Harry Potter, Eyeliner

Title: Eyeliner
House: Gryffindor. Hell, let’s make ’em ALL about the Marauders this week!
Characters: The Marauders and some questionable eye makeup
Word Count: 100
A/N: Challenge #10–crossover with Velvet goldmine (mm-hmm). Inspired by some random Velvet Goldmine xovers that have been floating about (thanks, mapletide!)


Remus couldn’t breathe.

“Good lord, man!” James exclaimed. “What’s on your face?!”

“Is that eyeliner?” Peter asked. “How on earth does Sirius manage to make eyeliner look masculine?”

“I think he should take it off, don’t you, Moony?” James elbowed Remus, who was suffering from full-body paralysis.

He wished very much that Sirius would do away with the eyeliner before the paralysis wore off, because otherwise he was going to A) have one hell of an orgasm and B) tackle Sirius to the ground, and he was not quite sure in which order those two things were going to happen.

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