BNHA, This is Not Goodnight Kissing

Title: This is Not Goodnight Kissing [Midoriya/Todoroki]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Todoroki tries to drag Midoriya to bed after an accidental common room couch crash. Midoriya wakes up a little too much on the way back to his room.
AN: Written for shiritori.

This is Not Goodnight Kissing

His dreams weren’t the nicest sometimes, but Todoroki had accepted long before Nomus and kidnappings that bad dreams were a thing that had to be tolerated. In this one his ice quirk was stuck on, swaths of ice pouring out from his fingers no matter how he clenched his fist or swung his arm, the walls of ice rising higher and thicker until he was completely surrounded, ice filling in every empty space around him. He was going numb, struggling to draw a full breath, his legs and fingertips aching with pins and needles, except for a warm spot in the center of his chest.

When he looked down he was holding a green rabbit. It blinked at him with liquid green eyes, pink nose wriggling, before chirping “Plus ultra!”

Todoroki jerked awake at that, of all things, because rabbits don’t fucking talk. For a minute he was too muddled to make sense of where he was, heart still pounding. Two deep breaths later, he recognized the ceiling of the common room, lit only dimly by the distant kitchen light. He must have fallen asleep and whoever had been last out had turned out the rest of the lights, but nicely left on the kitchen one. A glance down revealed Midoriya, dead weight on Todoroki’s chest and drooling a little.

“Explains a few things,” Todoroki grunted, shifting to try and restore some circulation to his arm and thighs. How Midoriya’s compact body could be so heavy was some kind of quirk mystery. “Izuku? Izuku!”

“Mrrr,” Midoriya slurred. He opened his eyes halfway, gaze blank, then went even limper, if that were even possible.

“No, come on,” Todoroki protested, shaking Midoriya’s shoulder with his free hand. “Izuku. I can’t feel half my body!”

“Put sm’ice ‘n it,” Midoriya sleep-mumbled, making Todoroki narrow his eyes because his ice arm was on fire with pins and needles at the moment.

“Oh, you’re gonna get it,” Todoroki threatened, struggling to push himself up from the arm of the couch. It took all the core strength he possessed and made Midoriya slide more into his lap, whining. Midoriya opened his eyes for real this time, pouting blearily up at Todoroki.

“Whaaat?” Midoriya asked. Todoroki dropped a hand to his hair and scrunched it roughly, gritting his teeth against the wave of pins and needles that stung halfway up his arm.

“Time for bed, come on,” Todoroki insisted. Midoriya’s sleepy whining was a little bit cute, but Todoroki held firm, standing up and dragging Midoriya up with him. He knew that if he didn’t force him up, Midoriya would just flop back down on the couch and go on sleeping.

“What time’s it?” Midoriya yawned, rubbing his eyes and dragging a hand through his hair. “Where’d everyone go?”

“Not sure,” Todoroki answered, although the dead silence of the dorms meant it was probably much later than would feel good in the morning. “And I’m sure they went to bed, probably after posting half a dozen pictures of us online.”

“Oops,” Midoriya chuckled as they reached the elevator doors. “Sorry?” His sleep-flushed cheek was warm under Todoroki’s lips when Todoroki kissed it.

“I don’t mind that much,” he said, self-satisfaction kindling in his chest when the surprised O of Midoriya’s mouth melted into a smile.

“Stay over?” Midoriya asked when the elevator’s doors were opening. Todoroki opened his mouth to protest, but Midoriya was already grabbing his wrist and tugging him along without waiting for an answer. “C’mon, my room’s way closer.”

“That makes literally no difference with the elevator,” Todoroki pointed out, but he wasn’t putting up any kind of fight. Truthfully he was just as ready to flop down on the nearest soft surface, glad they were already in the T-shirts and sweatpants that served as their pajamas and not even in the mood to scold Midoriya about not brushing their teeth.

“Mmm,” Midoriya approved when they were snuggled properly under Midoriya’s All Might comforter, Todoroki on his back and Midoriya sprawled half on his chest, one arm and one leg flung over him.

Todoroki’s eyes were already closed. “Is your phone alarm set?”

“Uh-huh,” Midoriya murmured.

“Is your phone plugged in this time?”

There was a long pause, and then Midoriya rolled away, grumbling that Todoroki was the worst, come on. Phone successfully umbilicalled to the wall, Todoroki felt the mattress dip under Midoriya’s weight, but instead of rolling back in against Todoroki’s side, there was the shuffle of Midoriya getting a knee and a hand on either side of Todoroki, hovering over him.

Todoroki opened his eyes to find Midoriya’s face above his, enough light from the sidewalk lighting coming in the window to barely make out his features. “Hi?”

