Mis Snow Man, Candles Aren’t the Only Things Getting Blown

Title: Candles Aren’t the Only Things Getting Blown
Unit for Points: Kis-My-Ft2
Word Count: 100 x2
Characters/Pairings: Sakuma/Snowmen
Author’s Notes: I’m positive it’s not a good thing at all that the Snowmen have had seven birthdays to practice this action before it’s Leader’s turn. ETA Sakuma is totally 2nd oldest, not 2nd youngest. I wrote these at 2am, okay, whatever. *changes things*

Candles Aren’t the Only Things Getting Blown

By the time Sakuma turns eighteen, the Snowmen have already had Fukazawa’s legalizing birthday to practice, and so the festivities have gotten a little out-of-hand.

Or maybe it’s Tackey’s fault. It’s almost certainly Tackey’s fault.

Either way, things start early and go late, so Sakuma isn’t surprised when he’s beset upon by a charmingly pantless Watanabe as soon as he enters the dressing room.

“Leeeeeeeader,” Watanabe breathes, “congratulations,” and then kisses him sweetly.

Sakuma lets his eyes flutter shut and doesn’t worry about the second and third pairs of hands. There’s no point in fighting; they outnumber him seven-to-one.


It doesn’t take them long to get serious, and Sakuma quickly loses track of whose hands belong to who. He can see that it’s Miyadate licking at his nipple, but has no idea who is trailing kisses over his shoulders, can see Sanada and Nozawa alternating between sucking on him and each other.

Things are pretty far advanced by the time a disheveled Iwamoto stumbles in, wailing about delayed trains.

“Don’t worry,” Miyadate rolls aside, “we saved you a spot~.”

Sakuma holds out his arms and Iwamoto drops right into them, more than ready to deliver Sakuma’s missing birthday kisses.

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