Kingdom Hearts, Change of Scenery

Riku and Sora have the day off while Yen Sid is away. Sora plans to sleep through as much of it as possible, but Riku wouldn't mind a change of pace. (Riku/Sora)

South Park, If Wishes Were Horses

Ever since Kenny turned into a rebel princess, nothing about his life in the Hoard has made sense to Tweek. (Tweek/Craig, Butters, gen She-Ra AU)

BNHA, A Little Uneven

Kirishima goes over to the Bakugou's for dinner, but his old-fashioned grandmother is just as big a roadblock as Bakugou warns that she will be. (Kirishima/Bakugou)

Persona 5, It’s Because the Blossoms Scatter That They are Splendid

Ren, Ryuji, and Ann have to memorize traditional Japanese poems for class. Ryuji thinks traditional poetry is for chumps, Ren sets out to convince him otherwise in his usual weird, sexy style. (Ren/Ryuji)

Persona 5, Get a Clue

Ren is being extremely obvious and it is not helping at all. (Ren/Ryuji)

Free, Within Spitting Distance

Rin steals one of Haru's firsts and owes him one in return. (Rin/Haru)

Haikyuu, Taken for a Ride

Kuroo's been taking advantage of the situation just a little, but it's not like Yaku's not getting anything out of it. (Kuroo/Yaku)

BNHA, Morning Do Over

Bakugou wakes up with a killer migraine; Kirishima distracts him until his painkillers kick in. (Kirishima/Bakugou)

South Park, Tying Rockets to My Shoestrings

Craig and Tweek start navigating the difference between making up and making it all up. (Craig/Tweek)

Yuri on Ice, Vermin and Other Hotel Amenities

Victor's honor as a husband is being thrown into question by invasive hotel lizards. (Victor/Yuuri)

South Park, Just Like Superman and Wonder Woman and/or Batman

Craig has a low opinion of both underwear gnomes and playing superhero, but Tweek doesn't mind it if they can be a team.(Craig/Tweek)

South Park, Valentine’s Day is Fake (But We Aren’t)

Tweek thinks Valentine's Day is a fake marketing scheme. Craig figures out that he doesn't care even if it is. (Craig/Tweek)

BNHA, Do Your Worst, I Can Take It

Kirishima Eimi finally scored a real date with Bakugou Katsumi, but she ends up being the one wrapped around Bakugou's fingers. (Kirishima/Bakugou, genderswap)

SixTONES, Cake It or Leave It

Jesse and Juri have to design a dessert that represents their unit for a Shounen Club cooking segment. It would probably be going a lot better if Juri wasn't such a cute distraction. (Jesse/Juri)

BNHA, Perfect Fit

Mina and Toru take Ochako out shopping, and Ochako discovers that stores exist with clothes actually meant to fit on girls with actual curves. (Ochako, Mina, Tooru, gen)

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