Kis-My-Ft2, A Traditional Sort of Guy

Title: A Traditional Sort of Guy [Nikaido/Senga]
Rating/Warnings: R for Nisen sharing a hotel room.
Summary: Sharing a hotel room is a little different, now that Nikaido has confessed.
AN: I had half of this written for ages and thought it might be part of something longer which was supposed to be titled “2000 Confessions” but actually I think it’s just kind of its own thing, so here you go.

A Traditional Sort of Guy

Nikaido is a traditional sort of guy. He likes sleeping in a futon that’s been aired in the sun, for instance, and having rice instead of toast for breakfast, that sort of thing. Maybe that’s why the sight of Senga puttering about their hotel room in his yukata makes Nikaido want to do some pretty non-traditional things to him.

Senga’s not doing anything interesting, really, not even paying Nikaido any mind, but that doesn’t matter. Not like he doesn’t enjoy when Senga dances or poses or gets all done up for a photoshoot, but Nikaido wants him just the same even when Senga is just plonking his overnight bag onto his bed and digging around in it for something, like he is right now.

He’d definitely like to get his hands in Senga’s hair, still damp from the bath. And Senga never does do up his yukata tie very well, so if Nikaido just tugged he could probably bare one of Senga’s shoulders nearly the whole way, get at his smooth, pale skin…

“Hm?” Senga pauses in the middle of his search when he notices Nikaido’s eyes on him. “What are you looking at me like that for?”

“Like what?” Nikaido suppresses a grin as Senga shifts and drops his gaze. This thing between them is new enough that it’s still easy to get Senga flustered. Not that Nikaido is entirely comfortable with it himself yet, but when it’s just the two of them, if it’s just Senga, Nikaido feels safe enough to tease.

It’s fine if Senga can read on his face how much Nikaido wants him.

“Like…” Senga dares another glance, but drops his eyes even more quickly, cheeks turning pink. “N-nika. You know.”

“Come here,” Nikaido says, not exactly ready to explain. It sends a little thrill of a different sort up his spine when Senga does what he asks without question. Senga crawls up onto Nikaido’s bed and folds his legs underneath himself to sit. He looks at Nikaido expectantly, cheeks still charmingly pink.

It makes Nikaido think of the day he confessed, Senga sitting in front of him just like he is now, on a pile of folded dance mats, waiting for Nikaido to explain what the kissing was all about.

“Now you’re blushing too,” Senga laughs, snapping Nikaido back to the present. “Nika, what’s up?” He reaches over to poke Nikaido’s cheek, then jumps a little when Nikaido grabs his wrist suddenly. But all Nikaido does is press his face against Senga’s hand more firmly, until Senga uncurls the rest of his fingers so that his palm is flat against Nikaido’s cheek.

“I like you,” Nikaido says.

“I know that.” Senga squirms a little when Nikaido goes on gazing at him steadily, like it’s hard for him not to look away. Senga pulls his hand back, fingers brushing warm trails across Nikaido’s cheek. “I know, so why’re you telling me still?”

Nikaido shrugs; he isn’t sure. It’s the first time he’s said it just to say it and it feels kind of embarrassing but good too. Just because Senga already knows, that doesn’t seem like a good enough reason not to. “Because I like you.”

“You’re telling me you like me because you like me?” Senga’s mouth twitches like he’s trying not to smile, and he’s still dropping his eyes to the bed now and again, although he always looks back up. “Nika, that’s weird.”

Nikaido can’t say that he disagrees, but he’s been getting the sense that being in love with Senga is going to be really weird in an on-going sense, not just at the beginning like he’d thought.

He isn’t sure yet, but he thinks he might be okay with that.

“Your face is weird,” Nikaido retorts, but before Senga can do more than snort, adds, “but I like that too.”

“You like my face?” Senga’s voice lilts like he’s going to tease, but then he shifts closer, until his knees are touching Nikaido’s, and Nikaido swallows. “What else?”

