Kamen Rider Kabuto, Artificial Sweetener

Title: Artificial Sweetener [Tendou/Kagami, Juka]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Tendou gets double-teamed by Kagami and Juka.
AN: Written for 2006 Trick or Treat

Artificial Sweetener

“Aw, brother…” Juka pouted at him, and Tendou gave in with a tiny snort and said fine.

It gave him the shivers to watch Juka put the electric pink…thing (he refused to call it food) in her mouth, and his lips thinned even more when she gave a high-pitched, “Delicious!”

“They’re just sugar, Tendou,” Kagami added, popping another peep in his mouth and giving a tiny wriggle of pleasure.

They’re an affront to the natural world, Tendou wanted to say, but he kept the words on the inside for now, because Juka was standing right there and staring at Kagami as if he had made the sun rise this morning.

A pink, fluffy, marshmellowy sun with vapid brown dots for eyes.

“Sure you don’t want the last one?” Kagami offered, then shrugged at Tendou’s narrowed eyes and thumb-flicked the peep up in the air for Juka to catch in her mouth.

“Homework time!” Juka announced, mouth full, then gave Kamgami a last pupil-fusing smile and dashed off, up the stairs.

She was barely out of sight before Tendou grabbed two handfuls of Kagami’s shirt and shoved him into the kitchen, pushing him up against a cabinet and using his own superior tastebuds to obliterate any trace of the candied monstrosity from Kagami’s mouth.

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