JE, A Cute Angle

Title: A Cute Angle [Yasui/Jinguji, Hirano/Genki, Genki/Jinguji]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Jinguji is just as much fun as Yasui has been hoping he would.
AN: one second i was trying to talk Midori into writing Yasui and Jinguji together because they’re both charai and i love it, and then somehow I ended up…writing it myself. And then it turned into fluff at the end? I have no idea what happened here and I blame the three separate doses of migraine medicine that I had to take today. with bonus Hirano/Genki and established Jinguji/Genki because…because.

A Cute Angle

He could watch and see everything, and that was the only reason Genki was going along with this, or at least that’s what Genki probably kept telling himself over there on the other bed. Yasui had only half-thought his plan was going to work when he’d dragged Hirano along with him to Genki and Jinguji’s hotel room, but Genki had been eyeing up Hirano’s abs every time he changed his shirt all tour, so Yasui figured it was worth a shot. He wanted to play with Genki’s toy, so he’d brought along another toy to share; only fair, right?

It had worked like a charm, which was why Yasui was grinning down at Jinguji under him while Genki was close enough to watch, but far enough away not to touch. Jinguji kept sneaking glances over across the gap between the beds, obviously worried about Genki’s infamous jealousy, but Yasui just thought that was cute.

Yasui thought every part of Jinguji was cute, he thought as he ran fingertips down the center of Jinguji’s chest. How he tried so hard to be cool, how flashily he dressed, how he was biting his lip nervously and pushing up into Yasui’s touch, but digging his fingers into the sheets like he wasn’t sure he was allowed to touch Yasui back.

His nipples were especially cute. Yasui’s fingers detoured to the side to pinch one of them lightly, and Jinguji gave an adorably loud gasp.

“Like that?” Yasui asked unnecessarily. He thumbed the nub more deliberately, Jinguji’s noise turning from air to soft moan. “Please tell me you’re exactly as loud as I think you are.”

“Louder,” Jinguji admitted, a faint blush rising across his nose, and shit, was this kid for real? Yasui hoped Hirano was keeping Genki busy over there, because interruptions would not be acceptable.

Yasui chanced a glance over to gauge if he had to rush. It seemed favorable, at a glance; Genki and Hirano were making out lazily, and Hirano didn’t seem at all offended by the frequency of Genki’s glances towards Jinguji. Yasui did notice that Genki’s hands were mapping Hirano’s abs firmly, and felt a bit smug at how rightly he’d called that.

“You can touch me, you know,” Yasui said, pulling his attention back to Jinguji. Jinguji looked over for Genki’s reaction, and Yasui added, “He can, right? You don’t have to try and be subtle about whether your boyfriend’s watching. I don’t mind an audience.”

“Of course you don’t,” Genki spoke up, but he sounded distracted. “And I already said it’s fine, didn’t I?”

“You didn’t really say…” Jinguji pointed out, but that seemed like enough permission for him since his hands came up to rest on Yasui’s hips.

His fingers dug in tight when Yasui dropped his head to lick at Jinguji’s nipple, and Yasui hummed approval, not that you could hear it over Jinguji’s noises. Yasui had meant to move onto more interesting places, but seemed like he’d picked the best one on the first try, given how Jinguji squirmed and moaned underneath him when Yasui tugged just a little with his teeth.

By the time Yasui sat back up to look Jinguji over, Jinguji was flushed halfway down his chest, nipples pebbled tight, cock hard where it was pressing against Yasui’s thigh. He’d also parted his thighs enough that Yasui had a knee in between them, which Yasui found very interesting.

“Hm?” he asked, sliding one hand down to thumb along the soft, warm skin of Jinguji’s inner thigh. “You’re okay down there right? Like this? Seems like you are.”

Jinguji tried to frown, but it honestly only made him look cuter. “I don’t usually—”

“With him, yeah,” Yasui interrupted, because he already knew all that. That was at least half the appeal. “But the fun of playing with somebody else is trying something different, right?” Jinguji had two moles on his inner thigh right where Yasui was stroking him, one dark and one faint. Yasui rubbed his thumb over one, then the other, taking his time and noticing how as his thumb drifted closer to Jinguji’s hole, Jinguji’s breath got shallower and shallower.

