Kis-My-Ft2, Spring Storm

Title: Spring Storm [Miyata/Tamamori]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Tamamori interrupts Miyata’s script practice.
AN: Written for Shiritori. We’re having all these spring thunderstorms and all I want to do is curl up in bed during them, mmm.

Spring Storm

“In,” Tamamori orders, and even though Miyata should really keep practicing his lines, he obediently drops the script and crawls into bed with Tamamori. Tamamori shifts around a little, pushing Miyata this way and that until he’s satisfied with the way they’re curled up together. “Finally, geez.”

Miyata can only hum in agreement. Outside it’s dark despite being not being past sundown, rain pounding on the window, the wind strong enough to make the panes rattle. There’s a huge crack of thunder that make both of them shiver against each other, even though neither one of them is particularly afraid of storms.

“Mmm,” Miyata hums happily, glad he’s safe and warm inside and tucked in bed with Tamamori. Their manager had sent them home because of the severity of the approaching storm, canceling an outdoor photoshoot that was clearly out of the question, and even so, the two of them had gotten soaked on the way back from the train station, not quite beating the storm home.

He slides a hand under the back of Tamamori’s T-shirt and rubs his palm up and down Tamamori’s back, feeling how Tamamori melts even more bonelessly against him. There’s nothing like being curled up in bed with somebody during a storm, and Miyata can’t even remember the last time both of them were free at the same time to enjoy it.

Tamamori leans in to kiss Miyata, slow and lazy, and another burst of thunder has him pressing even closer, shuddering under Miyata’s hand as he traces the bumps of Tamamori’s spine.

“Clothes off,” Tamamori mutters against Miyata’s mouth, not that he makes the first move to be helpful himself. Miyata nips at Tamamori’s lip to make him draw back, and then both of them shove off sweats and shirts, trying to wriggle free of them without throwing off the blankets. Just last night Tamamori had been complaining about the heat of Miyata being too close and sweating all over him, but tonight as soon as they’re skin-to-skin, Tamamori gives a long whine of pleasure, his arms tight around Miyata’s middle like he’s daring him to even try moving away.

“Feels so good,” Miyata murmurs in Tamamori’s ear, grinning when he licks at Tamamori’s cartilage piercing and Tamamori’s fingers dig into his skin more deeply. He’s starting to get hard, and he can feel Tamamori hardening against his stomach, but he doesn’t do anything about it for the moment. The slow burn of the low heat building between them, the roaming hands and lazy kisses feel too good to rush.

Tamamori loses his patience with Miyata’s slow speed first. He pushes Miyata onto his back and rolls over on top of him, rocking their hips together much more pointedly. The kisses get messier as both of them start to pant for air, Tamamori dragging fingers through Miyata’s hair and Miyata clutching at Tamamori’s hips to hold him as close as possible.

“Oh,” Tamamori gasps suddenly, “ohhh,” and then he comes, shuddering from head to foot and spilling hot between their stomachs.

“Yuta,” Miyata praises, close himself but not wanting it to end just yet. Tamamori has other ideas, groaning Miyata’s name soft and coaxing in between quick kisses. A few more seconds and he has enough coordination back to dig his knees into the mattress and roll his hips against Miyata’s just right.

“Come on,” Tamamori encourages. “Come for me already.”

Miyata does, the heat rushing through him and leaving him boneless in its wake, the heat trapped between them soothing and perfect against his limbs. Outside the storm is still going strong, no sign of letting up, and Miyata couldn’t imagine anything that would make things more perfect.

“See?” Tamamori yawns hugely. “This is way better than reading your stupid script.”

Miyata only laughs and squeezes Tamamori a bit tighter. It might cause some trouble tomorrow, but right now he couldn’t agree more.

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