30 Kisses, (12) Love Meee

Title: Love Meee [Fujigaya/Yokoo]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Fujigaya, like usual
Summary: Life with Fujigaya is hard (but happy).
AN: 30 kisses, day 12; Yokoo’s kiss collection 4 (I didn’t forget about him, I swear). Title from Fujigaya’s 1st album solo. I think this might be in the same universe as Rate Equals Distance Over Time.

Love Meee

“You are such a feckless weenie,” Yokoo chuckled.

“It dropped on me while I was naked,” Fujigaya snapped from the doorway, hair dripping in his eyes and towel clutched to his chest like Venus spotted by mortals in the bathing pool. “It saw my nipples!”

“It’s a spider, Taisuke. It wouldn’t trade two flies for your nipples. Aha, there you are!” Yokoo leaned in, tissue at the ready, and dispatched the foul beast. He turned to lob the tissue into the trash bin, then gave Fujigaya a bow with a little flourish towards the bathtub. “Your shower awaits, my lady.”

“I’ll feckless your weenie,” Fujigaya growled. He eyed the tub. “Aren’t you going to disinfect that?”

Yokoo folded his arms, his chivalry nearing its limits. “Tell me again what it is you do around here?”

“I give the place an air of allure and sophistication,” Fujigaya sniffed. “Seriously, I can’t take a bath with spider guts, Watta.”

“Seriously, you know where the disinfectant and the rubber gloves are, Taisuke,” Yokoo imitated him down to the cute little nose wrinkle. Fujigaya called him kinky and Yokoo rolled his eyes. “Out of the way, you.”

Sharing an apartment with Fujigaya was something of a challenge, his air of allure and sophistication notwithstanding. Sharing a mansion with Fujigaya probably wouldn’t be enough space either, honestly, but at least then they wouldn’t have to fight about whose phone is charging in the single convenient kitchen outlet, or need an egg timer for the bathroom mirror.

Yokoo was reading in his room when Fujigaya deemed himself presentable enough to exit the bathroom, apparently having made peace with the spider-vacated bathtub. There was never any rhyme or reason to whether Fujigaya spent the night in his own room or in Yokoo’s; tonight when Yokoo looked up from his book, Fujigaya was leaning against his doorway, hair loose and wrapped in his fuzzy, pink robe.

“Any more unwanted visitors?” Yokoo asked.

“None worth mentioning.” Fujigaya smiled faintly. “So I guess I should thank my brave defender?”

“Even if he called you a feckless weenie?” Yokoo shut his book and set it aside. “No thanks necessary. All in a day’s work, ma’am.”

“Shut up, you want your thanks or not?” Fujigaya crossed the room and climbed onto Yokoo’s bed. He threw a leg over Yokoo and settled on his thighs. When he leaned forward to press his palms to Yokoo’s cheeks, Yokoo could smell oranges faintly, Fujigaya’s hair damp under his fingers and slick from conditioner.

“You’ve been stealing my shower stuff again,” Yokoo murmured, just before Fujigaya pressed their mouths together.

The kiss was sweet for about half a second before Fujigaya leaned into it fully, tongue teasing along Yokoo’s lips the same way that his thumbs were smoothing over his cheekbones. Yokoo hummed encouragement and opened his mouth under Fujigaya’s coaxing so that it slid against his more neatly.

Fujigaya broke the kiss to lean his head back, and Yokoo took the invitation to follow, trailing kisses down Fujigaya’s neck, nosing aside his robe to scrape teeth against his collarbone. Fujigaya gripped Yokoo’s shoulders and made tiny, breathless noises that made Yokoo’s blood sing; he yanked the back of Fujigaya’s robe so that it slipped down, baring his shoulders.

“Hm, this is quite a thank you.” Yokoo trailed a hand down Fujigaya’s chest and rested it on top of the robe’s tie, as if he were about to undo it, then left it and slipped his hand under to squeeze Fujigaya directly. Fujigaya raised his hips into the touch and made another series of entirely delicious noises. “I might get spoiled, you know.”

Fujigaya tightened his grip on Yokoo’s face to tilt it back up again. His eyes were dark and glittering, cheeks flushed, and if Duet knew that all they had to do to get this kind of Taisuke was kill a spider or two…scratch that.

Yokoo was definitely keeping this kind of Taisuke all to himself.

“Did you want something in particular?” Fujigaya asked, rocking up into Yokoo’s fist, easy but steady. Yokoo shook his head, eyes tracing the pale curve of Fujigaya’s shoulder before drifting back up to meet Fujigaya’s gaze again.

“Just you.” He gets another kiss for his sweet words, before Fujigaya pushes him down fully onto his back.

“Well, if that’s the case,” Fujigaya’s grin is sharp and full of promises, “then just lie back and enjoy.”

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  • By ri, 2012.08.23 @ 5:47 am

    i love this so much! the first paragraph was so much hilarity that i had to stop reading in class because i doubt my professor believed his lecture on inventory management was that funny. i love how watta calls taipi a princess and he still jumps him. xD so cute.

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