“What else?” Nikaido echoes. “What else what? Do I like?” Senga nods, eyes full of interest, and Nikaido has trouble holding onto his line of thought. “I…um.” Senga shifts over just a little more. “Eh…”

“Nika, what else?” Senga insists, and it makes Nikaido laugh through his embarrassment, how Senga just wants to hear good stuff about himself like usual.

“I like when you look at me,” Nikaido finally says, because he does, likes the way Senga’s eyes dart away but then are always drawn back to him. “And I like you in yukata,” he adds, thinking back to what had started the conversation.

“This?” Senga sits back in surprise, making Nikaido frown. “It’s just the hotel’s though? You look the same…”

Senga’s voice cuts off when Nikaido reaches over and grabs the end of Senga’s yukata tie. Just like he’d thought, one good yank and it’s already coming off Senga’s shoulders.

“Nika!” Senga protests, but Nikaido catches his wrists when he goes to tug the cloth closed again. He squeaks in surprise when Nikaido leans over to press lips against Senga’s bare shoulder, and Nikaido can feel Senga’s pulse rushing against his fingers under the thin skin of Senga’s wrist.

“I like being able to see you,” Nikaido says, eyes focused on Senga’s shoulder, cheeks heating up. For a second nothing happens, firing up Nikaido’s nerves, but then Senga’s lips brush his cheek.

He doesn’t say Nikaido can, but Senga doesn’t stop him either when Nikaido pushes him down onto his back and looks him over deliberately. Senga’s blush creeps down his neck and over his chest as Nikaido does nothing but look for several long seconds. Nikaido reaches for Senga’s yukata tie again, but pauses with his hand just resting on the remains of the knot.

“Is it okay?” he asks. Because sometimes Senga lets him do things just because it’s him doing them, and Nikaido doesn’t want it to be like that always. He doesn’t want this to be like that.

“Uh-huh.” Senga’s blush deepens, but he nods. “I…I don’t mind, if it’s you.”

And even though that’s exactly what Nikaido wanted to hear it’s too much at the same time, way too much, so Nikaido ends up just falling on top of Senga, burying his face in the curve of Senga’s shoulder so it’s not so embarrassing. Goosebumps are racing over his skin, lines of hot-cold-hot down his arms and spine. They turn to all heat when Senga’s arms come up around Nikaido’s back suddenly, squeezing him tightly.

“Heavy,” Senga protests eventually, and Nikaido rolls onto his side. Senga’s still holding on tight, though, so he rolls up onto his side as well. The thin cotton does little to hide the heat of Senga’s skin, and Nikaido shivers at the brush of their bodies against each other as they settle in their new position. “I can sleep with you, right?”

Nikaido opens his eyes and Senga’s face is just barely far enough away to keep him from feeling cross-eyed. It feels nice to be close enough to talk so quietly, like it’s only just the two of them in the whole world. He definitely doesn’t want Senga going anywhere.

“Obviously,” he answers Senga’s question. “Wasn’t that the point of sharing the room?”

“Mn.” Senga shrugs a shoulder. “Then can we…” His voice trails off.

“Hm?” Nikaido nudges at him. “What?”

Senga’s eyes drop to Nikaido’s shoulder and his voice is low enough that Nikaido can barely hear it. “You know…like…last time you stayed over…”

Another wave of heat ripples over Nikaido’s skin as he catches on. He definitely remembers that, and this time the only person on the other side of the wall is Fujigaya instead of Senga’s mother, and Nikaido cares a lot less about what Fujigaya hears.

“You want to?” he asks. He gets his answer when Senga’s hand slides from his back to his hip practically before Nikaido’s finished speaking. “Guess so.”

“Shut up,” Senga tells him, and Nikaido does, mostly because Senga’s hand just moved to exactly where he wants it. “Guess you want to, too, huh?” Senga laughs when Nikaido pushes up against his hand. “Hey, you know…I thought about it after.” Senga shifts a little. “When I was on my own.”

