Harry Potter, Backs to the Wall

Title: Backs to the Wall [Remus/Sirius, Remus/Harry]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for Voyeurism, anal, and Harry’s still 15 in his bit, so I spose that’s chan really.
Summary: Pretty much everybody is screwed up. Fucking ensues.
A/N: For the Hurt/Comfort challenge, 998 words. *shakes fist at word limit*

Backs to the Wall

Harry had only seen Remus and Sirius fight, really fight, once.

It was in the final days of Christmas holidays. Everyone else was busy packing away the Christmas things, but Harry refused to help, sulking. Harry was too old for a security blanket, but not too old for the Invisibility Cloak, and he had taken to wandering the house wrapped in it.

He was shuffling past Remus’ room when he heard raised voices. The door was ajar, so he stopped to look. Inside, Remus and Sirius were standing across the room, both yelling. Fascinated by the sight of his unflappable professor shouting, Harry slipped inside and leaned against the wall. Neither man noticed the movement of the door and kept right on shouting.

Sirius yelled that Remus was treating him like a child, and Remus shouted that he was acting like one and he wasn’t the only one who hated it here and Sirius demanded why didn’t he just leave since he wasn’t the one who was trapped here and he was awfully good at leaving wasn’t he and Remus snarled that he hadn’t been the one gone for thirteen years and Sirius screamed that it was hardly his fault and Remus informed him that it certainly was because if he hadn’t always been such crap at keeping his mouth shut then he’d have been Secret Keeper in the first place.

Sirius’ hand came up so fast that Harry barely saw it, but he certainly heard the crack and saw the red palmprint that blossomed across Remus’ cheek. There was a moment of silence before Remus’ shock twisted into a snarl.

“Want to hit me back?” Sirius taunted. “Why not, you afraid? Go on!”

Remus gave Sirius a sudden shove powerful enough to push him into the wall. When Sirius tried to advance, Remus seized two fistfuls of his shirt and slammed him into the wall again. They stared at each other, nose to nose, Remus’ low growl audible to Harry across the room.

“Something you want?” Sirius sneered. “You used to just take what you wanted.”

Jerking Sirius forward, Remus spun him around before shoving him back into the wall. Pressing against Sirius’ back, Remus leaned his mouth to Sirius’ ear, and Harry just barely made out the words “I want you.”

Harry froze, sure that they could hear his heart pounding, as Sirius gave a rough laugh and said “Take me, then” before twisting his head around to crush his mouth to Remus’. Remus snarled something Harry couldn’t hear and ground into Sirius, hands clutching at his waist.

Harry’s shock was quickly overrun by a rush of arousal as he watched his godfather and professor biting and sucking each other’s lips, Remus tugging at Sirius’ belt and Sirius fumbling with Remus’ robes. Harry fought to keep from reaching for his own erection when Remus yanked Sirius’ trousers down and stroked fingers down in the cleft of the pale skin.

When Sirius thrust backwards onto Remus and they both cried out before Remus drove him into the wall, Harry gave in and undid his flies with shaking fingers, sighing in relief when he wrapped his hand around his throbbing cock. He locked his jaw to keep moans from escaping, even though they would have been covered by the slap of skin on skin and Sirius’ moans for more and harder. And when Remus reached around Sirius to fist Sirius’ cock and ordered “Come for me”, it was Harry who came, heedless of the splash of fluid onto the Cloak.

Sagging against the wall and breathing hard, Harry collected himself for a minute before tugging his trousers closed. Sneaking a last look at the thrusting tangle of Remus and Sirius, Harry slipped back out the door, shutting it behind him.

The image stayed with Harry for the rest of the school year, replaying across the back of his eyelids every time he closed his eyes to stroke himself. While his view had been obscured by clothing and his vantage point, Harry’s imagination supplied Remus with a thick, blunt cock, and Sirius with a swollen, slick head protruding from Remus’ fist. Sometimes in the shower, Harry would press his forehead and free hand into the tile, pretending it was his arse Remus was pounding into instead of Sirius’.

Harry hadn’t expected Remus to still be living in Grimmauld Place when he escaped the Dursleys that summer, but the werewolf was there, hiding in the library and only speaking when someone demanded an answer from him. The fantasy grew stronger than ever, and Harry plotted to draw Remus out.

Harry waited until just before the moon, knowing his plan would only work if Remus was close to the breaking point already, before cornering him in his room after a shower. Remus clutched his towel impassively while Harry shouted at him, and Harry thought this was never going to work when suddenly Remus started shouting back, shouting about Lily and James and Sirius and how much he hated Harry and wished Harry would die for once.

Harry hauled back and blacked Remus’ eye right in the middle of a sentence. Remus was struck dumb, and Harry had just enough time to wonder if his hand was broken before Remus snarled and leapt for him, towel dropping to the floor.

Shoulderblades digging painfully into the wall, Harry kissed Remus hard, shocking him into stillness again. When he tried to pull away, Harry seized his wrists and put them on his hips, whispering “please.” When Remus turned him around, Harry noticed places where the faded wallpaper had been shredded, hoped they’d been made by his godfather and put his own fingers over top of them. When Remus pushed inside him, Harry thrust back onto Remus’ cock, letting it shove out the emptiness Sirius had left behind.

When Remus slumped against his back, warmth dripping down Harry’s neck and his thigh, Harry had already forgotten which one of them he was trying to fix.

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