Kis-My-Ft2, Party Don’t Stop

Title: Party Don’t Stop [Miyata/Tamamori/Nikaido/Senga]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for group sex and Nikaido totally wanting and getting it.
Summary: Senga wants to make Tamamori’s birthday better than it’s been, even if it’s Nikaido that gets the most surprised.
AN: So i was supposed to write this for Tamamori and Senga’s birthdays, which was months ago now, but it turned out like 7.5k, so here you finally go. Also, as mentioned in the story, Tamamori’s birthday was only like a week after the earthquake/tsunami, so they’re talking about that a little.

Party Don’t Stop

It’s been a long day of meetings, not exactly unpleasant but certainly tense, punctuated by aftershocks and updates of the news from Fujigaya’s phone, and with the feeling that somehow the waiting will just never end.

It hasn’t been the best birthday Tamamori’s ever had, Senga’s sure, but he’s hoping his present will make it not the worst, at any rate.

“Okay, Nika,” he leans over to whisper as they’re all picking up bags and coats, “it’s time!”

“Time for what?” Nikaido asks, then adds “Urk!” when Senga snags him by the bag strap and drags him along.

“Ooh,” Miyata perks up immediately from across the table. “Is it time?”

“Yup!” Senga says.

“Time for what?” Nikaido demands again. He still gets no answer as Miyata hurries around the table from the other side and Senga continues pulling at him.

Tamamori looks up from fiddling with his mp3 player when all three of them lean over him suddenly. “Hi?”

“Congratulations on your birthday, Tama-chan!” Senga chirps. Tamamori’s gaze darts from Senga to Miyata’s idiotic grin, then drifts back again. “Ready for your present?”

Wise in the way of Ebikisu presents, Tamamori stalls a minute by winding his earbud cord carefully around his mp3 player. “Why’s Nika making that face?”

“That’s just his face,” Senga waves him off, making Nikaido squawk.

“You’ll like it,” Miyata coaxes. “Promise~.”

“Hm,” Tamamori hums, Miyata’s reassurances seeming to only raise his suspicion level. “Let’s get it over with, I guess.”

“Yay~!” Senga and Miyata chorus. Senga grabs Nika’s arm, Miyata grabs Tamamori’s, and away they go. Senga glances over his shoulder to see Yokoo and Fujigaya exchanging “geez kouhai” faces with each other; he throws them a wink before the door swings shut behind him.

Out on the street, Nikaido pulls Senga back a couple steps, so that Miyata is happily leading Tamamori on ahead of them. Senga tilts his head.

“Where are we going?” Nikaido wants to know.

“Hotel,” Senga says, and then keeps going before Nikaido can get a word out. “The normal kind, so don’t worry. Miyacchi and I set it up already. You’ll play, right?”

“I…guess,” Nikaido answers, and Senga knows he’s always up for that, he just doesn’t want to admit to it when it’s sprung on him like this. Nikaido pokes Senga’s side hard enough to make him squeak. “Why didn’t you say earlier?”

“Mm, just forgot to mention it,” Senga says vaguely, and then he ducks away from Nikaido’s poking and trots ahead before he can ask any more questions.

That’s not it exactly; the real truth is that if Nikaido knew what Senga has in mind he might put his foot down for real. Senga’s hoping if he springs it on Nikaido instead, maybe he’ll be taken by surprise before he can put up a real fight.

“Switch!” Senga calls cheerfully when he catches up with Miyata and Tamamori.
He works his way in between them so Miyata lets go of Tamamori’s arm and takes Senga’s instead. Tamamori gives a disgruntled noise, but falls back to make faces at Nikaido instead. “So,” Senga tilts his head up to Miyata, “we’re all set up, right?”

“Sure thing,” Miyata answers, and Senga loves how Miyata’s so dependable all the time. “Tama and I are staying the night, after. It’s only a double bed, but the four of us are skinny, right?”

Senga laughs, cheek pressed against Miyata’s shoulder, and he can feel Miyata shiver against him a little. “It’s not like we’ll be lying on it side-by-side or anything.”

“Definitely not,” Miyata says, laughing as well. Behind them, they hear Nikaido demand to know just what’s so funny, but neither of them turn to answer.

Once they arrive at the place, they can’t exactly hide the fact that it’s a hotel from Tamamori, so at least some of the surprise gives way. This isn’t exactly a shocking or unfamiliar surprise, so Tamamori relaxes a little as Miyata hits the desk to check in and the other three of them mill about the lobby. Nikaido seems to know better, eyeing Senga every couple seconds as if Senga will sneak off someplace to do sneaky things if he looks away.

The elevator is hilariously tiny, so that the four of them can barely squeeze in it, but it makes Senga giggle and feel warm all over, anticipation already fizzing over his skin. He likes to have them close, after all. Seven is best, but four is pretty good too, he thinks to himself, rubbing his cheek a little against Tamamori’s shoulder and finding Nikaido’s hand to lace their fingers together. Nikaido squeezes his hand back, and Senga has to close his eyes against the urge to push him up against the elevator wall.

“Okay, so,” Tamamori says when they’re in the room, Nikaido pulling the door shut behind them. Tamamori flops down on the bed, sprawling on his back and stretching out, Miyata’s eyes following him without any subtlety at all. “About this present?”

