Kis-My-Ft2, Coming of Age

Title: Coming Of Age
Unit for Points: Tackey & Tsubasa
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Kitayama/Senga, Nikaido
Author’s Notes: Aww, it’s Senga’s first Countdown! The first year Kis-My-Ft2 got to be all together for the New Year, so I hope lots of kisses got traded.

Coming of Age

“Ne, ne, Mitsu,” Senga bounces in his white coat behind Tackey, his swoosh a swirl of excitement, “it’s my first Countdown!”

“I’ve heard.” Kitayama smiles, amused despite of himself. “Are you sure you’re old enough? When was your birthday again?”

Senga wails an indignant, “Mitsuuuu!”

“Don’t see what the big deal is myself.” Kitayama yawns. “I’ve been doing these things since I joined Johnny’s. Kind of bored of them, really.”

“That’s because you’re older than TOKIO!” Nikaido cuts in, eyeing Senga.

Kitayama’s amused grin doesn’t dim one iota as he leans in to steal Senga’s first New Year’s Countdown kiss.

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