Kis-My-Ft2, Standing Bet

Title: Standing Bet [Senga/Kitayama]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Senga and Kitayama have a standing bet on the outcome of Busaiku rankings.
AN: Senga/Kitayama just because (it might have something to do with all those back busaikus i keep watching).

Standing Bet

Stillness was not something Senga was especially good at, but sometimes it was okay to make an exception. Right now Kitayama was a warm, heavy weight against Senga’s side, his breath puffing softly over Senga’s collarbone every time he exhaled. Senga was thinking about getting up to find his phone, or to shower, or to just rearrange the blankets that were almost too tangled to cover them the whole way.

He could have done any of those things, and probably Kitayama wouldn’t have even woken up if he did, but somehow Senga just kept lying there, as if Kitayama’s arm was holding him down. Kitayama definitely deserved the nap, so far as Senga was concerned, because he’d promised Senga anything that Senga wanted if he came in first place during Busaiku filming.

Senga didn’t get to take him up on that bet too often, so he’d taken advantage of Kitayama as much as he could. Or rather had told Kitayama to take advantage of him, more like. These days Senga was much more likely to take care of Kitayama than the other way around, and usually that suited him just fine. But sometimes it was nice to be treated like group baby and to be spoiled.

Kitayama snorted a little in his sleep, apparently starting to dream, and Senga reached down to run fingers through his hair, twisting damp curls around his finger until Kitayama stirred and blinked.

“Wha?” he asked. “Are you just watching me? Creep.”

“Yup,” Senga agreed with no shame. “Wondering how Kisumai’s number one prince ended up taking home Kisumai’s busaiku guy.”

“Shut up about that,” Kitayama grumbled. “You come in last all the time.”

“Not a little earlier, I didn’t,” Senga snickered. Kitayama pinched his chest, making Senga squirm.

“I’d ask you who taught you to talk like that,” Kitayama yawned. “But it’s clear you learned from the best.”

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