A.B.C-Z, Goes Both Ways

Title: Goes Both Ways [Hashimoto/Totsuka]
Rating/Warnings: Hard R
Summary: “You’re coming home with me after work,” is all Totsuka says, but it makes Hashimoto grin irrepressibly for the rest of the day.
AN: Have some cute HasshiTottsu for no reason?

Goes Both Ways

“You’re coming home with me after work,” is all Totsuka says, but it makes Hashimoto grin irrepressibly for the rest of the day. They’re deep into Johnny’s World practices, everything still a mess and half of them starting to nurse small stress injuries, but Hashimoto just goes right on grinning even when the rest of the group calls him a freak.

“It’s not natural,” Kawai grouses, even his good nature usurped by the long days and the inability of anyone but Snow Man to remember the blocking they just did the day before. “Smiling like that. Ugh, go lick a mat.”

“Aw, don’t be mad,” Hashimoto consoles, leaning into Kawai’s shoulder with his own and rubbing against him a little, like a large dog goofily trying to cheer up its owner. “You can take Gocchi home!”

“I’m too tired for any of your shenanigans,” Goseki says mildly from the floor where he’s stretching. Hashimoto chuckles and calls him a liar, and then gives Kawai a shove hard enough to knock him to the floor, send him sprawling onto Goseki. Satisfied, Hashimoto goes to fill his water bottle, not concerned at all about their cursing.

Totsuka seems busy for the rest of the day, but that’s okay. Hashimoto has lunch with most of the Snowmen, chattering happily with Watanabe while Miyadate interrupts every two minutes to remind Watanabe to actually put some food in his mouth.

“You’re going to die,” Miyadate scolds with exasperated fondness. “You’ve lost 3 kilo and we haven’t even started the fucking performances yet!”

“Cute,” Hashimoto says, because it is. Watanabe sighs like he’s annoyed every time Miyadate interrupts, but he loves the attention and all of them know it. It reminds Hashimoto of how Totsuka needs taken care of directly like that, not about food but other stuff, and Hashimoto feels a little guilty for not making sure somebody is taking care of Totsuka too during lunch break while Hashimoto is fooling around with his other friends instead.

It’s fine, though, Hashimoto figures as they stand up and start picking up after themselves. He can take care of Totsuka plenty later because they’re going home together.

At the end of the day, Hashimoto is showered and packed up in record time, sitting on the bench and swinging his feet to scuff his sneakers along the floor as he waits for Totsuka to finish poking around.

“C’mon,” he urges, which only makes Totsuka go slower. It’s sort of cute too, like Watanabe’s terribleness at feeding himself, but sort of exasperating. “Tottsu, hurry up! I wanna get home and take care of you already.”

He is not expecting Totsuka to turn around, take Hashimoto’s cheeks firmly between his hands, and kiss him fiercely. It’s hot and wet and deep, and when Totsuka finally lets him have some air, Hashimoto feels like even his hair might be blushing.

“If you don’t stop drawing attention to yourself we aren’t even going to make it off this bench,” Totsuka says. Somehow when he says stuff like that he keeps his voice even, as if they’re talking about the weather, but Hashimoto can see the dark glitter of his eyes that means that Totsuka is really one accidental touch from losing control no matter who is still around. “Got it?”

“Yessir,” Hashimoto says, flushed and half-excited himself, because when Totsuka is so on edge, those are the times that turn out the most fun usually.

Once they finally get to Totsuka’s apartment, Hashimoto isn’t disappointed. It’s no time at all before their clothes are on the floor and Hashimoto is on his back in Totsuka’s bed, Totsuka pinning down his wrists and looming over him.

“Hey,” Hashimoto protests, even though he is grinning. “I’m supposed to be taking care of you.”

“Oh?” Totsuka asks. He pushes in a little more with the knee between Hashimoto’s thighs, making him moan quietly. “Is that so, brat?”

“Yeah, it is.” Hashimoto tries to lift his wrists, but Totsuka holds firm, just watching him. “Aw, come on, let me touch you.”

Totsuka ignores him, and Hashimoto is probably strong enough to overpower him, but he’s willing to play along with Totsuka since it’s not too often he seems to want control. Totsuka tells him to keep his hands right there, and Hashimoto does as he’s told, making all the noise Totsuka seems to want as Totsuka kisses and licks a seemingly random path down Hashimoto’s chest.

“I guess it’s fine if you want to take care of me once in a while,” Hashimoto admits. Totsuka lifts his head and raises an eyebrow, wrapping a hand around Hashimoto’s dick and stroking him achingly slow, tip to base and back again. “Nnnngh, I mean, it’s really nice when that happens,” Hashimoto amends.

“Glad you see it my way,” Totsuka says mildly.

Hashimoto just lets him have his way, whining impatiently when Totsuka goes so slow it’s driving him crazy, but not otherwise struggling or interrupting. Totsuka will get to where he’s going when he’s good and ready, and if Hashimoto is almost ready to go out of his skin by the time Totsuka is inside him, it’s just that much better when he’s allowed to wrap legs and arms around Totsuka, the heat of Totsuka’s skin feeling just as good as the flush looks working its way over Totsuka’s pale skin.

“You’re so pretty,” Hashimoto sighs, because that’s a way of taking care of Totsuka too. He traces fingers over the sharp edges of Totsuka’s collarbones, and Totsuka grins down at him fiercely. He’s more than pretty like this, flushed and dark-eyed and sweat-damp, he’s so beautiful that it makes Hashimoto’s chest ache. “Mm, I love you.”

“Do you?” Totsuka asks. It’s distracted, Totsuka focused more on chasing his own pleasure than whatever Hashimoto is saying, but even so it makes Hashimoto want to assert his affections every chance he gets.

“A’course.” Hashimoto slides hands up to Totsuka’s cheeks, just like Totsuka did to him earlier in the locker room. He holds Totsuka’s face to make sure he’s looking right at him, and he’s sure he’s quite a sight himself at the moment, before he repeats, “You’re awesome and I love you.”

“Good.” Totsuka holds Hashimoto’s gaze but turns his enough enough to kiss Hashimoto’s palm. “But can you focus on yourself for just a minute? I’m too old to do this all night, you know.”

“Hmm, I can take over next round,” Hashimoto offers, hand already sliding down between their stomachs to tug at his dick. He closes his eyes and pulls in rhythm with Totsuka’s thrusts, and Totsuka against him is practically enough all on its own, so it doesn’t take him long at all.

“A-aah,” Totsuka says, following just after and slowing to a stop. He stays there for a little, eyes closed while his breathing evens out, balanced on his hands and knees, until Hashimoto reaches for him and gently urges Totsuka’s weight down to settle over his chest.

“Feel good?” Hashimoto asks, stroking hands through Totsuka’s hair while he murmurs yes, just peachy.

“You’re such a distraction,” Totsuka offers without any preamble. “All day at work. You’re so strong and focused and competent. When you try unreasonable things it always turns out. It’s like you can do anything and it’s impossibly, stupidly attractive.”

“Huh.” Hashimoto understands what Totsuka is trying to say. It’s not exactly a new revelation, but interesting that it’s not Hashimoto’s face or muscles or sweetness that really gets to Totsuka, but his simple competency. “That’s why you were ignoring me all day. Tottsu loves me too, huh?”

“A’course,” Totsuka sighs, imitating Hashimoto’s voice, and Hashimoto grins and hugs him a little tighter. “All the time. Too much.”

“Never too much,” Hashimoto corrects. “But if you want to keep trying to beat me, I don’t mind.”

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