“Yup,” Senga answers, using their still-joined hands to drag Nikaido forward, shoving him to stand in between Tamamori’s knees. “Here you go! You can have Nika.”

“Eh?!” Nikaido’s spine stiffens, and Miyata starts laughing. Senga can’t help a grin himself as Nikaido gives Senga a glare over his shoulder. “Have me how, exactly?”

Senga shrugs. “It’s his present.” He wants Nikaido to say yes, though, so he steps forward until his chest is brushing along Nikaido’s back and rubs his hands slowly down Nikaido’s sides. “Isn’t it all right? ‘Cause you and Tama are totally hot.” And Nikaido totally likes it, Senga could also add, but knows saying it out loud will just provoke more argument.

When Senga peeks around Nikaido’s shoulder, Tamamori has himself propped up on his elbows. He’s looking Nikaido up and down, head tilted thoughtfully. “How should I have Nika, ne.”

The suggestion that Senga wants to make is a little dangerous, but he’s been fantasizing about it in the shower all week, and nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

“Well, you haven’t had him before, right?” Senga says, and both of them open their mouths before Senga adds, “He’s only had you.”

“Oi!” Nikaido snaps and tries to twist away, but Senga wraps arms tight around his waist and holds him right where he is. He’s stronger than Nikaido and doesn’t mind reminding him in situations like this. Tamamori’s mouth has snapped shut, and his eyes are a little wide. A glance to the side shows Miyata’s blushing, but he sure doesn’t look like he’s about to argue. Senga wonders if maybe he’s been thinking about something like that too.

“You let me have you sometimes,” Senga coaxes, splaying one hand so it’s resting warmly across Nikaido’s stomach. “And Mitsu and Watta.”

“Taipi had you once too,” Miyata pipes up, and Nikaido growls that they aren’t supposed to talk about that, dammit.

“Mm.” Tamamori pushes himself up far enough that he’s sitting, weight resting on his palms, bringing his face close enough to Nikaido’s that Senga can see how his pupils are starting to dilate. “Could I have you?”

Nikaido squirms some more, but like Senga was hoping, birthday guilt and Tamamori’s pretty eyes go a lot farther than any argument Senga was going to make on his own. “Well. I guess at least it won’t take that long, with you.”

Tamamori and Miyata laugh, and Senga squeezes Nikaido tighter, a thrill of anticipation running up his spine.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” Senga promises sweetly. Nikaido grumbles that he sure as hell will, but he’s not as tense underneath Senga’s hands. His next grumble is almost a purr as Senga gets hands underneath his T-shirt, running his palms over Nikaido’s skin as he strips the T-shirt off. Nikaido turns as soon as Senga’s hands aren’t holding him in place any longer, and knocks the T-shirt out of the way to kiss Senga.

The kiss is a little rougher than usual, and Senga can feel Nikaido’s nerves thrumming underneath it. He hums encouragement into Nikaido’s mouth and lets his eyes flutter shut, wrapping arms around Nikaido’s waist to pull him close. Don’t be scared, he wants to say, we’ll take care of you, but saying it doesn’t do so much for Nikaido, so Senga just tries to show him instead.

He isn’t paying that much attention, but he feels Miyata brush by his side on his way to Tamamori, hears Tamamori’s soft “Hm?” and the soft drag of fabric on skin that probably means Miyata’s taking charge of the both of them. He manages to keep his attention on Nikaido for another couple seconds, but when Tamamori gives a breathy “A-ah,” he can’t resist opening his eyes to see what’s going on.

Miyata is leaning over Tamamori, most of Tamamori’s clothes in a heap on the floor, mouth pressed to the curve of Tamamori’s shoulder, hand curled around Tamamori’s neck so that his thumb is stroking the hollow of Tamamori’s throat. Tamamori plainly can’t decide which touch to lean into, eyes shut so that his long lashes fan out against his cheeks, already starting to flush. When Miyata lifts his head, there’s a slick red patch from his teeth that he eyes with satisfaction, and when he gives it another small lick, Tamamori whines low in his throat.

“I think we better get you ready before Tama gets too distracted,” Senga chuckles, nudging at Nikaido until he looks too. He laughs when Nikaido shivers against him. “Mm, why are you two so hot together?”

“I don’t get it either,” Tamamori sighs, like it’s an annoying problem he never solves.

Miyata just laughs. “It’s because Tama-chan loves me, ne.” Tamamori calls him a twit, but his hands are tight on Miyata’s hips and the three of them are hardly fooled. Miyata leans in closer to flick his tongue against one of Tamamori’s piercings, and Tamamori twitches with a low groan. “Because I know Tama-chan best.”

“We can be way hotter than that,” Nikaido scoffs, and before Senga can retort, Nikaido seizes his mouth again. This kiss isn’t rough like the last one, though, instead it’s sweet and lingering. Nikaido runs hands over Senga’s spine and up into his hair until Senga is melting against him, soft moans spilling from his mouth into Nikaido’s without ever hitting the air.

Eventually Nikaido pulls back, dark-eyed and smug as he looks his handiwork over, and through his daze, Senga hears Miyata ask weakly if maybe Tamamori doesn’t want a different present after all.

“Nah,” Tamamori drawls. He stands up and stretches, limbs graceful and practically endless. “I can watch them do that anytime. Ken-chan always makes Nika-chan out to be such a big deal, so I thought I’d see if the rumors were true?”

