Kis-My-Ft2, Consolation

Title: Consolation [Tamamori/Miyata]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Tamamori is a high maintenance pet.
AN: Sonic shiritori restart.


“Play with me,” Tamamori whined, flopping down on the couch on his back. Miyata made a vague noise, eyes still fixed on the TV, fingers still tapping buttons on his controller. Tamamori butted the top of his head against Miyata’s thigh. “Toshiiiiiiiiiii.”

Miyata couldn’t help but laugh, looking down at Tamamori’s hair, ruffled and still shower damp, his eyes squinting because he’d already taken out his contacts, and his cute pout. “Okay, okay. So high maintenance.”

“I’ll show you high maintenance,” Tamamori growled, eyes narrowing even more. He sat up and twisted to squirm into Miyata’s lap, too quick for Miyata to stop him snatching the controller out of Miyata’s hand.

“Hey, let me save at least!” Miyata exclaimed, reaching for the controller. Tamamori only looked down at him sternly, holding it higher and settling his weight more firmly into Miyata’s lap.

“Say the magic word,” he said. Miyata blinked at him.

“Please?” he offered.

“Nope.” Tamamori shrugged, tossing the controller over his shoulder with an alarming clatter. Miyata protested loudly. “Shut up, it’s my controller anyway. I can break it if I want. Also, for your information the magic word was peanut butter.”

“That’s two words! And it’s not the magic word, it’s our safe word!” Miyata gave up, laughing helplessly as he slumped against the back of the couch, arms sliding around Tamamori’s waist. “Fine, you have my full attention.”

“Do I?” Tamamori asked, hands settling on Miyata’s shoulders, two fingers already sneaking under the collar of Miyata’s T-shirt. “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather play your game?”

“Definitely not,” Miyata assured him, trying not to smile at how the looping soundtrack of Overwatch wasn’t exactly sexy background music, but he was pretty okay with that. “I’m all yours.”

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