Hikaru no Go, Touya no Go

Title: Touya no Go [Touya Kouyo and Akiko]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Touya Kouyo knows that it’s always about go.
AN: Trick or Treat 2006

Touya no Go

“I think you should talk to Akira.”

Touya Kouyo eyed his wife evenly over his tea and said nothing.

“He’s upset about something,” she continued. She was standing in front of him with her hands folded in front of her, and that didn’t usually bode well for the Meijin.

“Well,” Kouyo cleared his throat, “I may have played a rather harsh game this morning…”

“Something that isn’t Go, Kouyo.” Akiko said. Kouo blinked at her.

“Something that isn’t…” he started repeating, then furrowed his brow when Akiko murmured, “Never mind,” and left the kitchen.


His confusion cleared up completely, however, the next morning, when Akiko informed him that Ichikawa had said that Akira had received a teaching game from a boy his own age.

Akiko beamed expectantly. “Maybe Akira can finally make a friend his own age, don’t you think?”

“I told you it was about Go,” Kouyo said, then wondered why his wife glared at him so much these days.

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