Baka6, Hidemari (Sunny Spot)

Title: Hidamari [Jesse/Taiga]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Taiga thinks that Jesse could have his pick of better practice partners, but Jesse isn’t having any of that.
AN: Written for orangegreenlove for the March mini-exchange thing. Fic title from “Bokura no Asa,” the song that Jesse and Taiga wrote together and sang at Gamushara J’s Party Vol 8.

Hidamari (Sunny Spot)

“One more time?” Jesse asks, cheeks flushed pink and hair stuck to his forehead with sweat.

“Are you trying to kill me?” Taiga demands, totally out of breath. But Jesse insists on doing it again, just to make sure they haven’t missed anything. His energy seems endless, like usual, and Taiga struggles to keep up, thighs burning and only his sense of competition keeping him from just collapsing into a spent heap.

When Jesse asks if Taiga thinks third time’s the charm, Taiga gives him a glare so fierce Jesse finally relents and agrees that the dance is good enough, already.

“You should practice with Shintarou, or Shoki,” Taiga tells Jesse while he’s rubbing his towel over his head, thinking that a more energetic practice partner would probably do Jesse more good. Jesse pauses in downing half his water bottle to give Taiga a lopsided grin.

“I like dancing with you,” he says.

A few days later, it’s vocal practice, Jesse badgering Taiga into practicing senpai duets with him at karaoke until the only thing keeping Taiga’s throat from hurting is the drinks Taiga keeps ordering and letting Jesse drink half of. It’s fun practice, but really Taiga doesn’t see the point exactly since Jesse ends up with solos nine times out of ten. Besides, what Jesse really needs is somebody better than him to keep him motivated, and Taiga may have improved quite a lot since a few years ago, but he’s hardly the best vocalist they know.

“You should practice with Masuda,” Taiga says, making Jesse look up from the song picker with only half the numbers entered. “Or—”

“But I like singing with you,” Jesse says. He tugs the song book out of Taiga’s hands and pushes the second microphone into them instead, sliding in closer against Taiga’s side. “Why do you keep saying stuff like that? I want to practice with you.”

“Why?” Taiga asks. “There’s lots of people who would be better for you, don’t you think?”

“You really don’t get it at all, do you?” Jesse laughs, the sound picked up by the karaoke mic and echoing in the room. “It’s because I like you.”

Taiga squirms, uncomfortable with Jesse’s straightforward affections. “It’s just not efficient practice, is all.”

“God, you’re so dumb, I love it,” Jesse says, then leans in to kiss Taiga hard enough to make his lips tingle by the time Jesse pulls away. Taiga wants to bristle at being called dumb, but kissing Jesse feels too good to hold on to it, his irritation slipping away.

“I guess it’s a little cute when you’re bizarre,” Taiga manages to retort. Jesse laughs again, and it tastes just as sweet against Taiga’s mouth as it sounds against his ears.

It’s always been like this anyway, ever since Jesse was sixteen and asking Taiga to practice silly drama kissing with him. It didn’t stay as just kissing for long, and maybe Johnny was trying to turn Jesse into sexy type a bit young, but not even Taiga was dumb enough to think Jesse was going to be cast in a movie where he needed to practice drama blowjobs.

Well, any movie the public would see anyway. What happens on Juri’s phone stays on Juri’s phone.

“You’re so fucking pretty when you sing,” Jesse tells Taiga, his sweet words effortless as always. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

The whole trip home is full of small touches, Jesse tucking one of his earbuds into Taiga’s ear, his hand resting casually on the small of Taiga’s back during the train ride, the way the backs of their fingers brush as they walk. They turn Taiga on more than if Jesse were to grope him outright, the tease of it making Taiga want to grab Jesse’s hand and squeeze, making him want to shove Jesse up against the glass of the train doors and grind against him with the train humming underneath them.

They’re barely in the door to Taiga’s house before Taiga really does shove Jesse up against the wall, crushing their mouths together, hands already pushing under Jesse’s stupidly layered shirts to grab at his bare skin. Fortunately nobody else is home, because Taiga is too keyed up to stop himself even if his mother’s entire book club were sitting in the front room.

Both of them are still the tiniest bit drunk from the karaoke place, Taiga feeling it in the way his skin is too hot before Jesse is even touching it properly, seeing it in the dark glassiness of Jesse’s eyes. It looks so good on Jesse, though, all pink cheeks and kiss-swollen lips.

Jesse drops to his knees suddenly, making Taiga stumble a little and have to put his hands on the wall for balance. Jesse’s fingers are a lot cleverer than Taiga feels at the moment, undoing Taiga’s belt and zipper, tugging his cock free before Taiga can think to protest that they are right in the entrance way, and if his father comes home suddenly he will knock them both over with the door in flagrante delicto. Then Jesse’s mouth is sliding down his cock and all the words fly out of Taiga’s head, foreign or otherwise, all except Jesse’s name.