“Always?” Nikaido raises an eyebrow; Senga gives a nervous giggle.

“Like you don’t tell Taipi every other day that Senga rides you way better than he ever could,” Miyata puts in, making Nikaido scowl this time.

“It’s all the practice,” Senga stage-whispers to Tamamori, who gives a bark of laughter. “That’s Nika’s favorite.”

“Okay, okay, geez,” Nikaido interrupts, cheeks turning pinker than Tamamori’s. “Enough ladies’ gossip hour already, didn’t somebody want to fuck me?”

“So it’s fine?” Tamamori asks, not teasing, really making sure. Senga can see Nikaido swallow the snappy retort, when he realizes that Tamamori is giving him a last chance to back out.

Nikaido nods once. “It’s okay.” Senga lets out the breath he’s been holding, and he would kiss Nikaido again, only Tamamori beats him to it this time. It’s every bit as hot as Senga remembers and more, Tamamori leaning over Nikaido, one hand in Nikaido’s hair to tug his head back, the other dragging fingers down Nikaido’s spine, their bare skin sliding together. The flashes of tongue make Senga shiver and itch to crawl in between them, but he pushes the feeling down, knowing he’ll see something really good if he holds out.

He strips off his clothes instead, distracting himself for a couple seconds, and crawls up on to the bed. Senga leans against the headboard, where he’s far enough away to watch but not close enough to give in to the urge to interrupt. Miyata slides in beside him, clearly having exactly the same thoughts, and he grins sheepishly when Senga laughs at both of them.

“Wah, they’re awesome together, right?” he asks, leaning his head on Miyata’s shoulder. Miyata wraps an arm around Senga’s waist, just companionable rather than sexual for the moment, and Senga leans further into him, enjoying the closeness and the low buzz of arousal warming his skin. Nikaido groans into Tamamori’s mouth, and Senga shivers in sympathy. “Mmm. Ne, Miyacchi, you think it’s weird we don’t mind it? That we like it?”

Miyata chuckles, voice low, and his fingers stroke a warm line down Senga’s side. “It’s because we know they’re ours.”

Senga likes the simple way Miyata puts things, likes the way it’s completely obvious how much Miyata loves and trusts Tamamori, likes the way that when Senga tilts his head up for a kiss, Miyata gets it right away. Miyata’s kiss is uncomplicated and sweet, his arm tightening around Senga’s waist, his free hand coming up to brush through Senga’s hair.

Someone clears their throat loudly, and both of them turn their heads to find Nikaido and Tamamori both looking down at them, Nikaido’s arms folded and Tamamori’s hands on his hips.

“Whose birthday present is this again?” Tamamori inquires.

“Ehehe,” Senga snuggles just a little closer to Miyata, “mine’s next week?”

“Hey, but look!” Miyata interrupts, all smiles. “You got naked! Yay~.”

“Just get out of the way, idiot,” Tamamori orders, rolling his eyes. “Ken-chan, you stay right there,” he clarifies when Senga starts to follow Miyata sliding off the edge of the bed. “Somebody needs to keep Nika-chan occupied.”

“Ooh, got it,” Senga agrees readily, settling back against the headboard. Nikaido rolls his eyes but crawls onto the bed and up towards Senga, flopping down against his side. Senga leans in for a hello kiss as Tamamori tugs Miyata behind him and against his back. Miyata wraps arms around Tamamori’s waist willingly, chin resting on Tamamori’s shoulder.

“Face up or face down?” Miyata asks. “Just curious.”

“Face up,” Tamamori says, for once decisive. “I want to see.”

Nikaido squirms, and Senga knows from experience that Nikaido gets embarrassed about doing it that way when he’s not topping, but Nikaido doesn’t argue. He presses a little closer against Senga’s side, and Senga rubs his cheek against the top of Nikaido’s head, his hair tickling Senga’s nose. Saying that he’ll be right here and all that will just make Nikaido more embarrassed, so Senga depends on skinship instead to get the message through.

“You should get him ready though,” Tamamori adds. “Since it’s my present, I’m not doing the work.” He nudges Miyata out front and towards Nikaido with a bump of his hip.

Senga raises an eyebrow, because the last time they played together Tamamori sure hadn’t voiced any objections to doing that to Senga. He meets Tamamori’s eyes and Tamamori gives him a little shrug, trying to play it off, but he reaches up rub his hand against his collar bone like he does when he thinks he’s being secretive. After a second of thought, Senga’s got a pretty good idea what it’s about.

“Hey, Nika-chan,” Miyata says, sitting down on the edge of the bed and running a hand up the outside of Nikaido’s thigh. “Not to worry, I’ll take care of you~.”

“You’d better,” Nikaido grumbles, but he relaxes a little more against Senga’s side. Senga hums, remembering how gentle and warm Miyata’s hands are well enough, and that’s totally what Tamamori was letting Nikaido have.

You aren’t fooling me, he tells Tamamori with another glance, and Tamamori huffs a little sigh but the corner of his mouth twitches with something that might be affection. Senga turns his attention back to Nikaido. “Hey, kiss me.”

“Distracting me?” Nikaido wants to know, not that he sounds opposed. He settles his head against the pillows more comfortably and looks up expectantly. “Not very subtle, but I guess I’ll take it.”

“Oh, you’ll take it,” Tamamori says from the end of the bed. Nikaido shoots him a glare before Senga leans down and blocks their view of each other.