“I…um…” Jinguji stalled. Yasui brushed his thumb over Jinguji’s hole, slow but firm, and Jinguji’s hips all but came off the bed. Yasui lifted his eyes to meet Jinguji’s, one eyebrow raised, and Jinguji somehow flushed even darker.

“You really want me to,” Yasui told him. Even if he hadn’t been planning to get his hands on Jinguji’s cute little ass for ages, Yasui found it kind of painful not to help out a guy who was obviously so confused about whether he was a top or a bottom. “Trust me, Jin-chan.”

“I…” Jinguji’s eyes fluttered when Yasui rubbed harder with his thumb, teasing at the wrinkled edge. “O-okay. If Genki says okay,” he amended, twisting his head to head to look.

Genki wasn’t even looking, because he was busy sinking down on Hirano’s cock, hands splayed over Hirano’s stomach for balance. Hirano’s expression was a little wide-eyed, but his grip on Genki’s waist was tight enough.

“Doesn’t seem like he’ll mind,” Yasui commented dryly.

Yasui had every intention of taking it slow and easy so that he wouldn’t scare Jinguji off, but it turned out that he shouldn’t have given it a second thought. Once Yasui had a pillow under Jinguji’s hips and the lube, Jinguji opened up as smoothly for the first finger as if he did this all the time. It probably didn’t hurt that Yasui had encouraged Jinguji to watch Genki ride Hirano as a distraction, but between the visual stimulus and the fact that Yasui knew what he was doing, Jinguji was pushing down against Yasui’s fingers impatiently by the time Yasui was using two of them.

“Damn, maybe stop watching them,” Yasui commented when the third finger went in with only a small wince from Jinguji. He eyed Jinguji’s cock, still rock hard and curled up to lie against his stomach. “I’m afraid you’re going to come just from this before I ever get anywhere near you.”

“Hurry up then!” Jinguji said, finally pulling his attention away from Genki’s sweet moans to give Yasui a fiercely ruffled look. “Come on, Yasui-kun, quit fooling around down there already! ”

“And you never thought to switch, ever?” Yasui asked, rolling his eyes.

Jinguji looked a little chagrinned at least. “Well…Genki’s like the girlfriend, though. He likes it okay, and I like it, so…”

Yasui curled his fingers and Jinguji moaned so loudly both Genki and Hirano’s heads snapped towards them. “Yeah, I’m fairly certainly you’re going to like this more than ‘okay.’ Didn’t you morons ever think that just because Genki likes playing the high maintenance girlfriend, that doesn’t mean he has to play the exact same role in bed. This isn’t a BL manga.”

“Quit talking about our sex life!” Genki snapped, looking flustered, although it was hard to tell whether that was because of the conversation or because of Hirano’s hand on his dick. “Just get on with it already!”

Pulling his fingers free and ignoring Jinguji’s whine, Yasui nudged him until he rolled over and settled him on his hands and knees, which he claimed was to make it easier on Jinguji, but was much more because this was how Yasui had been thinking about having him the entire time he’d been concocting this plan and waiting for the right time. Jinguji squirmed and whined louder when Yasui used his thumbs to spread Jinguji open to get a good look, but Yasui ignored him and took all the time he wanted. As expected, Jinguji’s hole was just as cute at the rest of him, slick and twitching from Yasui’s teasing.

He got a good grip on Jinguji’s hips to keep him from squirming all over the place as Yasui pushed in slowly. Jinguji dropped a little lower on his elbows with a grunt but didn’t otherwise protest Yasui’s steady invasion.

“That’s nice,” Yasui praised when his hips were flush with Jinguji’s ass. “You okay?”

“Uh-huh,” Jinguji answered. He was probably lying a little, but when Yasui reached around with one hand, Jinguji was still hard. He groaned and flexed into the touch when Yasui tightened his grip and stroked slowly.

“Yeah, you’re fine,” Yasui chuckled. He drew back and then pushed back in nice and slow, then a little faster, setting up an easy, rolling rhythm. Jinguji was already making some noise, but had dropped his head down onto his wrists, obviously trying to muffle himself. Yasui let go of Jinguji’s dick to pull on his hair instead, tugging his head back up. “Being loud is good. Tell me when I do it right?”

“Right?” Jinguji asked, sounding fuzzy. Yasui shifted his angle a little on the next thrust, then again on the next. “What do you mean? You’re already…ohh,” he gasped suddenly.