“It?” Nikaido asks. “This?”

“This,” Senga agrees, not meeting Nikaido’s eyes anymore. He looks embarrassed, maybe even a little bit guilty. “You. Is…is that weird?”

Maybe it is, but it makes Nikaido shiver to think about Senga touching himself while thinking of him, and he definitely doesn’t want Senga to be worried or ashamed about it. He leans in to kiss Senga fiercely, pushing up against Senga’s hand again. When the kiss breaks, Senga blinks up at him, looking dazed.

“Maybe it’s weird,” Nikaido says bravely, “but I like it. I like you.”

“I know that already!” Senga laughs, but he looks relieved too and Nikaido can’t help but squeeze him tighter. “Are you just gonna keep confessing over and over?”

“I don’t know.” To be honest, Nikaido isn’t sure why he’s doing it; the words just keep slipping out. “I might. So what if I do?”

“Good,” Senga says with some force, surprising Nikaido. But after a second’s thought, it’s really not that surprising after all.

“You just like hearing good stuff about yourself,” Nikaido says.

“Sure, don’t you?” Senga snuggles a little closer. “I like being close to you, too. So can we go to bed already?”

“We’re in bed already, idiot,” Nikaido points out, then grunts when Senga gives him a squeeze that is in no way sexy and says that Nikaido knows exactly what he means.

They stand up to pull the blankets back, and after a moment’s hesitation, Nikaido yanks free the tie to his yukata and shrugs it off. He squirms a little when he looks up to find Senga watching him with wide eyes, but he looks back, waiting to see what Senga will do. They’ve never slept naked together before, seeing as they’ve always been in a house with one or the other of their families.

Senga blushes fiercely, but tugs his own yukata the rest of the way off his shoulders. He scuttles under the blankets before Nikaido can get anything like a good look, but Nikaido doesn’t mind. Senga’s climbing into his bed, after all.

Nikaido hisses at the coolness of the sheets against his skin, and then all but whimpers as he comes in contact with Senga’s warmth. When Senga wraps arms around him and snuggles close, pressed skin to skin the whole way down, Nikaido shivers so hard that Senga asks in concern if he’s cold.

“No,” Nikaido tightens his hands on Senga skins in case he gets crazy ideas about moving anywhere. “Just feels…Kento…” He can’t put into words what he feels, how important touch is to him, so instead he drags a palm up Senga’s bare back, slow and warm, until Senga whines. He’s panting, breath hot against Nikaido’s throat and making his pulse speed, and Nikaido wonders why such weird things have such a strong effect on him.

Then Senga’s hand closes around his cock, and everything rushes out of Nikaido’s head except the way Senga feels against him. He pushes up into Senga’s hand, blood rushing in his ears, but he can still hear Senga ask breathlessly for Nikaido to touch him too. When he manages to get his hand to cooperate, Nikaido groans at how hot Senga is in his hand, how his skin feels so soft stretched over his length and how he seems to get harder with every touch of Nikaido’s hand.

Senga is murmuring Nikaido’s name over and over, a soft chant that buzzes against Nikaido’s skin and makes his heart race. It’s driving Nikaido a little crazy, makes him want Senga even closer even though that’s hardly possible. Before he knows exactly what he’s doing, Nikaido rolls over so that he’s covering Senga, settling on his elbows so that he can see Senga’s face. For a moment they just blink at each other, before Nikaido’s body takes over and rolls his hips down against Senga’s, and then Senga’s eyes squeeze shut and his mouth falls open on a groan.

It’s good, the way the weight of Nikaido’s body presses their cocks together as he moves, but it’s not enough, and Nikaido is just growling about how he needs both his hands to hold himself up when Senga has a stroke of genius. He brings his free hand up so that he can wrap both his hands around the two of them together, and on the next thrust Nikaido’s arms nearly give out at the rush of pleasure that races through him.

