Harry Potter, Ruddy Gender Equality

Title: Ruddy Gender Equality [Ron/Hermione]
Rating/Warnings: G for the cute.
Summary: Ron gets it coming and going.
AN: just a bit of harmless futurefic at Ron’s expense.

Ruddy Gender Equality

Ron, casually munching an apple, walked by the living room of his house and noticed Hermione laying on the floor, playing dolls with their daughter, Cassandra. He leaned against the doorframe to watch, unnoticed by either female. He smiled affectionately as he began to pick up dialogue.

“Save me!” his daughter giggled.

“I’m coming to rescue you, Princess Ron!” Hermione replied.

Princess Ron? Ron thought to himself with alarm. He leaned forward to examine their game more closely and nearly choked on his apple.

Hermione had the female doll holding a sword and scaling the side of an armchair, where Cassandra had imprisoned a male doll. A male doll wearing a dress.

“What’s going on here?” Ron demanded, stepping into the middle of their play space.

“Hello, darling,” Hermione said smoothly, barely looking up. “Prince Hermione was just about to rescue Princess Ron from the Basilisk.”

“You don’t think there’s something a tad wrong with calling him PRINCESS Ron?!” Ron exclaimed.

“Shush!” Hermione cut him off. “I’m teaching our daughter a very important lesson about gender roles in modern society.”

“You’re teaching her to CROSS DRESS, woman!” Ron retorted loudly.

Cassandra, looking back and forth from her mother to her father as they argued, kept on giggling. Ron reached down and picked her up.

“Let’s see what she’s learned then, shall we?” Ron smiled with a tinge of meanness at Hermione’s frown of disapproval. “Cassie, do boys wear dresses?”

Cassandra shook her head.

“Can boys be princesses?”

Another head shake.

“Can girls do anything boys can?” Hermione cut in.

Cassandra nodded her head violently.

“Good girl,” Ron set her back down on the floor. “Now take that ridiculous outfit off PRINCE Ron, or start calling him Princess Draco, I don’t care which. And what are you laughing at?” he demanded of Hermione, who was clutching her sides with mirth.

“I do believe you’ve just taught her that girls can do anything boys can, and a bunch of things they can’t!” Hermione chortled. Ron looked sour.

“I don’t need this,” he announced, stalking from the room. “Ruddy gender equality…”

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