A.B.C.-Z, Kisses and Better

Title: Kisses and Better
Unit for Points: Tackey & Tsubasa
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: A.B.C./Z
Author’s Notes: Hasshi gets what he wants usually, but even he can’t change his birthday to suit his plans for New Year’s.

Kisses and Better

“You get kisses and better all the time.” Totsuka isn’t usually so short with Hashimoto, but they’re late and Hashimoto’s thinly-veiled hunt for coddling won’t make them punctual. “We’ll make it up to you tomorrow.”

“Not the same,” Hashimoto insists, armed with a pout. “It doesn’t count if it’s not at midnight!”

“Then it’ll be two years before it’s done properly, won’t it?!” Totsuka snaps, exasperated. They manage to shove Hashimoto into his clothes and out the door.

Two Countdowns later, when Hashimoto forces them all to make it up to him, properly, on-camera, Totsuka regrets his rash words.


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