“Play nice,” he reminds, then presses his mouth against Nikaido’s before he can retort. Nikaido’s growl buzzes against his lips for a second, before Nikaido brings his hands up to wrap in Senga’s hair.

He kisses Senga roughly, controlling, and Senga lets him do as he will, happy to let Nikaido use him as a distraction after all. He opens his mouth for Nikaido and lets him take anything he wants, groans softly when Nikaido’s tongue slides along his and when Nikaido presses the sharp edge of his teeth to Senga’s lower lip.

Then Nikaido bites down hard enough to make Senga yelp and snap his eyes open.

“Sorry,” Nikaido says, his eyes shut, and Senga feels the way Nikaido’s fingers are tight in his hair.

“You’re doing fine,” Miyata soothes from lower down, and Senga looks down to find Miyata sliding one finger back into Nikaido and starting to work on a second. He’s got one of Nikaido’s leg pushed up to give himself room, Nikaido’s foot flat on the bed, and he drops a kiss on Nikaido’s knee since it’s convenient. “No rush. Nika-chan’s worth it, right, Tama-chan?” Tamamori gives a “Hnn” that plainly means “We’ll see.”

“Yeah, he is,” Senga agrees, and Nikaido opens his eyes just long enough to roll them. “You can hold on as tight as you want,” Senga tells him. He brushes another kiss against Nikaido’s mouth, but his stinging lip reminds him that it’s dangerous to linger there. He kisses along the edge of Nikaido’s jaw instead, slides down Nikaido’s neck in a slow, wet line, making Nikaido tip his head back for more. Nikaido yanks at his hair suddenly, but Senga swallows the wince and doesn’t protest. “Relax, huh? Doesn’t Miyacchi have really nice hands?”

“Heavenly,” Nikaido grunts, eyes squeezed tightly shut. “Fuck, is that still only two?”

“‘Fraid so,” Miyata says, sounding apologetic. “But it’s fine, since Nika-chan feels really good. Hey, Ken-chan, help out a bit? Nika-chan’s spot is elusive.”

“It’s tough when he’s still all tight.” Senga leans up on one elbow to see. “Not so far back, and it’s a little left of center? Reeeeally light though, at first, or it just makes things worse.”

“Kentooo,” Nikaido whines quietly, turning his head to press his face against Senga’s chest, and Senga can feel the heat of his blush.

“Shush, Miyacchi’s trying to help,” Senga slides a hand up to scrunch in Nikaido’s hair, “and getting all embarrassed is just making it harder for you to relax. Slide your hands down, you’re gonna yank out my hair.”

“It’s embarrassing,” Nikaido snaps, voice muffled against Senga’s skin. He does move his hands though. “This is why I don’t like behEEEH—” Nikaido cut off suddenly, fingers digging into Senga’s shoulders deep enough that he thinks missing hair might be easier to explain at practice tomorrow.

“No shit, really light,” Miyata says in wonder. “I barely touched you! Wow, super-sensitive, huh? No wonder Ken-chan keeps you to himself.”

“Just shut up, shut up,” Nikaido groans, pressing his face even tighter against Senga. “God, you owe me so big, you jackasses.”

“Stop being dramatic,” Senga orders, rubbing one hand over Nikaido’s shoulder and neck, up into his hair. Miyata’s looking up with mild concern, and Senga gives him a little headshake. “Once you get him going, I swear, he really does like it.”

“All right, if Ken-chan says,” Miyata says. He tilts his head back a little to look at Tamamori, who’s been watching over Miyata’s shoulder with mild interest. “I can have you after, right? ‘Cause Nika-chan feels really good, so…”

“Nope,” Tamamori says, making Miyata and Senga both blink before he finishes his thought. “I was thinking more like during.”

“Hell yes,” Miyata agrees instantly, then turns his attention back to Nikaido with renewed purpose. A second later, Nikaido gives a surprised moan. “Aha, like that? Mm, I think I see now~.”

A second later, Nikaido gives a choked wail and pulls away from Senga to flop on his back, pushing down against Miyata’s fingers. Senga’s never seen Nikaido go from “no” to “fuck yes” so quickly, and Nikaido looks just as surprised as Senga when their eyes meet before Nikaido squeezes them shut again.

“Hey, how are you doing that?” Senga demands, sitting up to see better, but all he can really see is Miyata’s fingers inside Nikaido, Miyata’s other hand wrapped tight around the base of Nikaido’s cock. Nikaido gives another wail. “I want to know how to make him do that!”

“Come here and I’ll show you,” Miyata offers, but as soon as Senga moves, Nikaido’s fingers wrap around his wrist, iron-tight.

“Stay right there,” he orders, and Senga can feel Nikaido’s fingers shaking against his skin. “Don’t go, okay?”

“Okay,” Senga agrees right away, sliding back down into his spot against Nikaido’s side. “You’ll show me later though, right, Miyacchi?”

“You don’t want to figure it out yourself?” Miyata asks innocently, then chuckles when Senga points out that it’s not like Nikaido gives him much time to practice. “Yeah, I’ll try, but it might be hard to explain when you aren’t actually touching him. Tama-chan’ll let you practice all you want though, right?”

“Stop making weird offers,” Tamamori says, cuffing the back of Miyata’s head. “Nika-chan, you’re ready, right? ‘Cause you aren’t getting Miyacchi’s fingers in there any deeper no matter how much you push down.”

