SixTONES, Midnight Crazy Hair

Title: Midnight Crazy Hair
Summary: Hokuto is just trying to make it on stage.
AN: Eri said it drives her crazy when Hokuto’s hair is too fluffy and messy, but I think it’s adooooooorable. XD XD XD

Midnight Crazy Hair

“Ass,” Hokuto says with exasperation, because he just finished doing his hair and it was all nice and smoothed down and sleek, and then stupid Taiga with his stupid long fingers had to show up and get his fingers all up in it. Even as he’s complaining, Hokuto is pushing into the touch, Taiga’s fingers rubbing against his scalp. “Stooooop.”

“You don’t mean that even a little,” Taiga scoffs, and he’s right. With one last tug of Hokuto’s hair, Taiga’s touch is gone, Taiga himself strolling off with a smirk at his handiwork.

Hokuto shakes himself and turns to the mirror to scowl at his thoroughly mussed hair, trying to comb it back into place with his fingertips. He’s barely got it starting to behave again when a solid weight hits his back with a thump.

“Hi, Hokku~,” Jesse’s voice says right in his ear. His arms are around Hokuto’s waist next, pinning him in place against the makeup counter as Jesse nuzzles the back of Hokuto’s hair, messing up the back every bit as deliberately as Taiga.

“Oh, come on!” Hokuto whines, struggling, but all it does is make Jesse laugh and rub up against him harder. Jesse’s breath is warm against the back of Hokuto’s neck, making him squirm. “Leggooooooo. We’re gonna be late!”

“Say please,” Jesse tells him, and Hokuto can’t stop the chuckle at the same time he rolls his eyes.

“Please,” Hokuto says gamely.

“Say pretty please.”

“Listen, Lewis—”

“Okay, okay, enough of that,” Kouchi interrupts, tugging Jesse away with firm hands. “Don’t you be late either, brat.”

Hokuto would thank Kouchi, except that Kouchi gives him a fierce hair ruffle on the way past, just to be a brat himself.

There’s no time to do anything but comb his hair down quickly and hope for the best, but any hopes for success Hokuto has are immediately dashed when he approaches the costume rack and finds Juri and Shintarou practically bouncing with excitement, neither one of them more than halfway dressed. They exchange one knowing glance before they both reach for Hokuto.

“NO,” Hokuto scolds them, stepping back out of arm’s reach. “I’ve already been manhandled by Taiga AND Jesse. I have to go on stage like this, you know! It’s filming.”

Juri just grins. “Hold him.”

Shintarou strikes, somehow ridiculously fast, and the next thing Hokuto knows, Shintarou is behind him and holding both his wrists, laughing in his ear while Juri advances with a predatory grin.

“Whyyyyyy?” Hokuto says, before Juri’s mouth is squarely on his, swallowing his complaints. Juri’s kiss is insistent, infectious, and Hokuto finds himself kissing back a few seconds later, giving in to the inevitable. Shintarou is warm against Hokuto’s back, hands strong where they circle Hokuto’s wrist, face nosing cutely at the curve of Hokuto’s shoulder. Hokuto just gives in when both of Juri’s hands slide into his hair and muss it up every bit as deliberately as Taiga did. By the time Juri pulls back, Hokuto finds it hard to give half a fuck about anything, much less his hair.

“Because it’s cute,” Shintarou says, and it takes Hokuto a long second to understand that Shintarou is answering his question. “When you’re all ruffled like somebody’s just had their hands on you, it’s so cute.”

“Geez,” Hokuto grumbles as Shintarou steps away, cheeks heating up a little. Juri and Shintarou eye him with approval, Juri pronouncing that Hokuto is finally stage-ready, just in time.

If that’s really the basis of his appeal, Hokuto thinks fuzzily, it’s a good thing he’s got so many group members willing to help out.

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