SixTONES, Strange Tastes

Title: Strange Tastes [Hokuto/Kouchi, Taiga]
Rating/Warnings: PG for mermaid pregnancy
Summary: Hokuto’s pregnancy has a couple side effects.
AN: somehow you get some Mermaid AU about early in Hokuto’s pregnancy, where Kouchi doesn’t know much about merfolk pregnancy and Taiga is a better guesser than Juri.

Strange Tastes

“No one is immune to my song,” Taiga sniffed. “I’m a deadly siren, and my call is—”

“Right there,” Hokuto sighed, voice warbling on the edge of a moan as Kouchi’s fingers finally undid the muscle knot that had been shooting pain up the side of Hokuto’s back for three days running. Pregnancy was nice and all, but the difference in water resistance now that he was starting to show was making Hokuto swim funny and putting unusual strain on half his back muscles. “Sorry, Tai-chan. What?”

“Oh, go fuck yourself,” Taiga grumbled, using his tail to flick water at the pair of them. “But not each other, because you’re already pregnant enough.”

Kouchi’s fingers paused, making Hokuto whine. “You can’t get more pregnant, right?”

“Seriously, I can’t believe you two were even smart enough to knock him up the first time,” Taiga informed them. Hokuto rolled over from his side to his back to give Kouchi a doofy smile, hormones making him a sweet, floppy ball of affection, and Taiga clicked his tongue. “Get off my rock, assholes.”

“Nooooo, it’s so warm here!” Hokuto protested, turning his head to pout at Taiga, wide-eyed. “Besides, you said you’d guess!”

“Guess?” Kouchi tilted his head, one hand moving to smooth Hokuto’s quickly-drying hair back from his face, thumb lingering on the rounded curve of Hokuto’s cheek. “Guess what?”

“How many!” Hokuto chirped. “Taiga’s the best guesser.”

“It’s too early to guess properly, you’re only starting to show,” Taiga scolded, but he didn’t resist when Hokuto scooted a little closer and reached over to grab one of Taiga’s hands. Hokuto put it firmly on his rounding stomach, palm just under his bellybutton.

“How many?!” Kouchi interrupted, looking alarmed. Taiga narrowed his eyes at Hokuto, but Hokuto only shrugged sheepishly.

“What do you two even talk about?” Taiga asked, pressing down more firmly until Hokuto grunted.

“How pretty I am,” Hokuto said without any hint of shame. Kouchi’s cheeks were bright pink when Hokuto snuck a look at him. Cute. “Juri said four.”

“Wrong~,” Taiga said crisply. “Must be from touching humans too much. Two or three. If it’s three, one is small.” He eyed Hokuto pointedly. “Are you eating enough?”

“Yes!” Hokuto insisted.

“No.” Kouchi snapped out of his shock finally to answer. “Still less than normal, and he’s picky about everything.”

“Traitor!” Hokuto pouted. “It’s not my fault! Everything tastes funny!”

“No good!” Taiga scolded, reaching over to flick Hokuto’s forehead. “Don’t come crying to me when they start leeching nutrients from you and half your scales come loose.” He turned to Kouchi, ignoring Hokuto’s whines of how mean Taiga was being. “The worst of the pickiness should ease up soon, but try making him eat jellyfish first. Tentacle venom will numb some of his tastebuds.”

“There’s plenty of them washing up around the beach this time of year,” Kouchi said.

“Bleeeeh.” Hokuto made a face. “They’re all gooey and stringy warm. They’re fine cold and really fresh, but I’m totally not using all my energy chasing them around in deeper water.”

“Cold is better?” Kouchi asked, and Hokuto nodded. Kouchi grinned, fingers back to combing through Hokuto’s hair. “I’ve got an idea, then.”

That’s how two days later, Kouchi was sitting at his kitchen table making a grocery list when Shintarou came into the kitchen for a snack. Kouchi barely looked up as Shintarou opened the refrigerator, and then the freezer.

“Oh hey, did you make homemade popsicles?” Shintarou exclaimed. “Awesome!”

“NO!” Kouchi threw down his pen in a panic. “Don’t eat those!”

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