Aim for the Sky!, Must Be Because of the Moaning

Title: Must Be Because of the Moaning [Sato/Asakawa]
Rating/Warnings: R for kneeling on the floor of a junior high bathroom.
Summary: Asakawa’s got a question for Sato, and Sato ruins another pair of shoes.
AN: Pfft, you all know whose fault this is. Hal demanded Asakawa have something on his face.

Must Be Because of the Moaning

“Sato,” Asakawa was blinking up at him with big brown eyes from under bleach-rough bangs, “do you want to fuck me?”

The crash of Sato’s lunch splattering all over the ground and his shoes made every single student in the lunch line turn to stare at the two of them.

“Well?” Asakawa cocked his head a little to the side; Sato gabbled something insensible, cheeks burning red and ears ringing, then dropped to his knees to take deep breaths and try and scrape his lunch back onto his tray.

Asakawa trailed behind as Sato dumped the whole thing in the trashcan and started back to his classroom, but when they rounded the corner, Asakawa grabbed Sato’s wrist and dragged him into the nearest bathroom.

“Asakawa!” Sato gasped, as Asakawa slammed the door shut and pushed him up against it. “This is a GIRLS’ bathroom!” He glanced around frantically, but thankfully no one seemed to be inside.

“Relax,” Asakawa hooked fingers in Sato’s belt loops and rubbed his nose against the underside of Sato’s jaw, “this is the one everybody thinks is haunted. So, do you?”

“Think it’s haunted?” Sato blinked.

Asakawa rolled his eyes. “Want to fuck me!”

“Here?” Sato squeaked, just barely managing to stifle his knee-jerk response about the hygenics of the situation.

“Nooo,” Asakawa flicked some hair out of his eyes, “in my room, probably on my bed, although that’s reasonably negotiable but I thought you’d be pretty vanilla about it the first time.”


“That’s what I thought,” Asakawa patted his shoulder, “so, bed.”

His eyes continued to be big and brown as they stared up into Sato’s, and Sato was beginning to lose hope that this was one of Asakawa’s crazy jokes, even though Asakawa was smirking. But after Sato continued staring for a long handful of seconds, Asakawa’s chest pressed to his every time he drew a breath, the smirk started to smooth out.

“Unless you don’t want to.”

“I,” Sato said quickly, not sure what exactly was going to come tumbling out of his mouth, but totally sure that he didn’t want to be the reason Asakawa stopped smirking, “I…uh…”

Sato’s stomach interrupted with a loud growl, making Asakawa snicker and Sato’s cheeks heat.

“You do, right?” Asakawa asked, letting his fingers trail just under Sato’s uniform jacket, just over his waistband..

“Maybe,” Sato finally said, then added “Oof!” when Asakawa slid arms the whole way around his chest and squeezed, nuzzling the hollow of Sato’s throat. Sato failed miserably not to imagine Asakawa sprawled naked and flushed across his bed, and whimpered.

“My parents are going out of town for the whole weekend, Friday until Monday,” Asakawa was mumbling against Sato’s neck, and things started to become a bit clearer, “and they think you’re really responsible, so they said I could watch the house if I could talk you into it. You will, right? Right, Sato?”

Asakawa pulled back far enough to fix Sato with the full force of his bright and pleading grin, and Sato knew a lost cause when it was staring him in the face.

And rubbing two fingers just above the button of his fly.

“It’s really okay with your parents?” Sato asked, and Asakawa hopped up onto his tiptoes to kiss him yes, popping the button open like a champagne cork.

“Mmph,” Sato said against Asakawa’s mouth, “whoa, bathroom…” Asakawa’s smirk was back full force as he slid his hand inside Sato’s pants and curled his palm against Sato’s rapidly-swelling erection. “Asakawa!”

“You should practice saying my name,”—Asakawa squeezed, making Sato gasp—”for later.”

“I just said your name like twenty times!” Sato protested, a sudden burst of happiness popping in his veins, and when Asakawa laughed he almost joined in.

“No,” Asakawa corrected, tugging Sato free of his pants and dropping to his knees in one smooth motion, “my given name.”

Keisuke,” Sato hissed when Asakawa flicked his tongue over Sato’s tip. The visible shiver that slid down Asakawa’s spine made Sato flail for balance, one hand pressing against the bathroom door, and the other coming to rest in Asakawa’s hair.

Asakawa slid lips further down over Sato, hand wrapped firmly around the base, and his hum of pleasure when Sato said his name again made Sato crack the back of his head against the door. Rough strands of Asakawa’s hair slid across his fingers and the door was cold against his back, and Sato stared helplessly down at Asakawa’s smirk wrapped around his dick until his vision went blurry around the edges and his hand clenched against Asakawa’s scalp.

Sucking in open-mouthed swallows of air, Sato reached for Asakawa as he pushed himself to his feet and pulled him close. Asakawa turned his face away a little when Sato tried to kiss him at first, but Sato laid his palms against Asakawa’s cheeks to hold him still and turned his face back up again.

“Tickles!” Asakawa laughed when Sato ran his tongue over the smear at the corner of his mouth, then kissed him slow and deep.

It was kind of weird, tasting himself thick on Asakawa’s tongue in a girls’ bathroom in the middle of the day, but Asakawa was clutching the back of his uniform and pressing hard against his thigh and sighing into his mouth, and it was nice too.

“Friday, yeah?” Sato said, and Asakawa shivered against him. “Maybe your couch.”

“Pervert!” Asakawa accused, but his eyes were big and brown as he let Sato kiss him again.

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