BNHA, Morning Do Over

Title: Morning Do Over [Kirishima/Bakugou]
Rating/Warnings: Hard R
Summary: Bakugou wakes up with a killer migraine; Kirishima distracts him until his painkillers kick in.
AN: Written for shiritori. I’ve woken up with a awful migraine twice in the last couple weeks, which is completely not fair, you know? Like I didn’t even do anything yet. Anyway, waiting the half hour for my Excedrin to kick in when I didn’t take it early enough is the actual worst and I sure wouldn’t mind the distraction.

Aged-up Bakugou and Kirishima to university age, Bakugou as a graduate student on top of his hero career. I’ve always thought Bakugou would be prone to migraines given the physical strain of his quirk, the amount he trains, how much sleep he seems to need, and the pressure that he puts on himself. Plus low-pressure migraines during Japanese rainy season are no joke.

Morning Do Over

Face down in his pillow, Bakugou came awake gradually to the realization that he had not slept off his headache he’d had at bedtime like he’d been hoping to, and now had a migraine that spanned the entire side of his face from brow to cheek.

“The fuuuuck,” Bakugou groaned, lifting up his head and squinting at the clock. His whole head ached with the movement, his stomach twisting. It was just past 5 AM, the light around the edges of his curtains faint and pinkish. If he got up and took something for his headache now, there was still a chance he could sleep for another hour or so to blunt the sharp edge of the migraine. Reluctantly, Bakugou dragged himself out of bed to do just that, grunting in pain when flipping on the bathroom light made agony burst right over his eye.

If life were fair, Bakugou thought blackly as he downed some pills and a glass of water, he’d just sleep the whole thing off, call in sick and stay in bed. But he wasn’t going to do that, even though he technically could, because he was TAing a class at 9 AM, then had office hours, and had an afternoon meeting at his hero agency plus evening patrol after that. It’d be a pain in the ass to get someone to cover for any one of those things, not to mention all of them, but mostly Bakugou just wasn’t going to do it. He was going to grit his teeth and suffer through it no matter how many pills he had to take, and just hope it was a quiet night on patrol so that he didn’t puke on anyone’s shoes.

Bakugou was crawling back into bed when Kirishima stirred and rolled over, eyes barely slit open. “Whazzah?”

“Headache,” Bakugou grunted. He settled on his back and closed his eyes, willing himself to go back to sleep. His migraine pulsed gently along the side of his face; because he hadn’t taken anything in the early stages of it, it was going to take at least a half-hour before medication did anything to it.

“Sucks,” Kirishima commiserated, wriggling closer. Kirishima was ridiculously warm from being asleep, and it felt good against Bakugou’s side. Two of his fingers touched gently over Bakugou’s left eyebrow. “Here?”

Bakugou reached up to hold Kirishima’s wrist, pulling it so that his fingers traced from Bakugou’s forehead, down over his temple, then down to the hinge of his jaw.

“Shit. Babe, call off.” Kirishima’s fingers slid up to drag through Bakugou’s hair, scratching at his scalp gently. “At least the morning. You’re gonna be miserable all day.”

“I’m a graduate student, I’m supposed to be miserable,” Bakugou sighed. He wasn’t sleepy at all, which meant he was going to experience every second of this migraine until the pills pried its grip loose one finger at a time. At least the room was dim and Kirishima was warm; resting here was better than nothing. He opened his eyes to find Kirishima peering down at him, forehead wrinkled. “Go back to sleep, idiot. No sense in both of us suffering.”

Kirishima wiggled his eyebrows. “Want me to distract you? Until your stuff starts working?”

Bakugou thought about it, slowly, watching Kirishima’s face in the dim light and feeling Kirishima’s fingers still moving through his hair.

“Yeah,” he decided. Kirishima flashed him a grin before leaning down to kiss him. It was gentle and slow, Kirishima cuddling more firmly against Bakugou’s side, Bakugou in too much pain to give even half a fuck about Kirishima’s morning breath.

Kirishima broke the kiss to press his lips against Bakugou’s cheek instead, then his temple, then his forehead, tracing the path of Bakugou’s migraine. The touch was light, not enough to hurt more than it already did, but Bakugou grunted a warning anyway and Kirishima shifted down further, to the bottom edge of Bakugou’s jaw.

That felt good enough to be worth it; Bakugou tilted his head back and focused on the drag of Kirishima’s lips along his throat, on how warm Kirishima’s bare skin was as Bakugou dug fingers into his shoulders, the weight of him settling in between Bakugou’s thighs. Kirishima licked at the hollow of Bakugou’s throat, making him groan raggedly, then pressed his teeth in just enough for Bakugou to feel it, but not enough to break the skin.

