30 Kisses, (22) Spotlight

Title: Spotlight [Tackey/Tsubasa]
Rating/Warnings: PG for voyeur Snowmen
Summary: Being Takizawa Hideki’s partner is like being on a variety show with no commercial breaks.
AN: 30 kisses, day 22. Today is Tackey, Tsubasa, and Yara’s 17th anniversary in Johnny’s, and if it weirds me out to think how long ebikisu have been in, let’s just say that I can’t imagine a world where T&T aren’t the leader of the juniors. I’m so happy the two of you exists ♥ and I hope you go on taking care of all my boys for 17 more years, and 17 after that.



“Be honest with me,” Tsubasa says, voice even, coaxing, “the pink T on your website is me, isn’t it.”

“Ehe,” Tackey drums his fingers on the tabletop and Tsubasa cracks a knuckle, “ehehehe…”

Being Takizawa Hideki’s partner is like running an obstacle course that never ends, or like being on a variety show with no commercial breaks (although they occasionally flip to the adult channels and then back again). And ever since Tackey somehow coaxed Johnny into giving him a whole internet website, and Tsubasa does not in any way want to hear the specifics of that coaxing, it’s become a live-action variety show, complete with guest stars and audiences and way, way too many idiot writers.

“Out!” He shoos some of those very same idiot writers out of his dressing room so he has half a chance of putting himself together mentally for his interview and not giving Myojo‘s staff exactly what they want.

“Aww, Tsubasa-niii!” Kawai whines cutely, which he clearly learned from Fujigaya. Hashimoto is leaning over Kawai’s shoulder, his whine much much cuter, damn him, his Hasshi Kamen scarf fluttering dramatically despite the fan being off. “But TakiCHANnel filming is tomorrow! Who’ll we try out our new material on?”

“The only thing you two should be trying on is pants!” Tsubasa points sternly. “Out! Or I’ll get Matchy for next Playzone and make you his backers!”

“Eep!” Kawai’s face turns pale and he hustles Hashimoto as quickly as they can despite both of them getting tangled in the scarf.

Tsubasa only gets a few minutes of respite, though, before he has to emerge and present himself to his shoot and interview, wondering the whole trip down the hallway where his aikata is and what he’s tangled up in rather than be on time for their shoot. He isn’t hard to find, actually, and Tsubasa should have known better than to even wonder, because a glance at the schedule would have told him right away that the Snowmen’s shoot was right before theirs. Indeed, he finds Tackey holding court smack of the middle of the six of them, the staff somehow charmed by his interruption rather than irritated as they should rightfully be.

Then again, it isn’t like they aren’t still taking pictures, so.

“Tono~!” Watanabe wails when Tackey tweaks his nipple through his shirt, but it’s clear that he’s not really protesting. Tsubasa rolls his eyes because Tackey likes being called that way too much.

“And you,” Tackey turns his attention to Fukuzawa, “what have I told you about letting Kawai talk you into things? You’ll only get what you deserve, you know. Abe-kun, it’s a good thing you’re back, these five for sure need their manager.”

Abe’s ears turn pink from the praise and the others snicker and poke at him, as if they aren’t lobbying for Tackey’s attention and praise every bit as hard. He’s handing it out freely at the moment, which Tsubasa can only assume means that he’s leading up to making them cry in public. Again.

“They’re coming along nicely,” Tsubasa hands out a little praise himself when Tackey finally notices him and lets the Snowmen get back to their shoot. They look happy, the glow of being reunited not worn off yet, their hands brushing over and tugging at Abe constantly as if to reassure themselves he’s still right there.

“They are, aren’t they,” Tackey agrees, looking over them fondly, and then he nudges Tsubasa’s shoulder with his own. “Not jealous, are you?”

Tsubasa snorts. “Of your brand of affection? Hardly. You’re planning to make them cry again, aren’t you?”

“It’s good for them, like training.” Tackey grins and clearly wants Tsubasa to ask what for; Tsubasa doesn’t indulge him. “Toughen them up, dear little things.”

Tsubasa laughs suddenly, making Tackey lift an eyebrow at him. “You soft touch, you’re worried for them. So it’s Tackey’s tough love training regimen, is it? Don’t fret so much, they’re hard workers and they’re turning out pretty cute, and they’re magic enough to call Abe-kun back, at least. Can’t you worry about our unit instead, for a change? You’re giving yourself lines.”

“I am not!” Tackey says, aghast, slapping Tsubasa’s poking finger away. Then he laughs ruefully, seen through utterly. “It’s just that I don’t have worry about our unit.”

It’s meant casually, the words spilling from Tackey’s lips without much thought, but that makes them all the sweeter to hear. Maybe Tackey does spend too much of his time surrounded by and fretting over their kouhai, but it’s proof too of how he trusts Tsubasa, that he doesn’t have to spend any of his worries on the two of them.

“Don’t you know just the thing to say sometimes,” Tsubasa murmurs. Tackey’s attention is already back on the Snowmen, so he doesn’t notice Tsubasa leaning in.

“Hm, what?” Tackey asks, then, “Hey now!” when Tsubasa wraps arms around his waist from the side and kisses his cheek. “Oi, you, they have cameras over there. Is this your way of telling me I need to worry about our unit after all?”

“Maybe I just want a little of Tono’s attention too,” Tsubasa says, next kiss just behind Tackey’s ear, and Tackey shoves him off laughing, although not before Tsubasa feels him shiver under his hands.

“Don’t you start calling me that,” Tackey warns, “or else everyone’ll start claiming I’m developing a fetish!”

“The truth hurts, partner,” Tsubasa says sagely, and gets punched in the arm for his trouble.

“Take me to dinner,” Tackey orders, non sequitur enough that Tsubasa blinks. The corner of Tackey’s mouth curls up in a grin, inviting. “If you want some of my attention, all you have to do is ask.”

“Just us?” Tsubasa clarifies the terms of this arrangement. “No kouhai? No TakiCHANnel cameras? No googley-eyed stuffed Ts in my bag, leering at me?”

“Just you,” Tackey promises. “Although I can’t promise there won’t be any peppers in your pocket or the occasional banana in the elevator.”

“It really is like being on a variety show with you,” Tsubasa murmurs, mostly to himself, and shakes his head when Tackey asks what on earth he’s talking about. “Nothing, never mind. Let’s go out then, shall we?”

“Proposal accepted.” This time it’s Tackey who leans in, to seal the deal with another quick kiss. Or at least, it gets interrupted quickly enough by a round of applause, and Tsubasa turns to find all six Snowmen and the various staff watching avidly.

Click! goes a camera.

Ah well, Tsubasa thinks as Tackey threatens to unleash all the evils of Taki-chan on them and Hasshi Kamen besides, at least their ratings are high. And maybe he can make it skew towards a romantic drama, if he works hard and plays his cards right.

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