“Like that?” Yasui asked, Jinguji’s moan the only answer he got as Yasui snapped his hips the same way but a little harder. “Oh yeah, you like that.”

There was no question that Jinguji did like it, given how loud he was about it. On top of the obvious pleasure of the sex itself, Yasui felt a warm glow of self-satisfaction that he had read Jinguji exactly right. He could have lasted longer, maybe even tried to get Jinguji off without touching him, but Yasui didn’t see any particular reason to hold back when he was enjoying himself so much. Instead he got his hand back on Jinguji’s cock and fucked Jinguji forward into his fist until Jinguji shuddered out and moaned himself breathless.

“Yeah, just like that,” Yasui praised, gripping Jinguji’s hips with both hands and not caring at all that he was smearing Jinguji’s come over his skin. Yasui liked it messy after all, and it didn’t seem like Jinguji minded when Yasui made a fair bit of noise coming himself, digging in his fingers until Jinguji might have a couple marks left on his skin as a souvenir.

Letting his softening cock slip out of Jinguji, Yasui hummed in satisfaction at the sight of Jinguji’s hole stretched open and twitching. So cute, Yasui thought again, nudging at Jinguji’s hole with his thumb; almost as cute as the way Jinguji was still making noise with practically every breath.

Yasui looked across the gap between the beds to find Genki and Hirano both watching them, Genki spooned comfortably against Hirano’s chest, Hirano watching over Genki’s shoulder. When Yasui was sure he had Genki’s full attention, he slid his thumb back into Jinguji, surprising a long, low moan out of him. Genki’s eyes narrowed, and Yasui grinned back.

Somebody had to show these kids how it was done, after all.


A couple hours later, Genki and Jinguji were cuddled together in a lazy tangle on Genki’s bed, Hirano and Yasui long gone. Jinguji was clinging shamelessly, a boneless blob of affection ever since Yasui had dumped him back into Genki’s arms and soaking up the attention of being spoiled for once. His face was tucked in between Genki’s shoulder and neck, murmuring happy nonsense as Genki ran a hand over his hair and back.

“You were really loud,” Genki finally said.

“M’always loud,” Jinguji reminded, nuzzling Genki’s pulse point.

Really loud.” Genki dug his fingers into Jinguji’s hair deep enough to tug a little. “I could do that. Make you that loud.”

Jinguji went still, blinking. “Could you? I mean, yeah, you could. But…you would?”

“I can do anything that guy can do,” Genki said, sharp enough that Jinguji pushed himself up on one elbow to look at Genki’s expression. Genki’s eyes were narrowed and his mouth was set stubbornly, but he didn’t look angry or jealous. More like…competitive.

Jinguji could definitely roll with that.

“You don’t have to,” he said, just to make sure Genki knew. “I like taking care of you just fine. But if you want to try it the other way, I think that’d be pretty good too. If you wanted.”

“Don’t try to sound so smooth when your dick is poking me in the stomach after we’ve talked about this for thirty seconds,” Genki said, a smile turning up the corner of his mouth. “You wanna go again right now, don’t you?”

Please,” Jinguji said with feeling, the idea of Genki over top of him sending shivers over his skin. He wrapped arms tight around Genki’s neck and rolled a little so that was exactly how they were, Genki settled between his thighs. Jinguji loosened his grip just enough to lie flat on his back, looking up at Genki hopefully. “Like this, please? I want to see you.”

“Hang on, hang on, I’m not exactly ready,” Genki grumbled. Jinguji laughed and said he thought that he could help with that, rocking his hips up against Genki’s.

“Best part is,” Jinguji murmured, “You don’t have to even get me ready. All the hard work’s already done, so I’m already all slicked up and easy for you.”

“That should be gross, but somehow it’s kind of sweet when you say it like that,” Genki said, falling easily into Jinguji’s rhythm, bracing himself on one elbow and running his hand through Jinguji’s hair. “That’s weird. You’re weird.”

“You love it,” Jinguji said, confident and completely relaxed in Genki’s hands. “You love every second of it.”

Genki clicked his tongue before leaning down to whisper in Jinguji’s ear. “Not as much as you love it, weirdo.”

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  • By Kibounohane, 2017.12.12 @ 10:55 am

    I love your Yasui so much in this omg. It’s just like my image of him as a muse. The best part was defintily when he showed the youngsters how it’s done :3 I came back to read parts of it again~

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