“Good?” Senga asks, smile sweet and eyes dark with heat, and Nikaido wants him so much, more than anything.

“So good,” he agrees, then drops his head to fuse their mouths together so Senga will stop distracting him with his cute face and all the weird stuff he says.

He moves against Senga with purpose and Senga moves with him, hands tight around them and moaning into Nikaido’s mouth. Nikaido feels like he’s burning everywhere they touch. Suddenly Senga curls his legs around Nikaido’s thighs, like he can’t get close enough either, and Nikaido loses it totally.

He has no idea which one of them came first, but when he can think again, his face is pressed into the curve of Senga’s neck and he can feel Senga still panting for air underneath him. He can also feel that if they don’t move soon, it’s not going to be pleasant. Gross.

Not that he moves.

“Nika?” Senga asks, voice quiet. He sounds funny, and when Nikaido pushes himself up on his elbows to see, his expression is funny too.

“What?” Nikaido stomach drops. “Did I hurt you?”

Senga shakes his head. “I’m fine. I just…” He blushes and squirms a little, making Nikaido grunt because it’s too soon for him to get hard again. “At the end…I wanted you to be closer, so I moved, but…”

Senga shifts; Nikaido slips down just that much more and suddenly he’s pressed neatly in between Senga’s thighs, Senga spread out just for him. Even soft as Nikaido is, it makes him shudder and want to press forward.

“You…” Nikaido swallows. “You want me like that?”

Underneath him, Senga’s cheeks are on fire, and he shrugs. “I thought those mangas were crazy…you know the ones I mean?”

Nikaido nods, more than a little embarrassed himself. “My sister likes them.” Actually, she’s maybe mentioned more than once how cute Senga would be…Nikaido grimaces and tries not to think about it.

“I want to be as close to Nika as I can,” Senga says softly, making Nikaido’s heart give a strange, painful squeeze. “That’s as close as you can get, right?”

Nikaido doesn’t know, is still shaky from orgasm, and is starting to get hard again way too early from even being this close to Senga. He pushes to his knees and flops to the side, but he doesn’t miss the flash of hurt over Senga’s face. It makes his stomach twist unpleasantly; he reaches over to tug Senga closer, lets Senga cuddle against his chest now that his other parts aren’t causing so much trouble.

“I want to be close to you, too,” he says, lifting a hand to stroke his thumb over Senga’s cheekbone. “So if there’s something you want to try, then we’ll try it. But for now, is just this okay?”

“Mn.” Senga nods, rubbing his cheek against Nikaido’s hand. He looks genuinely happy, Nikaido is relieved to see, and he hopes that Senga can tell that he is too. Senga looks up at him from under heavy eyelids. “But, Nika, is it really okay? You’re a pretty traditional guy, after all.”

It makes Nikaido want to laugh because Senga knows him so well, but he doesn’t want Senga to think he’s laughing at him, so he just squeezes Senga more tightly against his chest.

“Maybe so, but anything with you is fine.” Nikaido kisses Senga’s cheek noisily, making him laugh. “Because I like you.”

“Nika!” Senga protests, then turns his head the couple centimeters so that their mouths meet properly. His kiss is quick but firm, his gaze steady when he pulls back. “Me too. So next time let’s get even closer, ne.”

They settle down to sleep, Senga’s back warm against Nikaido’s chest and Nikaido’s arms tight around Senga’s waist. Nikaido isn’t positive that ‘next time’ might not be in an hour or two and still thinks Senga’s ideas might be the death of him, but for now he feels safe and good all over, content as they are, and more than willing to return the favor by fulfilling any and all of Senga’s wishes that he can.

Especially if it means he might get Senga back into the yukata.

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  • By ri, 2012.08.26 @ 4:29 pm

    “stroke of genius” i died.

    this is so cute. i really like how you write these two together. :3 and how senga’s the one to ask for it, lol.

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