“Hi there,” Midoriya answered, bending to kiss him. It was gentle, sweet, their lips brushing against each other’s until Todoroki’s eyes fluttered back shut. He lifted a hand to palm Midoriya’s cheek, and gradually as the kiss went on Midoriya’s weight came to rest on his body bit by bit, until they were pressed flush together. Midoriya’s fingers brushed the sides of Todoroki’s face and slid up into his hair, fingertips rubbing small circles against his scalp. Eventually Midoriya licked at Todorok’s lips, coaxing them to part, and Todoroki pulled back with a soft sigh.

“This is not goodnight kissing,” he said, stroking his thumb over Midoriya’s cheekbone. “Thought you were soooo tired?”

“Woke up enough on the walk back.” Midoriya feathered kisses over Todoroki’s forehead, his eyebrow, his temple. He pressed his nose to Todoroki’s hair, inhaling deep enough to tickle the skin just above Todoroki’s ear. “An’ you keep using that sexy shower stuff. S’your fault.”

“It’s my regular shower gel and you know it.” Todoroki turned his head to encourage Midoriya to kiss down his jaw, a pleased noise escaping when Midoriya’s lips touched the side of his neck. He slid the hand that had been on Midoriya’s face down to tug at the collar of his oversized T-shirt. “Maybe it’s your fault for wearing this sexy stuff to bed.”

Midoriya snorted with laughter, muffling the noise in the curve of Todoroki’s neck. When he lifted his head to catch Todoroki’s mouth again, Todoroki let him have his way, opening up easily to the nudging of Midoriya’s lips.

Heat gathered between them as they made out lazily, Todoroki perfectly content to lie on his back and let Midoriya rock down against him. Curling his arms around Midoriya’s waist, Todoroki snuck hands under his T-shirt and dragged fingertips down the warm skin, tracing the bumps of Midoriya’s spine.

“Mmhmm,” Midoriya encouraged, wiggling his hips back and forth until their erections were nudging each other. “Wanna go like this?”

“Don’t want to move,” Todoroki answered, letting his hands come to rest on Midoriya’s waist. “So yeah.”

He laid against the pillows uselessly as Midoriya fussed with their clothes, pushing Todoroki’s T-shirt up to his armpits and working their sweatpants down just far enough to tug both of their dicks free. After a moment’s pause, Midoriya stripped his T-shirt off entirely and tossed it aside.

“You gonna keep me warm at least?” he teased as he let his weight go slack against Todoroki’s chest again. The roll of their hips together was just as easy as before, but skin to skin it sent a delicious pulse of heat up Todoroki’s spine on every roll. “You aren’t much use down there.”

“Aren’t I?” Todoroki slid hands up from Midoriya’s hips to palm the curve of his ass instead, pulling until they lined up just so, pulling a soft whine from Midoriya. “Guess you aren’t hard to please, Mr. Future #1 Hero.”

“You’re hard because I’m here,” Midoriya intoned, then laughed against Todoroki’s chest while Todoroki rolled his eyes and reminded that Midoriya had promised not to do the voice in bed. “Okay, okay, m’sorry. C’mon, your fingers are longer.”

They didn’t need words after Todoroki wrapped a hand around both of their dicks to stroke them off together. Midoriya kept his mouth pressed against Todoroki’s to try and muffle his quiet noises, but when it turned too messy to sustain, they ended up with their foreheads pressed together instead. Through the fuzziness of his own pleasure, Todoroki enjoyed Midoriya’s winding tension over top of him, the way his muscles tensed and his breath fluttered against Todoroki’s face, his hands curled tight against the pillow on either side of Todoroki’s face. When he came, it was with a shuddering exhale, the same heat that spilled over Todoroki’s hand and belly melting Midoriya into a loose-limbed heap on Todoroki’s chest. It didn’t leave Todoroki much room to work, but fortunately Todoroki wasn’t far behind, and the deep, affectionate kisses Midoriya pressed against his mouth went a long way towards getting him there in the end.

Neither of them moved for longer than was wise, lassitude making it easy to ignore the come drying on their skin. Midoriya was dead weight once again, cheek against Todoroki’s shoulder and fingers twirling pieces of Todoroki’s hair. Todoroki was back to stroking Midoriya’s spine lazily, his hand radiating just enough heat to keep Midoriya from moving to get back under the blankets.

He didn’t remember falling asleep, but suddenly Midoriya was nudging him onto his side, trying to pull him into spooning and wrestle with the tangled blankets at the same time. Sleep dragging at him, Todoroki threw an arm around Midoriya’s waist and tugged him in close enough to kiss his shoulder, right where the freckles were darkest, knowing where they were even without being able to see them in the dark.

“Dreamed you were a rabbit,” Todoroki remembered for no reason. Midoriya chuckled, the rise and fall of his breath comforting under Todoroki’s arm. “Still weighed a ton. But cute.”

“Weirdo.” Midoriya’s words were barely sensible, sleep-slurred. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

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