JE, A Quick Meeting

Title: A Quick Meeting [Yabu/Shoon]
Rating/Warnings: R for Shoon not being nearly as shy as he used to be.
Summary: Yabu asks Shoon what he wants for his birthday and also kicks a hamster ball.
AN: Congratulations on your birthday, Shoon! It’s finally your hatachi, and I was hoping to have something a little more exciting, but yamabu fic will have to do. You’re finally an adult, and this year it’s really started to show, both in your face and in your personality, and I’m so proud of you for having the confidence to start showing us the Shoon that Ya-Ya-yah knew all along. Good luck in the upcoming year! Whatever 2009 brings, this year I really feel like good things are in store for you, and I’m looking forward to finding out what they are along with you.

A Quick Meeting

Yabu was lounging around in an empty room in the Jimusho when Shoon entered, one of the smaller meeting rooms that included essentially nothing other than a table, a handful of straight-backed chairs, and a piece or two of tolerable abstract art.

It hadn’t been empty when Yabu had found it, but he’d made it that way by shooing out various members of his band, even nudging Morimoto’s plastic hamster ball out into the doorway with his foot before closing the door firmly.

“How’d you find an empty room?” Shoon wanted to know as he ducked inside and pushed the door quickly shut.

Yabu smiled serenely from one of the chairs, looking Shoon over from the sweatpants that hung loosely on his thin frame, up to his hair, still spiked with sweat from morning dance practice. “I’m magic.”

Also he’d threatened his bandmates with a Christmas special if they came back so much as a millisecond early from their lunch break. But Shoon didn’t have to know that.

“You’re something, all right,” Shoon snorted, taking the half dozen steps to Yabu and throwing a leg over Yabu’s thighs to settle in his lap. Yabu put an arm around Shoon’s waist to help him keep his balance and let Shoon get hands in his hair and tilt his head back for a kiss.

“Tell me what you want for your birthday,” Yabu pulled away to ask a second later, before they got terribly distracted.

“Hm,” Shoon ran his tongue over his upper lip and regarded Yabu from under his lowered lashes. “My parents are away for the weekend and Reon’s spending the night with one of the kids from MADE tonight.”

“That so?” Yabu asked, vaguely, having trouble listening when Shoon’s eyes were so dark and amused as they combed over him.

“So I suppose what I’d really like,” Shoon leaned a little closer, voice lowering to a warm brush over Yabu’s skin, “is for you to come over, strip off all my clothes, and fuck me, fast and hard. And then maybe a second time, slower.” Shoon paused a moment as if considering before adding, “but still hard.”

“Fuck, get off me,” Yabu groaned, pushing at Shoon to try and get him off of Yabu’s sudden erection, but having no success since Shoon’s arms were locked around his neck. “You can’t talk like that while you sit on my lap, not at work.”

“I don’t see why not,” Shoon answered, rolling his hips enough to make Yabu bite down on a groan and dig his fingers into Shoon’s waist. He pressed another kiss to Yabu’s mouth, all tease, before letting go of him to slip off Yabu’s lap, pushing Yabu’s knees apart on the way to the ground.

“No, oh no,” Yabu warned, eyes going wide and still pushing at Shoon’s shoulders. “And you definitely can’t do that!”

“I locked the door,” Shoon answered carelessly, shrugging a shoulder. He dodged Yabu’s hands with practiced, graceful ease and thirty seconds later had Yabu’s jeans undone and Yabu’s cock in his hand. He glanced up at Yabu through his bangs as he gave him a firm stroke from tip to base. “Besides, you know better than to tell me no on my birthday.”

Grabbing the sides of the seat of the chair for support, Yabu fought to keep quiet as Shoon leaned in to lick the head of his cock. He gritted his teeth and dug his fingers into the wood, but it was a losing battle as Shoon got serious and took more of Yabu’s length into his mouth, and Yabu had to tilt his head back to look away from the sight, concentrating on only making low, pleading noises under his breath.

