Kingdom Hearts, Don’t Be a Wheel

Title: Don’t Be a Wheel [Xion, Namine, Roxas, Sora]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Sora drops Namine off in Twilight Town and Roxas continues to use “third wheel” incorrectly.
AN: Written for shiritori. More of the Xion/Namine date that I never finished.

Don’t Be a Wheel

The ocean clung to Sora whenever he’d been back on Destiny Islands, the fabric of his hoodie smelling like salt and sunshine where Xion’s nose ended up pressed into it.

“So I hear both of you guys have awesome weekend plans,” Sora said, letting go when Roxas started squirming.

“Potentially,” Roxas said, tugging his layered shirts back down where Sora had mussed them. “Axel’s surprises can go either way.” He leaned around Sora. “Hi, Namine.”

“Hi, Roxas!” Namine waved, smile still a little shy no matter how many times Lea (and Sora and Riku and Kairi and Roxas) told her to relax. Xion’s heart skipped a little faster at Namine’s hair pulled back in a low ponytail and a pale pink dress that looked like Aerith had altered one of her own for her. “Hi, Xion.”

“Hi!” Xion blurted, stomach ‘going all caterpillars’ as Roxas called it. She felt awkward next to Namine in her orange Twilight Town High hoodie and a pair of Sora’s old jeans with a rip in the knee. The caterpillars squirmed harder when Namine stepped closer and Xion realized that they were no longer eye-to-eye, but that Namine was now definitely taller.

“Are you growing?” Roxas demanded, indignant. Roxas’s eyes still barely came up to Sora’s chin even after months in his own body, a fact which he complained about perpetually. “What the heck!”

“Sure is!” Sora slung an arm around Namine’s shoulders, beaming proudly as if he had anything to do with it. “A whole centimeter! We marked a notch on the wall in Ienzo’s lab and he was not happy.”

“You’ll start soon, too,” Namine assured a scowling Roxas. “Sora didn’t grow much half the year he was in the pod, then he shot up all at once in the end. You too, Xion.”

“Maybe,” Xion hedged. Whether Sora was going to get taller than Kairi in the end was still a hotly contested bet between the two of them; privately Xion wouldn’t mind it if Namine stayed taller than her. She liked it, although she wasn’t sure why. “Ready to go? We can get dinner in town on the way back to the apartment, if you want.”

“Yes, please!” Namine agreed immediately.

“I wanna come too!” Sora said. “I’m starving!”

“Mmm…” Xion met eyes with Namine; Namine shrugged, looking a bit neutral. “Nope!” she decided. She gave Sora a cheeky grin and a peace sign, imitating the way Olette casually blew off Hayner and Pence once in a while. “No boys allowed!”

The way Namine giggled behind her hand was worth it, as was Sora’s exaggerated pout.

“Fiiiine,” Sora sighed, melodramatic. “Maybe Little Chef needs some help since it’s Friday night and all. Am I at least allowed to walk back to town with you?”

“Don’t be a wheel, dude,” Roxas advised, making Sora and Namine both tilt their heads while Xion muffled laughter this time.

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