Kingdom Hearts, Practical Magic

Title: Practical Magic [Sora/Riku]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Sora and Riku are finding it hard to readjust to life at home on Destiny Islands.
AN: Written for Shiritori. My entire team skipped so I get to post whatever I want. Here’s a couple paragraphs of the 3 times Sora/Riku make out that was supposed to be fast and easy and now is 8k words because whatever. Featuring obvious uses for canonic magic.

Practical Magic

Restlessness crawled under Riku’s skin, the same itch that had driven him to suggest the raft in the first place, only worse. Now he knew the worlds out there, knew their friends were out there, with no way to find out how they were doing or if the darkness was still spreading. The only comfort was that Sora felt the same way, that he found going through the motions of their peaceful Island lives just as maddening. When Riku came over for dinner, Sora’s mother asked the same questions about their day and friends that she had when they were thirteen, when they were ten, when they were five; Riku read the tightness of Sora’s smile easily, the way it didn’t reach his eyes.

Sora was trying so hard to pretend that everything was normal, that there could even be a normal for him, here, ever again. As soon as they were alone in Sora’s room with the door shut, the cheerful expression slid off Sora’s face like water, and even though Riku hated to see him looking so exhausted, so blank and numb, he was at least glad that Sora didn’t feel like he had to put on that fake cheerful act for Riku.

“Come here,” Riku encouraged, arms out. Sora fell into them so hard they tumbled onto his unmade bed together. Sora squirmed, taking out his irritation on Riku with his elbows and knees until they were in a tangle tight enough for Riku to feel Sora’s heartbeat fluttering against his own skin, too quick, panicky.

“It’s like she didn’t even know I was gone,” Sora muttered with his face pressed against Riku’s shoulder. It was easier to talk about these things in the dark, pressed close together, lips against skin. “It’s not her fault, I know, but it’s like she can’t see that I’m older. She bought me new shirts and they were like three sizes too small.”

“I wish we could tell them at least some of what happened,” Riku agreed, rubbing Sora’s back in comforting circles. His conversations with his own parents were strained as well, but as least they’d been worried when he was gone. “Maybe we should, even though we aren’t supposed to.”

“The thing is, I’m not sure it would matter if I tried. Everything I say just bounces off her, like whatever magic made her forget is still in there, really deep.” Sora sounded so frustrated that Riku didn’t have an answer except for to kiss him fiercely, to murmur in between kisses that it did matter, and that he’d missed him, every single second.

During the day they took their frustrations out on each other with sparring, with keyblades if they had enough privacy. On the other hand, if they had too much privacy sparring often degenerated into wrestling and wrestling into making out. Kairi caught them at it in the shade of the bent paopu tree, gasping in melodramatic scandal and making them spring apart guiltily.

“Exhibitionists,” she said fondly while Sora and Riku tugged their shirts into place and dusted off sand, both of them flushed furious red. “Wouldn’t that be more comfortable in a bed? Like in your houses?”

“We’re too loud,” Sora sighed.

“Sora!” Riku groaned, mortified.

“Can’t you cast Silence?” Kairi asked, sounding genuinely puzzled. “Axel cast it on me when he kidnapped me.” Riku opened his mouth, then closed it as he and Sora made aggravated faces at how dumb they were. Kairi looked delighted. “Perfect! You guys owe me a million magic practices anyway.”

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