Snow Man, Check-in

Title: Check-in [Watanabe/Miyadate, Abe]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Abe checks on Watanabe and Miyadate after the start of Miyadate’s heat.
AN: Written for Shiritori. More Miyadate ABO, set after the other one. Because omega Date, and smart Abe-chan taking care of members.


On the third morning, Watanabe came awake suddenly to the sound of the front door opening, senses oversharp with alpha protectiveness. Growling softly in the back of his throat, Watanabe covered more of Miyadate’s body with his own. Miyadate barely stirred, boneless against him from exhaustion.

“It’s just me,” Watanabe heard Abe call softly, and a few seconds later he leaned in the doorway. He kept his distance, careful in case even his beta scent cause distress to either Watanabe or Miyadate. He was usually safe enough, but heats were unpredictable. “Everything all right?”

“Mostly,” Watanabe yawned, relaxing, although he kept Miyadate gathered close. “What day’s it?”

“Tuesday,” Abe said. He must have work in a couple hours, Watanabe realized, feeling a combination of mild guilt that the others had to work without them and satisfied laziness that he didn’t have to crawl out of bed. “I brought you soup and some karaage from your mother, and there’s apples and juice in the fridge too. I’m going to start some rice in the cooker, so definitely eat something later, promise?”

“We will,” Watanabe said, defensive. “I know how to take care of him.”

Abe didn’t take any offense, used to heat-cranky alphas. He just smiled at Watanabe. “Take care of yourself too, though. I’ll clean up a little out here before I go. Do you want me to bring you new sheets? Do you need more blankets?”

Watanabe groaned softly at the idea of trying to coax Miyadate out of bed long enough to do the annoying chore of changing the sheets, but they were gross enough that they really needed to. Maybe Watanabe could get him into the bath and do it while he was soaking. “Yes, please.”

“Got it.” Abe’s head disappeared from the doorway.

Watanabe drifted, not entirely awake or asleep, listening to the soft noises of Abe puttering around the apartment. He still felt fairly hazy since he’d started his heat half a day later than Miyadate, but it was likely they were through the most exhausting part, since they’d fallen asleep around four and Miyadate was still out. On the first day of their combined heat they were usually lucky to get an hour or two of sleep at a time.

“Hey.” Abe was back, startling Watanabe out of his doze. He held up a pile of sheets with a couple bottles of water on top. “I can just leave them over here?”

“Abe-chan?” Miyadate asked, voice hoarse and words slurred together, stirring against Watanabe’s side. “You c’n cm’in. Right?” he asked Watanabe for confirmation.

Watanabe sniffed Miyadate’s hairline, cautious, but Miyadate’s scent was still relaxed. “Yeah.” Back when things were tense between Abe and Miyadate, it would have definitely caused a problem, but that had been years ago. These days Miyadate had heats where he couldn’t stand anyone’s scent but Watanabe’s, but it would either be all their scents or none of them, never any one group member individually who upset him.

“Thanks.” Abe walked over to set the sheets down on the end of the bed. He held out a bottle of water in each hand; Watanabe sat up to take one gratefully, but Miyadate refused to move, slack on his back. “You two are mess.”

“Yup,” Watanabe agreed, uncapping his water bottle as he looked Miyadate over. His eyes were half-stuck shut with sleep, his hair was tangled wildly, and bite marks were scattered across his chest and shoulders. Watanabe was sure he looked worse if anything, but it was satisfying to some primal part of him to see Miyadate looking so used and worn out. “Gotta keep the omega satisfied, you know.”

“Please do,” Abe said as if he was long-suffering, but he couldn’t hide all the smile. “The last thing we need is another Sakuma.” Abe looked down. “Hm?” Watanabe followed his line of sight to the hem of Abe’s shirt, where Miyadate was tugging on it.

“Lie down with us?” Miyadate asked, voice uncharacteristically uncertain. “You have some time before work, right? It’s early.”

“I shouldn’t,” Abe said gently, before Watanabe could voice his objection to anybody, even a group member, sharing their nest during heat. Miyadate gave a soft whine at the rejection, and Watanabe HATED that noise.

Watanabe gritted his teeth as two alpha instincts butted heads: the desire to have Miyadate all to himself versus the need to do whatever would keep Miyadate happy. He could cope for a short window, he decided. “Oh, just do it. I think he just wants to be in the middle, he’s been really clingy this time.”

“If you’re sure,” Abe said, giving them one last chance to back out before climbing onto the edge of the bed. Abe made sure one of the blankets was between them so that Miyadate could have the warmth and security of Abe being curled up against him without any of the mixed signals longer skin-on-skin contact would create. If they were really unlucky, Miyadate’s omega hormones would just amp up all over again if it seemed like there was some competition going on over him, although that was a lot more likely if it was another alpha with them instead of Abe’s stable beta pheromones.

But Abe was an expert at their heats after all this time, on all of Snow Man’s heats and half of SixTONES and A.B.C-Z’s besides, just from spending so many show runs together. Abe would never be careless with Miyadate in this state. And nobody was interested in a repeat of the Hasshi incident.

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