JE, Yippie Kay Yay

Title: Yippie Kay Yay (Jesse/Casey Anderson)
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Jesse loses a bet, and Casey wins.
AN: I just thought Jesse/Casey would be hot XD I’m gonna miss that handsome guy an awful lot, especially on Kisumai con backing.

Yippie Kay Yay

“Anything?” Casey asked. He leaned back against the couch a little more, looking Jesse over while he considered the offer. “Anything anything? Or you don’t think I’ll ask for anything weird anything?”

“Anything like I lost a game of Truth or Dare with Juri,” Jesse chuckled ruefully. “And he thinks you only like girls. Do you only like girls?”

“Not only.” Casey shrugged. Jesse grinned, flipping the lock on the door and coming closer until he was standing just in front of Casey. “Are you sure you didn’t just inherit your mom’s foreigner fetish?”

“Well, I am hoping that your American half is in your pants,” Jesse joked as he climbed into Casey’s lap. Casey didn’t make any move to help, stretching his arms across the back of the couch and snorting at Jesse’s words.

“As if you’ve never seen my dick before,” Casey pointed out. He hummed in appreciation as Jesse rocked down into his lap, hips twisting in a lazy lapdance. “But if you want it so bad…”

“You can even call me Jeshiko.” Jesse winked showily, drawing another chuckle out of Casey. Casey was already growing hard under Jesse’s ass, and Jesse rocked down against him more firmly now that he had a target. Twining arms around Casey’s neck, he leaned in for a kiss, teasing Casey’s lower lip with his tongue until Casey opened up for him. When Casey’s hands finally relocated from the back of the couch to Jesse’s hips, Jesse grinned in victory.

Reaching down between them, Jesse shoved Casey’s practice sweats down just enough to free his cock. While Jesse stroked him, Casey’s mouth slid down over Jesse’s jaw and then to his neck, nibbling until Jesse groaned.

“What about you?” Casey lifted his head to ask. His hands slid back to cover Jesse’s ass, squeezing a little. “Which half is this?”

“Ride ’em, cowboy,” Jesse answered. Snorting, Casey shoved Jesse off his lap and told him to get those jeans off if he thought he was riding anybody.

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