes soft and dark against her cheeks, and Hokuto struggles not to be distracted. “You’re such a good actress, I bet you get a bunch of offers after this. I’ve heard you sing too, and you’re talented. Better than me.”

“You listened to some of my stuff?” Jesse asks, looking a touch embarrassed. Hokuto nods.

“If I screwed all that up for you…” Hokuto’s stomach twists at just the thought and he has to drop his eyes. “It’s always worse for the girl, with a Johnny’s. I couldn’t stand it.”

“Aren’t you just the cutest thing sometimes.” Jesse’s smile is small and mysterious, like only girls can do, before she leans in to kiss him one more time. It’s sweet and chaste, and over all too soon. “All right, I can be good.” She gives him a wink as she slides off his lap. “At least for a little while.”

Hokuto catches at her wrist and pulls it up to press lips against her palm. “I don’t want you to be good,” he says, and truer words have never been spoken by any high school drama romantic lead. “I want you to be smart.”

“But not smart enough to avoid sneaking around with a Johnny’s, right?” Jesse’s laugh is sweet and a little wild when Hokuto wrinkles his nose.

They make it for two whole episodes in only mails and sidelong glances, until Jesse gets a little creative with her mails. Sitting next to her in their collapsible chairs while they wait for the staff to set up and fuss with sound, Hokuto starts to squirm harder with each incoming chime of his phone, entirely aware that Jesse is giggling at his expense not half a meter away, just out of reach.

[I’m going to undo your shirt buttons one by one,] this one reads, [but I think I’ll leave the tie on, at least at first. It’s so convenient for getting a good grip. It’s freezing out here, so my hands will be cold at first, but you won’t mind, right? You’ll warm them up soon enough.]

Hokuto stands up so fast he gets dizzy, grabs Jesse’s wrist to yank her up too, and orders, “Van, now,” in a low, rough voice. He’s barely got the door slammed behind them before Jesse shoves him down onto the middle seat and crawls on top. They trade rushed, breathless kisses until Hokuto’s whole body is thrumming with want. He has to pull away and press his forehead against Jesse’s shoulder to try and calm himself down.

“So much for being good,” he pants, and Jesse’s laugh buzzes against his chest.

“So much for being smart,” Jesse counters. She runs fingers through Hokuto’s hair, and Hokuto squeezes her tightly around the waist with both arms. “If you hadn’t held out so long we might actually have time to get something good done in here, you know.”

“Ugh, you,” Hokuto groans.

“Me,” Jesse agrees. She puts cups Hokuto’s cheeks in her palms and tilts his face up to kiss him, unhurried like they have all the time in the world instead of another thirty seconds before someone starts shouting for them. “But I have good news. Next week? Location filming. You know,” she clarifies when Hokuto blinks at her, uncomprehending. “The kind with hotel rooms.”

“Oh,” Hokuto says, “Ohhh,” and then forget the next thirty seconds, the next week is going to feel like a lifetime, and that’s before Jesse leans down to whisper one more thing in his ear.

“Don’t forget to pack your ties.”

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