“Fuck you,” Nikaido groans in embarrassment, but it’s a weak protest given that’s exactly what he’s doing.

“Come on, I’ll be right here,” Senga encourages, and as expected, it just gets Nikaido to tell him to shut up even more grumpily. “Sit up, I want to get behind you.”

“What?” Nikaido asks, then curses when Miyata pulls his hand free.

Rather than explaining, Senga just does it; pushing Nikaido up into more of a sit, Senga crawls in behind him. With his back firm against the headboard, Senga splays his legs so Nikaido can settle between them and lean back against Senga’s chest. Wrapping his arms under Nikaido’s and snug around his chest, Senga gives Nikaido a squeeze to let him know he’s right there, as close as he can be without actually having the spot that Tamamori’s about to take.

“Okay?” he asks. If Nikaido leans his head back far enough against Senga’s shoulder they might even be able to kiss like this, a little. Even if not, though, Senga can touch nearly all of Nikaido’s skin like this, and he runs his fingers from the hollow of Nikaido’s throat down to his belly, making Nikaido shiver against him.

Nikaido works his arms under Senga’s so that they’re around him more properly, tugs them tighter around his shoulders. “Yeah, okay. Let’s go, Tama-chan.”

“I’m fine, I’m good,” Tamamori is telling Miyata, batting his hand away to finish rolling on the condom himself. “Get yourself ready, can’t you? You can’t make me not as fast by being slower yourself, you know?”

“Why do we even invite these idiots?” Nikaido wants to know, and Senga just laughs. “You really think this is hot enough to be worth putting up with this?”

Tamamori crawls up on the end of the bed to lean over Nikaido, all long limbs and pale skin, looking Nikaido over in a slow up-and-down like he can’t decide exactly where he wants to start.

“Oh yeah,” Senga answers Nikaido’s question. “You’re gonna kiss him, right, Tama-chan? That’s how it starts when I think about it.”

“When you—” Nikaido starts.

“Geez, we aren’t your personal porn,” Tamamori interrupts, eyes narrowed. “You don’t get to direct us.”

“Aw, it’s not like that,” Senga protests. He blinks up at Tamamori innocently. “But don’t you want to, though? If you do it slow, he gets all impatient and—”

“HEY,” Nikaido interrupts, blush darkening right back up again. “Fuck, Kento, shut up!”

“Ignore him,” Tamamori orders, then flicks his eyes up to Senga. “You, shut up. And you,” he turns his attention back to Nikaido, “you shouldn’t be paying attention to anybody but me.”

Senga shuts up, shivering at the appearance of Tamamori’s S side, and he can feel Nikaido do the same. A quick glance up at Miyata shows he’s paying pretty close attention as well, obviously enjoying himself just as much.

“Because I’m the one fucking you,” Tamamori goes on. He reaches up to tweak one of Nikaido’s nipples roughly, making him jerk. “So you’re looking only at me, got it?”

“Got it,” Nikaido says, and then he’s digging his fingers into Senga’s forearms because Tamamori’s pushing inside of him. “Shit,” Nikaido curses when Tamamori doesn’t let up, but just keeps moving steadily forward. “Shit, shit, shit.”

“Looks so good, Nika,” Senga murmurs in Nikaido’s ear, stroking his palms over Nikaido’s skin and feeling him shudder under them. He’s getting hard himself, but he’s content where he is for the moment, pressed against the small of Nikaido’s back. It’s just a little bit of friction whenever Nikaido shifts against him, just enough to send small ripples of want running over Senga’s skin. “You two always look so good together.”

“They really do,” Miyata agrees. He leans around Tamamori for a better view, and Senga wishes he could see too. “Ready?”

“Mmhmm.” Tamamori’s eyes are focused on Nikaido, but they slip half-shut when Miyata starts pushing into him. Senga can see the way Miyata’s hands are tight on Tamamori’s hips to hold him steady, can feel Nikaido pressing him down harder as Tamamori pushes down against him.

“Tama-chan,” Miyata breathes, skin already flushing pink, and Senga wonders who really will be the weakest link in their chain this time. “Can you budge up at all? My knees are slipping off. ‘Cause you want it like usual, right?”

Tamamori clicks his tongue but he doesn’t seem that annoyed about having to shift up higher, hitching up Nikaido’s hips so that he’s folded a little more tightly between Tamamori and Senga. Nikaido hisses at the change in angle, but it’s cut off when Tamamori leans in for a kiss after all, now that he’s in easy reach.

A soft groan escapes Senga just from watching; Nikaido’s mouth falls open under Tamamori’s at the first brush of his tongue, one of his hands coming up to fist in Tamamori’s hair while the other digs into Senga’s arm, still wrapped around his chest. Senga can feel Nikaido’s heart speeding under his hand, can see little flashes of tongue when Nikaido tries to pull back for air and doesn’t have any space to move back even for that. This close, Senga can hear it even, the sound slick and wet, making the hairs on his arms rise.

When Tamamori does break the kiss and look up, it’s to give Senga a look that makes him shiver. “I didn’t do that because you told me to, just so you know.” Senga nods dumbly, and Tamamori looks back over his shoulder. “Let’s go, huh?”

