Aim for the Sky!, Rise and Shine

Title: Morning Run [Tsukada/Tachiki]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: At training camp, physical exercise is key.
AN: Written for 2006 Trick or Treat.

Morning Run

“Are you…kidding?” Tachiki panted, clenching his hands in his track pants just above the knee. “I could…do another…mile…easy.”

“Fucking…liar…” Captain Tsukada is panting just as hard, but there’s a set to his jaw that makes Tachiki think that perhaps it is time to change his game since he will not apparently have much luck winning this one.

So he reaches over and shoves Tsukada, sending him tumbling to the ground.

Tsukada grabs his arm on the way down, and they wrestle and slide over the wet leaves, pre-dawn dew soaking into their T-shirts.

“Losing your touch?” Tsukada asks when Tachiki lets himself get slammed down on his back, air burning in his lungs. His arms prick into goosebumps from the morning air on his damp skin and the way Tsukada’s fingers are digging into his wrists.

He tries to retort, but taking a breath makes him cough, makes him press his chest up against Tsukada’s, and by the time he blinks the tears out of his eyes, Tsukada has transferred his wrists over to one hand and is using the other to shove Tachiki’s t-shirt out of the way.

“Here’s your problem.” Tsukada grazes his palm over Tachiki’s stomach, making him twist and curse when Tsukada’s uneven nail catch lightly at his skin. “Too many smores around the campfire.”

“I’ll show you s’more,” Tachiki growls, and Tsukada smiles thinly and sticks his hand down Tachiki’s pants.

When they struggle back to the training camp cabin, the others are just struggling awake, yawning and wild-haired.

“HOLY CRAP!” Harada bellows at their dirt-streaked clothes and the leaves in their hair. Tachiki smirks when Kichida shoots a sour glance between the two of them, then winces when Misaki punches him in the bruised shoulder on the way by.

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