Kyouryuuger, Christmas Morning

Title: Christmas Morning [Daigo/Utsusemimaru]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Daigo’s present is questionable, but Ucchi is happy for the company.
AN: episode 42 made me desperately need Christmas fic about Ucchi and Daigo, the two guys most excited about Christmas in the entire world. Also I need Daigo in a yukata quite a lot too.

Christmas Morning

It was almost dawn Christmas day when Utsusemimaru finally returned back to the Spirit Base, all the presents delivered in more time zones than he had even known existed.

If he had known that time zones did exist before half a day ago, which he hadn’t.

He had assumed no one would be left there when he arrived, but to his surprise, Daigo was still there. He was sound asleep, head pillowed on his arms on the stone table, two wrapped presents in front of him. He was still wearing the Santa hat. He looked so peaceful despite the bandages on his face, Utsusemimaru thought as he approached, as if he was having a really nice dream.

When Utsusemimaru touched his shoulder and Daigo’s eyes fluttered opened, his smile got even wider, like this was even better than whatever he’d been dreaming about.

“I am back,” Utsusemimaru said. The others had taught him the proper greeting of this era, and Utsusemimaru enjoyed the comforting routine of it.

“Welcome home!” Daigo answered, sitting up, He yawned hugely. “What time is it?”

“I do not know.” Utsusemimaru sat down on the bench beside Daigo, nudging him over with his hip. Daigo shifted over willingingly, but not so far that their legs didn’t press together. “But I fear I am too late for our planned Christmas party.”

“Nah, we’re both still here, right?” Daigo bumped his shoulder against Utsusemimaru’s. “That’s twice as much family as I’ve ever spent Christmas with before.”

“King-dono,” Utsusemimaru murmured, touched. Daigo leaned over for a quick kiss, which turned out not so quick when Utsusemimaru put an arm around Daigo’s shoulders to draw him closer.

“Mmm,” Daigo hummed happily as he pulled back, licking his bottom lip. “Anyway, open your present.”

He pushed one of the packages into Utsusemimaru’s hands and watched with open excitement as Utusemimaru considered the present. It was squashy and filled both his hands, and was wrapped in red paper covered with jaunty penguins and a big gold bow. It was almost too cute to tear it open.

“Come on, come on,” Daigo whined, making Utsusemimaru chuckle.

When he undid the tape on one end of the present, what fell out into his hands was a scarf in a riot of colors, bright and clashing. Utsusemimaru examined it seriously, noting how warm it was in his hands, and how the stitches were uneven in various places. A few seconds later he realized that the bizarre color scheme was actually the colors of everyone in their sentai, in the order that they stood for Victory Maximum, red and gold dead center.

“Did you make this?” Utsusemimaru asked, wide-eyed.

“Uh-huh,” Daigo said, looking a little shy but still proud. He held up Utsusemimaru’s letter to Santa, which had been mixed in with the others. Of course Daigo knew what it said, Utsusemimaru realized, since Daigo himself had been the one to teach Utsusemimaru about writing letters to Santa in the first place. “I learned to knit when I was on my own. I was a little out of practice though, so I’m sorry for the mistakes. Do you like it?”

“Yes,” Utsusemimaru answered immediately. “It is…” He hesitated, searching for the right adjective, because as much as he was touched by Daigo making something just for him, their colors did look sort of terrible together. “One of a kind, certainly. But if Yanasanta had my letter, why was your present not ruined as well?”

“Honestly?” Daigo laughed, reaching over to rub fingers over one of the clearly uneven spots. The sparkly silver section looked quite ridiculous so near to the flat gray section. “Maybe he couldn’t make it look actually worse than it already does.”

“That is not true,” Utsusemimaru tried to reassure Daigo, but he was laughing before he was halfway through the sentence. “Well…perhaps it is a bit much. But I will bravely wear it.” Utsusemimaru wrapped the scarf twice around his neck, tossing the end over his shoulder. “How do I look?”

“You’re the best, Ucchi,” Daigo said, which didn’t really answer the question, but he grabbed two fistfuls of Utsusemimaru’s scarf and hauled him in for another kiss. He was grinning by the time he let go. “So I get to open my present next, right?”

Daigo didn’t wait for Utsusemimaru’s answer, already reaching for the other package. It was larger than Utsusemimaru’s, but flatter and more square, the washi wrapping paper patterned in gold flowers. When Daigo tore it open, inside was a neatly folded yukata and obi. The fabric pattern was bright red with a cheerful festival pattern, and the obi was the same yellow as the inside of Daigo’s hoodie.

“Wow!” Daigo exclaimed. “Ucchi, this looks great! Thank you!”

“Do not thank me,” Utsusemimaru at last got a word edgewise to explain. “I was as yet undecided about what would be a suitable present for you when the fighting started. In the end I did not have time to get anything, much less wrap it. Was that present not here already when you arrived?”

“Now that you mention it, my name is the only one on the tag,” Daigo said, flipping the card over several times. “Ahh, must be Santa-san after all!”

“It must be,” Utsusemimaru agreed, thinking to himself that Santa was likely to be either Torin or Dantetsu.

“I’ll wear it to my first temple visit in the new year,” Daigo declared, setting the yukata back down and making sure it laid flat. “You wanna come too, right?”

“Of course,” Utsusemimaru said, slightly distracted thinking about how good Daigo was going to look in that. Not that Daigo wasn’t appealing in modern clothing, but Utsusemimaru was a traditional guy at heart, it seemed. Maybe he could do with a new yukata himself; it wouldn’t do to let Daigo outshine him by such a wide margin. “Shall we invite the others?”

“Naturally.” Daigo leaned in closer, and Utsusemimaru caught the mischievous glint in his eyes just before he yanked on the cord tying the sides of Utsusemimaru’s vest together. “Na, Ucchi. Since your present is late, I guess I’ll have to unwrap you instead…”

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