Kyouryuuger, Prioritized

Title: Prioritized [Souji/Ian]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Souji can’t do everything and the worst part is Ian being the voice of reason.
AN: Kyouryuuger obsession continues. Soooooo much blame. SO MUCH.


In any case, Souji can’t possibly finish the homework that he has and still get more than several hours of sleep before morning practice. He can’t solve half of the math problems, he’s only read half the book his literature essay is supposed to be about, and it’s entirely possible that he has a history test in the morning. The only bright spot is that Ian brought him a coffee a little while ago, on the grounds that tea was not going to cut it, and now is lounging on Souji’s futon, reading a textbook he’d brought with him.

Souji eyes Ian out of the corner of his eye and thinks how ridiculous it is that Ian is being the good influence while all Souji wants is to give up and crawl into bed with him. In fact he wouldn’t mind it at all if Ian suggested heading back to his place, because Ian’s soft mattress makes some things a lot easier than Souji’s futon.

“Hmm?” Ian asks without looking up from his book. He’s good at telling when Souji’s eyes are on him. “Something bothering you, boy?”

Yes, he thinks, everything. “No,” he says instead. He scribbles down another answer, irritated that it’s wrong, but he can’t stare at these problems all night. “Ugh, I give up.”

Souji tosses his pencil down on the low table in frustration and flops down on his back. His head lands right next to Ian’s shoulder, and when Ian looks over from his book, Souji scowls at him.

“Are you sure?” Ian asks. “Because the pout is cute, but unlike you.”

“I’m not pouting,” Souji informs him, scowling harder. Ian doesn’t argue with him, and after a few seconds of his even stare, Souji’s gaze slides away. “I got scolded this morning.”

You did?” Ian shuts the book to give Souji his full attention, finger keeping his place. “Oh my.”

“I fell asleep during first period,” Souji admits, looking chagrinned through his irritation. “My homeroom teacher said I needed to straighten out my priorities. Me! I learned two kata this weekend that nobody’s done in 400 years and then Zakutored probably two dozen Zorima and a monster that looked like a pair of big fuzzy dice! Of course I fell asleep during history!”

“It is understandable,” Ian agrees. “Also, did you just use Zakutor as a verb?”

Souji gives Ian a baleful look.

“Okay, okay,” Ian chuckles. “But really, it isn’t like he knows any of that. For all he knows you’re being tempted off the straight and narrow by some delinquent.”

“You mean a delinquent with a leather jacket and an earring who lurks around my high school gate waiting to kidnap me on his ridiculously loud motorbike?”

“I hear he’s rather handsome too,” Ian adds, twirling a piece of Souji’s hair around one finger. He laughs when Souji shoves at him. “How much high school do you have left again?” Ian pauses. “Now there’s something I was hoping to never hear myself asking someone while lying in their bed.”

“Too much.” Souji thinks about sitting back up but the table is so far away and math is the worst. The longer he lies here, the longer this is going to take in the end, though. “Sometimes I wonder what the point even is. I’m going to take over my father’s dojo anyway. If I’m too exhausted to fight and the city gets destroyed, what’s the difference whether I went to school at all?”

“Cheer up, boy,” Ian advises. “If Amy can make it through, so can you. Besides, think about my reputation. How will it look if I’m traveling to archeological sites with some high school dropout boytoy? It’s much less suspicious if you’ve been properly educated.”

Souji tries to keep frowning, in fact he tries to frown even harder, but it’s very difficult. “In what universe would I be the boytoy?”

“Oh my, I like where this is going.” Ian grins insufferably, nudging Souji’s shoulder. “After you finish, you can tell me much more about it. Now, now,” he scolds when Souji grumbles his name. “Like your teacher said, you just need to prioritize. Math is a lost cause, but I heard something about a history test? That I can help with.”

Souji isn’t exactly sure how it happens, but somehow he ends tucked under one of Ian’s arms, being quizzed about his notes. Ian’s voice makes even notes sound pleasant, and Souji wonders what it would take to bribe him into reading the rest of Souji’s half-finished novel out loud while Souji sleeps. Maybe he can absorb it by osmosis?

It’s not even close to the worst plan he’s ever had.

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