“If Tama-chan says,” Miyata answers immediately. He eases forward and back as if getting his bearings, making the mattress shift underneath all of them. “Want me to start slow?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Nikaido demands. He’s still trying to play it up grumpily, but Senga can feel the way he’s already starting to shift a little up into Tamamori, trying to get him to move. Senga doesn’t get it, why Nikaido refuses to admit that he wants it even when he’s getting it, but he knows that’s just the way Nikaido is.

“He wants it,” Senga tells Tamamori, because he doesn’t know whether they get it or not and he wants to get this show on the road already. “So don’t bother holding back.”

“Hey!” Nikaido protests. “Just wait a damn–ah!

Tamamori isn’t waiting a damn anything, not even for Miyata. Instead he takes matters into his own hands, digging his knees into the mattress and slamming deep into Nikaido before pushing back against Miyata, hard enough that Miyata scrambles to adjust his grip.

“Fuck, just like that,” Miyata encourages, and on the second thrust he pushes back against Tamamori with a clean slap of skin. Senga can hear the moment their rhythms sync up, all three of them, and it makes him groan along with them, even though he’s not involved so directly.

He does his best to help out from behind Nikaido, giving a shallow thrust himself when Tamamori slams down, Nikaido still cradled between his legs. Nikaido’s eyes are squeezed tightly shut, dark lashes fanned across pink cheeks, and he’s let go of Senga to grab to Tamamori, fingers scrabbling on Tamamori’s skin. He’s making these low, open-mouthed noises that go right to Senga’s cock, making Senga vow to himself that next time he has half a chance he’s going to make Nikaido look exactly like this, hold him down and make him beg for it just this way.

Nikaido is so distracting that it’s a little while before Senga realizes he’s missing most of the reason he wanted to watch this in the first place. Tamamori’s pretty far gone himself, when Senga spares him a glance, his pale skin flushed all the way down and starting to slick with sweat, his eyes dark with concentration. As Senga watches, he drops to his elbows for a few last, brutally deep thrusts, then comes with a low groan. For a long moment he lies there panting, his forehead pressed against Nikaido’s chest.

“C’mon, Toshiya,” he orders without looking, voice rough, and apparently that’s all the permission Miyata needs to echo Tamamori’s moan and spend himself.

“Th’fuck,” Nikaido groans as Miyata steps shakily off the end of the bed so he doesn’t fall off, jostling Tamamori so that he slips out of Nikaido. Tamamori half-rolls, half-melts to the side, revealing Nikaido’s cock hard enough to curl nearly up against his stomach, a little slick spot underneath where it touches when he gasps for air.

“Lemme have you?” Senga asks, figuring this is just as good a chance as any. Nikaido’s cock twitches, and Senga licks his lips. “Please?”

“Thought this was my birthday present?” Tamamori asks from Nikaido’s side, not that he seems in any condition to fight for it. His arm is across Nikaido’s chest still, his skin hot where it’s touching Senga’s.

“It’ll be my birthday soon, so isn’t it best to get it all done at once?” Senga coaxes.

“To get done all at once,” Miyata puts in, giggling harder at his own joke when Tamamori tells him to shut his face.

Nosing at Nikaido’s cheek to get him to turn his head, Senga stretches his neck to press his mouth against Nikaido’s. For a moment, it’s barely sustainable, but then as expected, Nikaido twists enough to push against Senga more seriously, kissing him roughly back. Senga’s eyes fall shut and he groans, hearing Nikaido echo it. He can taste Nikaido’s desperation in the curl of his tongue against Senga’s, in the twist of his fingers in Senga’s hair.

“Tell me,” he murmurs against Nikaido’s mouth. Even though he knows Nikaido’ll let him have whatever he wants, Senga wants to hear.

“Have me,” Nikaido says, too far gone to even argue about it. “Just hurry up, already!”

Senga thinks for a second about just pushing Nikaido forward, up on to his knees. It would certainly be fastest, and really good, but Senga wants to see Nikaido’s face, just like Tamamori got to. He edges out from behind Nikaido, making him growl at the loss of Senga’s heat from his skin, and crawls to the end of the bed.

He opens his mouth to ask Miyata to help out, but before he says anything Miyata is already reaching around him to roll a condom on him, the other hand warm against Senga’s stomach. Senga hums happily at the feel of Miyata against his back, arms strong where they wrap around him. It’s not sexual exactly, or not entirely, it just makes him feel good all over, and Senga wonders in spite of everything if that’s how Tamamori feels when they sleep together.

“Miyacchi’s totally comfortable,” Senga says, then laughs at the disgruntled noises both Nikaido and Tamamori make.

“That’s ’cause I’m broken in really well,” Miyata chuckles, giving Senga a kiss on the cheek. “Relax, you two, we won’t forget about you.”

“Hurry UP!” Nikaido snaps, kicking at the outside of Senga’s thigh with his heel. Senga snaps an “Ouch!” and then reaches down to grab Nikaido’s hips to drag him further down the bed.

“I see what you meant about once you get him going,” Miyata comments, giving Senga a last squeeze before he let’s go. “Maybe I’ll go help out.”

Expecting Miyata to crawl in beside Tamamori, Senga is surprised when Miyata actually slides in on Nikaido’s other side, stretches out and gets one arm under Nikaido’s head to lift it a little.

“Hi, Nika-chan,” he says cheerfully, leaning in for a quick kiss before Nikaido can get out a snappy response. He reaches over with his free hand to give Tamamori’s hair a casual yank. “Don’t be useless, Tama-chan.”

