Posts tagged: CW – Sho/Hikaru

Coat West, Different

Sho tells Nagi that Hikaru is different. (Sho/Hikaru)

Coat West, Wish You Were Here

Sho isn't feeling so hot during the shooting of I Love Hot 2. Kai, Shun, Nagi, and especially Hikaru help. (Sho/Hikaru)

Coat West, Part-Time

Sho theorizes that Hikaru just hasn't found the right part-time job yet. (Sho, Hikaru)

Coat West, Currying Favor

All of them have that look sometimes, but when it's Hikaru, that's different. (Sho/Hikaru)

Coat West, Winter Blues

Sho doesn't like the cold, but this winter things are a little different. (Sho/Hikaru)

Coat West, On the Job

Sho really likes working with Hikaru, and Hikaru really likes his job. (Sho/Hikaru)

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