“Jesse,” Taiga moans. His fingers twitch with the urge to work into Jesse’s hair, but he doesn’t dare let go of the wall, sure he’ll pitch right over if he does. He settles for flexing his hips, pushing his cock in and out over Jesse’s wet, pink lips. When his knees threaten to buckle, Taiga has to push himself away, grumbling for Jesse to get up.

“You don’t really mean that, do you?” Jesse asks. He looks up at Taiga through his lashes, eyes wide with the fakest, fakest innocence. When he’s sure Taiga is watching, he nibbles his lower lip a little, and that’s the last straw.

“Bed now,” Taiga orders, stumbling away without looking to see if Jesse obeys or not. Behind him he can hear Jesse laughing as he gets up and the soft whump of Jesse hurriedly kicking off his shoes in the entrance way.

Taiga strips off his clothes as he goes and drops his shirt as soon as he’s in his room, a testament to the kind of rush he’s in since he’s usually careful to treat his things well. Jesse has no such compunction, and by the time Taiga looks over his shoulder to make sure Jesse has closed the door, Jesse is naked except for his socks, clothing scattered about like it’s been blown off him.

“Really?” Taiga asks, eyebrow raised. Jesse’s socks have Kapibara-san on them, and Taiga resists the urge to turn and check that pattern of the boxers that Jesse had flung carelessly aside. “I guess I should be glad they aren’t Hello Kitty.”

“You’re one to talk, princess,” Jesse retorts, but he’s laughing as he reaches up to tug on a strand of Taiga’s corn-blond hair. His other hand settles on Taiga’s waist, trailing fingers just below his waistband, nudging Taiga back towards his bed. “C’mon, I want to see the rest of your transformation sequence.”

“Moon prism power, make up,” Taiga says sweetly, then shoves Jesse down onto the bed hard enough to make him bounce.

“If this is the punishment, I’m sure not giving up my life of crime now,” Jesse chuckles. Taiga crawls on top of him and kisses him firmly to cut off the conversation before Jesse gets any real cosplay ideas. Taiga may look like an anime character, but he sure isn’t anybody’s sailor scout. His regular costumes are ridiculous enough.

It’s not elegant or sweet, the way Taiga rolls his hips down into Jesse’s like he’s trying to pin him to the mattress permanently. Given the tease of the whole day, it isn’t likely to be slow either, but Jesse’s showy moans say he doesn’t care about that. He’s loud despite the kissing, the noises slipping out in between the wet presses of their mouth, and Jesse’s fingers dig into the small of Taiga’s back like they’re saying harder, keep me here always.

Taiga has to tear his mouth away to get some air finally, gasping against Jesse’s neck.

“You’re so hot like this,” Jesse tells him, his words barely different than his moans, all air and vowels barely strung together with vowels. “Flushed and panicky, all over me.”

“You started it,” Taiga grumbles, flushing all the more at Jesse’s open praise. He presses teeth against Jesse’s sharp collarbone, light at first, then harder, until Jesse says please, please. “Please what?” Taiga asks against his skin.

“Anything,” Jesse says. When Taiga lifts his head to narrow his eyes, Jesse finally decides. “Your mouth. Can I have your mouth?”

Jesse’s own mouth is slick and kiss-swollen, and Taiga would say yes to any words that slip from Jesse’s mouth when it looks like that, would let him do things that Jesse hasn’t even thought of asking. It’s still a secret, one Taiga wonders how much longer he can keep when it flutters against his ribcage every time Jesse sighs his name or slides his hands into the perfect spot on Taiga’s hips without even trying.

Taiga kisses Jesse fiercely, distracting himself with Jesse’s surprised gasp and easy helplessness underneath him. Once he’s sure he won’t be spilling any secrets for now, Taiga slides down to kiss Jesse’s chest and abs on the way to his cock.

Wrapping his hand around the shaft, Taiga squeezes Jesse and takes a moment to appreciate how Jesse’s cock fills his hand, how wet his tip already is. When Taiga leans in for the first lick, the salt of it is sharp on his tongue and it’s hard to say which of the two of them moans more loudly. It’s not a thing Taiga does especially frequently, Jesse’s stupid half-American cock a little too big for Taiga to suck him off comfortably, but he’s become more than good enough at it from practice. Anyway Jesse is too turned on to care if Taiga’s teeth graze him every now and then.

There is appeal in it, though, in knowing that he can turn Jesse into this flushed, breathless creature, limbs sprawled every which way and eyes for only Taiga. Jesse murmurs Taiga’s name and Taiga feels it not just in his own aching cock, but all over his skin.