You’re more useless than anybody,” Tamamori huffs, but he pushes himself up on his elbows enough to look Nikaido over. “Something you want me to do?”

“Touch me,” Nikaido demands immediately. “Please. Kento?”

Senga shivers at the way his name is a whine in Nikaido’s mouth, at the way he lets his legs fall open for Senga at the first touch to his knees. He’s still just this side of too tight as Senga pushes in, since Tamamori’s longer but thinner than Senga, but Nikaido pushes down against Senga wantonly. It’s a lot different than having to fight for every centimeter of it like usual, and it makes Senga groan Nikaido’s name back in mingled heat and surprise.

It seems like Nikaido doesn’t even hear him at first over the way he’s chanting for Senga to hurry up, more, move, but then one of Nikaido’s hands comes down on top of one of Senga’s. He peels Senga’s hand up from his skin and threads their fingers together, squeezing tight enough to make both their knuckles turn white.

“I won’t come until you do,” Senga promises, voice already breathless. “So hold on.”

“We’ve got him,” Miyata assures, Nikaido’s head tucked safe against his shoulder, and his other hand is stroking over Nikaido’s chest, fingertips rubbing at Nikaido’s nipples and other good spots. Tamamori is leaning over to lick at Nikaido’s other nipple casually, like he’s taste-testing, his hand already wrapped tight around Nikaido’s cock for him to thrust up into.

“Hurry,” Nikaido begs one last time, and that’s all the encouragement Senga needs to plant his knees and free hand firmly against the mattress and then go for it.

Senga slams into Nikaido hard enough that it forces a moan out of him at every stroke, and Miyata’s arm is the only thing keeping him from banging his head against the headboard. They’ve got Nikaido, just like they promised, and it’s freeing to not have to worry about him, to trust he’s in good hands. The rush of affection Senga feels for all of them just makes him spiral higher, heat pooling in his stomach and scorching him from the inside out.

Underneath him, Nikaido looks completely insensible, hair a mess and mouth open as he pants for air, and even though it’s tough for Senga to keep his eyes open through the pleasure of it, he refuses to miss even a second of Nikaido looking like that. Senga wants to urge him over the edge, order Nikaido to come for him, but he can’t get the words out, can’t get out anything other than a high whine around his own breathlessness.

“Just come already,” Tamamori says, hand tightening around Nikaido just that much more, and finally Nikaido does, shuddering violently against all of their hands and wracked with a wail that’s nearly a sob. If Senga weren’t so close himself, he’d laugh at the critical way Tamamori eyes Nikaido coming over his hand and onto his own stomach, the little nod of satisfaction Tamamori gives mostly to himself.

Nikaido’s managed to get drips all the way up his chest, eyes still squeezed shut and moaning softly, and it’s the sight of Nikaido’s flushed skin streaked white that proves too much for Senga. His orgasm forces his eyes shut and sends fire singing over his skin and nerves, makes splotches of color burst behind his eyelids.

All the energy rushes out of his limbs along with it, and when Senga starts coming back to himself, he’s dead weight against Nikaido’s chest, his nose squashed in the curve of Nikaido’s neck and being held tightly. There’s a lot of hands involved, he realizes gradually; the ones digging into his skin with shaking fingers are Nikaido’s, and the one stroking from his hair down across his spine is probably Miyata’s, big and warm. He wonders where Tamamori’s at, until he takes a deep breath and feels an arm lying lightly across the small of his back.

“Mmm.” Senga lets his eyes close on their own again, feeling pleasantly overused, still shivering with aftershocks. “Okay, Nika?”

For a second Nikaido doesn’t answer, and Senga thinks about sitting up to get a better look, but then Nikaido shifts under him. “You’re sweating on me. Both of you. Really gross.”

Tamamori gives a little laugh, smug like he’s gloating it’s not him for once, and then Senga starts to laugh as well, feeling good all over. Nikaido growls at the movement, because Senga’s still inside him, but that just makes Senga laugh harder, fading bursts of pleasure fizzling over his skin.

“It was so good, Nika,” Senga assures, nuzzling Nikaido’s neck, breathing him in. “So good. You liked it too, right?”

Senga does push himself up to see the answer this time, just up on his elbows, but it’s enough to see the fading pink on Nikaido’s cheeks renew, to see how dark his heavy-lidded eyes are.

“Whatever,” Nikaido grumbles, but it’s okay. Senga can read him well enough. On either side of Nikaido, Miyata and Tamamori are still tucked tightly against him, Miyata with eyes wide open and a sleepy grin, but he seems content to watch quietly for the moment, Nikaido still lying over his arm. Tamamori’s eyes are shut, cheek pressed against the outside of Nikaido’s shoulder, but he opens them a crack when Nikaido nudges at him. “So?”

To Senga’s surprise, Tamamori pushes himself up too, enough to lean over and kiss Nikaido. It’s slow and lazy, but kind of sweet. When Tamamori eventually pulls back to give a blinking Nikaido a last once-over, he shrugs. “Nika’s not bad, as a present.”

“Wow, Nika-chan,” Miyata whistles, and Tamamori turns to eye him blandly. “You must’ve had a pretty big effect on him! Good work today~.”

Tamamori’s face says he’s definitely debating the energy it’ll take to crawl over and punch Miyata, but Senga interrupts by leaning down to kiss Tamamori’s cheek.