He felt a hand on the back of one of his own hands after a few breaths, and let Shoon move his hand from the chair to the back of Shoon’s head. Yabu curled his fingers through Shoon’s hair, the strands slightly stiff, and when he tightened his grip, Shoon hummed a low note of approval that made Yabu bite down on his tongue on accident.

Yabu let Shoon push him over the edge easily enough, knowing they didn’t have a ton of time. When the hot pulse of orgasm had faded away enough that Yabu could crack his eyes back open, he lifted his head back up to find Shoon grinning up at him, the secretive smile that always made Yabu’s breath catch.

“You look pleased with yourself,” Yabu commented, having to clear his throat, and he tugged on Shoon’s hair to make Shoon’s eyes slit in pleasure and push up against his hand.

“You’d be looking equally as pleased,” Shoon answered as he climbed to his feet, “if I had any pockets in these sweatpants to carry supplies.”

“Nngh,” Yabu said weakly, watching as Shoon hitched himself up onto the edge of the table and slid back far enough to sit comfortably, feet swinging a little, legs spread.

“But it’s just as well, since I’d rather have you rested for tonight.” Shoon laughed, voice rich, as Yabu muffled another soft moan. “So you can come over, right? Because if you’re busy, I could always ask Hikaru and Inoo what their plans are…”

“You’ll do no such thing,” Yabu growled immediately, making Shoon laugh harder. “Of course I’m coming over.”

“Good.” Shoon let his eyes slip half-shut again and beckoned Yabu closer with a curled finger. “Get over here.”

The table was at the perfect height for Yabu to drag his chair over and breathe over the line of Shoon’s cock, obvious through his sweatpants. Yabu pushed the soft fabric far enough out of the way to nose at Shoon’s bare skin instead, wrapping a hand around Shoon’s cock.

When Yabu darted his tongue over the sharp jut of Shoon’s hip, Shoon collapsed onto his back on the tabletop, hips rising into Yabu’s touch. Shoon smelled of sweat and tasted like salt, a combination familiar to Yabu from long association, and it made Yabu groan quietly and press closer to lap at Shoon’s cock. Shoon pushed up against him harder, until Yabu had to take both hands to press Shoon’s hips flat against the table so that he could wrap his mouth around Shoon’s cock.

Shoon wasn’t quite so serious as Yabu had been about being quiet, and Yabu had to pinch his hip and hiss at him more than once. He could have threatened to stop, should have, but the truth was that he didn’t want to stop any more than Shoon would have wanted him to, and by the time Shoon came sharp and hot over his tongue, Yabu was starting to get hard again himself.

He tried to ignore it, since they probably had another few minutes of peace before the others would show back up. Instead he concentrated on getting Shoon put back together, tugging him off the table and back into his lap, letting Shoon slump against his shoulder while he smoothed Shoon’s hair back down.

Humming under the attention, Shoon snuggled close, arms back around Yabu’s neck. He nosed at the hinge of Yabu’s jaw and the warm spot just behind his earlobe until Yabu growled a little warning.

“What happened to that shy, sweet Shoon I used to have here?” Yabu asked, only half-serious. “He never used to seduce me in meeting rooms.”

“He never used to seduce anybody and thus did not debut,” Shoon answered wryly. “I hear you deserted him and left him all alone at the mercies of the other juniors and the senpai, and that’s why he’s not so shy these days.”

“Drama queen,” Yabu scolded, kissing Shoon’s cheek. “You like it better this way anyway. Now you get to laugh at me when I have to be the big brother for a relentless hoard of unit members and their hamster.”

“Hm,” Shoon agreed with a little smile, tilting his head a little so that Yabu’s kisses trailed down his jawline. “But you know, I think I could probably find that old Shoon long enough to borrow his gakuran, if you wanted…”

Yabu groaned and tried to shove Shoon off him again, and he still hadn’t had any success when the door opened far enough for Hikaru to stick his head in and tell them to knock it off already, and also to ask why Shoon had mailed him asking what his and Inoo’s plans were for the night.

“I thought you locked the door!” Yabu demanded.

Shoon shrugged a shoulder. “Hikaru’s magic,” he said, and Hikaru looked smug.

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