Not much longer and Jesse is moaning a warning in distracted half-words, but it’s enough for Taiga to pull back. He watches his slender fingers, pale against the flush of Jesse’s skin, as he jerks Jesse of the rest of the way. Jesse comes in long spurts over his stomach, back arched and taut for an endless few seconds before he relaxes, panting.

“Looks so good when you do that,” Jesse says when he has enough air to speak again, voice a warm purr that Taiga can practically feel rubbing over his oversensitive skin. Taiga isn’t expecting Jesse to sit up and pounce him all in one fluid motion, to push him onto his back and nuzzle at the base of Taiga’s throat. “We look so good together.”

Taiga follows Jesse’s gaze across the room to the mirror on the back of his door, and he has to agree. At bare minimum, so to speak, the contrast of Taiga’s paleness against Jesse’s tan makes him look more delicate, like he’s something to be taken advantage of. It amuses Taiga, since Jesse is so often the one begging Taiga to do things to him.

At the moment, though, stretched out on his back under Jesse, Taiga finds the situation very appealing. He turns back from the mirror to find Jesse grinning at him.

“You kink,” he says with affection, and Taiga rolls his eyes.

“Shut up and get me off,” Taiga orders. Jesse doesn’t mind being ordered around; he gives Taiga a showy kiss on the cheek before scrambling down to settle between Taiga’s legs.

Taiga leans his head back and closes his eyes, focusing on the feel of Jesse’s mouth sliding down his cock, hot and wet. One of his hands finds its way into Jesse’s hair and gives an occasional yank of encouragement. Even with his mouth full, Jesse moans sweetly enough that some of the pulling is just so Taiga can hear him.

He doesn’t bother warning Jesse when he’s about to come; Jesse’s going to swallow anyway, so Taiga focuses on chasing his own release, the tension of it winding tighter and tighter until it finally spills out in a hot rush that leaves Taiga shivering. When Taiga peels his eyes back open, sure enough Jesse is licking his lip like he wants to make sure he didn’t miss any of it.

“You kink,” he reuses Jesse’s insult from earlier. Jesse stretches with a self-satisfied grin and rolls so he’s only partially on top of Taiga, knowing all about Taiga’s limited patience being held down.

With no particular rush to go anywhere or to clean up, they laze about a while longer, Jesse’s cheek pillowed against Taiga’s stomach and Taiga’s hand ending up back in Jesse’s hair, combing through the strands. Eventually Taiga realizes that Jesse is humming softly to himself, so softly that Taiga actually thought he was just making pleased noises.

“What is that?” Taiga asks, curious. “I don’t recognize it.”

“Mmm…” Jesse hedges until Taiga nudges Jesse with his knee. “Something I’m working on. Hey, want to write lyrics for me? And don’t you dare say I should ask Juri or Kouchi or some shit.”

About to say exactly that, Taiga gives a tcht of minor annoyance. Instead he asks, “What’s it about?”

“I dunno,” Jesse tells him cheerfully. Taiga calls him and idiot and shoves at him, starting a wrestling match that ends up as making out, and then turns into Jesse on his hands and knees, showing Taiga exactly how sweetly he can moan.

In the morning, Taiga wakes up slowly, only gradually able to sort out his senses. Jesse is curled up along his side and still out cold, Taiga realizes, one arm thrown possessively over Taiga’s chest, breathing slow and regular. Nothing seems urgent, not work for the day or Taiga’s phone messages or Jesse’s half-hard cock pressing against Taiga’s thigh; the time before Taiga’s alarm goes off stretches out like caramel.

Jesse stirs eventually, yawning and blinking up fuzzily at Taiga watching him. “Whafuh?”

“This,” Taiga answers Jesse’s unintelligible question with an unrelated answer. He means the song that Jesse asked him about, means that this is what he wants to write about.

Jesse mumbles an okay, clearly still two-thirds asleep, and rolls onto his back like a dog who wants his belly scratched. Taiga runs his palm down Jesse’s warm stomach until his fingers curl around Jesse’s cock, working him from half hardness to full with barely any effort. Taiga’s muscles are vaguely sore but that doesn’t seem urgent either, since he’s got a stretching partner right here and all.

“One more time?” he asks, then laughs when Jesse grumbles that Taiga’s trying to kill him.

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  • By Yukimi, 2015.12.26 @ 10:21 am

    This is a very good piece!!

    I love Jesse/Taiga so much, and I’ve read this for like 5 times and never get bored of it! It’s very passionate and beautiful, written perfectly, and the feels are drowning me in!

    You should write MORE Jesse/Taiga, really!

    I love this <3

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