“Thanks for taking care of us,” he chirps, all sweet kouhai. Tamamori rolls his eyes, but he’s smiling a little as he lets his head flop back down.

They lie there a while longer, enjoying the warmth and the press of their skin against each other, but it is a bit of a squeeze, so it can hardly last forever. Eventually Nikaido demands that Senga come with him to the bathroom to clean up. When they come back to find their clothes, Senga’s hardly surprised to find Tamamori lying half across Miyata’s chest already, one of his hands thumbing at the edge of Miyata’s hip, one of Miyata’s stroking through Tamamori’s hair.

“Wah, fast!” Senga says in admiration. Nikaido gives him a black look, but he’s hardly threatening since he’s holding a sock in one hand and his boxers in the other.

They put themselves back together and wish Tamamori another happy birthday before they go, Tamamori looking up from Miyata long enough to get a last kiss from Senga and a slap on the ass from Nikaido. Back in the tiny elevator, Senga sneaks a few more kisses from Nikaido before the doors open in the lobby, ignoring Nikaido’s half-hearted grumbling about how obvious they’ll be if he doesn’t knock it off.

“Nika, you’re limping,” Senga points out, then half-laughs, half-shrieks when Nikaido pinches his side hard.

Outside, the air is cold and the wind stings Senga’s cheeks pink, but it feels kind of good too with Nikaido still warm at his side. Senga tugs out his phone to check the time and see if he has any messages.

“Wanna see if Watta or Taipi are still around?” Senga asks, elbowing back at Nikaido when Nikaido elbows him first. “Or Kitamitsu? They’ll probably buy us food.”

“No way,” Nikaido says, decisive. Senga looks up from his phone, since it’s unusual for Nikaido to pass up a chance either for free food or to stick it to the senpai a little. Nikaido’s looking right back at him, cheeks still pink, eyes still dark. “I want you to take me home.”

Senga’s grin is stretches wide enough to make his cheeks pull. “Definitely.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t get any ideas,” Nikaido warns, “you’ve already done more than enough,” but he puts an arm through Senga’s to hurry him along, and he stays close the whole trip to Senga’s.

“Ne, Nika,” Senga murmurs much later, when they’re curled up together in the dark, blankets warm over them and Nikaido in a slack heap from recent orgasm (not that they’d done anything fancier than touch each other, with Nikaido already stiffening up, but Senga doesn’t mind that for a change). Senga feels content but thoughtful, and he’s thinking about whether they managed to give Tamamori an okay birthday after all.

“Eh?” Nikaido grunts when Senga doesn’t keep talking right away. “What?”

“It’ll be a really long time before things go back to normal, huh?”

There’s a long moment of silence, and Senga wonders if Nikaido’s been thinking seriously about things like that as well. He wonders if Nikaido feels bad about worrying if their debut will get pushed back, just when it seemed like the waiting was finally over, if maybe they all feel like that a little, on top of the helplessness and all the other feelings.

Then Nikaido says, “Kenpi, why do you always want to talk about serious shit when I’m half-asleep, after I’ve been fucked senseless by you idiots?”

Something about the plaintive way Nikaido says it makes Senga lose it, and he rolls over to muffle his laughter in the curve of Nikaido’s neck, shaking with the effort of keeping quiet. When he finally gets himself under control, he works his arms around Nikaido’s chest to hug him properly, clinging as close as he can.

“You’re totally my favorite,” Senga tells him, smiling against Nikaido’s skin when he feels an arm drape over his back as well. “We’ll do something really good for my birthday too, right?”

“We’ll see,” Nikaido says, voice suspicious.

His arm stays tight around Senga, though, and for Senga that’s the most important part.

*Epilogue: The Next Day…*

“Well, somebody had a good birthday,” Fujigaya comments when Tamamori yawns for the tenth time in the five minutes they’ve been waiting for their manager to show up. He flicks a glance to Miyata, whose grin is particularly wide and insufferable this morning. “Hope that aftershock didn’t interrupt anything too good.”

“Yeah,” Kitayama put in, looking up from his phone, “that one sucked.”

“Aftershock?” Tamamori asks. “When?”

“Last night?” Yokoo looks from Tamamori’s blank look to Miyata’s. “A while after you four left? It was enough time for me to get home.”

“Ah, another one, huh?” Miyata says. “Mm, I guess so.”

“You guess so?” Fujigaya echoes, looking from the pair of them over to Senga and Nikaido who are wearing similar expressions of mild confusion. “The hell, it shook my whole place! What the hell were you four doing?”

Miyata’s grin intensifies, Senga giggles, and Nikaido shifts in his chair, but it’s when Tamamori starts to look entirely too pleased with himself that Fujigaya says never mind, he doesn’t want to know anything about it.

“So, Ken-chan,” Yokoo says, raising an eyebrow, “dare I ask what’s in the works for your birthday?”

“I think you better ask Nika-chan,” Tamamori says, and the older three all give each other the ‘Geez, kouhai’ look again when Miyata and Senga both burst out laughing.

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  • By ri, 2012.08.29 @ 6:18 pm

    i lied, this may be my favorite. i fucking love everything about it, how they were sharing and how miyata has magic fingers and tamamori is a bitch but nika is worse and senga thinks it’s all hot. the aftershocks at the end killed me.

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