Bakugou was starting to get hard, very gradually, squirming underneath Kirishima’s weight, but Kirishima ignored him. Kirishima stayed right where he was, kissing Bakugou’s throat and shoulders, wet and open-mouthed, in no hurry at all.

“Come ooon,” Bakugou hissed at him, pushing at his shoulders.

“Mmm, no.” Kirishima lifted his head to grin at Bakugou, too pleased with himself by half. “It’s gonna take at least 30 minutes for your meds to kick in, and right now it’s been maybe five. Show a little stamina, huh? Short fuse hero.”

“That’s not my fucking hero name, you fucking—” Bakugou sucked in his breath when Kirishima snuck a hand under his T-shirt and tweaked one nipple. “Jerkface.”

“You love my jerkface,” Kirishima cooed. “Say it.”

“Eat a rock,” Bakugou snarled. Kirishima circled Bakugou’s nipple with his fingertip without actually touching anything good, waiting. Bakugou rolled his eyes to the ceiling. “I love your stupid jerkface. Hurry UP.”

“Eh, close enough. Upsie-daisy!” Kirishima stripped Bakugou’s T-shirt off in one fluid motion, tossing it aside. Before Bakugou could get more than a whined complaint out about the quick motion and his head, Kirishima’s mouth was on one nipple, his thumb back to rubbing the other. Bakugou whined again, out of pleasure this time. His nipples were much more sensitive than Kirishima’s, a fact which Kirishima always used against him, but at the moment that was actually a plus as the spike of pleasure made him forget about his headache for a second or two at a time.

On the other hand, Kirishima’s licking and nibbling was going right to Bakugou’s cock, and Kirishima didn’t seem any more in a hurry to get to that than he was for anything else. Bakugou wound fingers tight in Kirishima’s hair, yanking his face up to glare at him directly.

“Stop teasing,” he ordered.

Kirishima gave him a slow blink, all lashes and innocence. “Tell me what you want.”

“Your mouth on my dick,” Bakugou said, shuddering at the flash of heat prickling his skin. It always got to him when Kirishima asked sex things really plainly like that. He pulled on Kirishima’s hair just to do it, and Kirishima hummed, eyes fluttering.

Kirishima slid down in the correct direction at least, although he seemed bent on kissing every scar, bruise, and freckle Bakugou had from nipple to naval one at a time. No amount of squirming or cursing was going to get Bakugou his way he’d learned from experience, not that it stopped Bakugou from doing a little of both. He was flushed all over and oversensitive by the time Kirishima sucked a small red patch on the inside of Bakugou’s thigh.

Eijirou,” Bakugou growled, at the end of his patience.

“There we go,” Kirishima chuckled, like Bakugou was the cutest thing. Bakugou opened his mouth to snap at him but Kirishima was already wrapping lips around the tip of Bakugou’s dick, making him splutter.

“Fucking finally.” Bakugou let his head fall back into his pillows, trying to relax into it. His head still hurt but it was easier to focus on the heated pleasure of Kirishima’s mouth, wet on his skin, the tight pressure of his hands holding Bakugou’s hips in a possessive grip. Kirishima knew how to take his time, dragging it out until Bakugou was trembling on the edge of coming before easing back to lick teasingly at the head of his of dick.

“Sooo cute,” Kirishima murmured. “Had enough?” Bakugou groaned at him, nerves stretched to their limits, past words. “Since you asked so nicely…”

Kirishima’s hand wrapped tight around his shaft and the wet velvet of his mouth sucked tight around Bakugou’s tip was all it took, pleasure washing over him and finally whiting out his senses. Almost better than that was the wave of relief that rushed over his skin afterwards, endorphins like cool water washing over sunburned skin. Bakugou heaved a huge sigh, trying to hold otherwise perfectly still while everything felt all right.

He felt Kirishima’s weight shifting, his presence settling over top of Bakugou. When he peeled his eyes open, Kirishima was looking down at him with an expression of affection and mild concern.

“Any better?” he asked.

“Little bit,” Bakugou said, letting his eyes flutter shut again. He could still feel where his migraine was, but the painkillers had made it so it was more just pressure without actually hurting. “Don’t feel sick anymore. You get off?”

“Nah, I’m fine,” Kirishima assured. “Later.” He settled in against Bakugou’s side, pulling him in close to rest Bakugou’s head against his shoulder. He palmed the side of Bakugou’s head, rubbing his temple gently with his thumb. “Think you can sleep?”

Bakugou made a rude noise, but relaxing with his eyes closed for a while longer wasn’t so bad. He hoped it’d be enough for him to drag himself through his day, the issue still more than a little on the fence.

It could be worse, he supposed. Being taken care of once in a while was definitely nice.

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